com, as always, and just click create a predictions who already made predictions guys. You just need go to the site. One more time and make your predictions because something was broken and they reset all the tournament and predictions was deleted. I’M. Sorry guys. So if you want to make another one just go for it. So the first round will be no jokovic in jumur, of course, jokovic. Edmund will be stronger than public. Of course, i think michael moore training so hard as they use open academy, and he is ready for this truth will win against martinez uh cranium busta will win against uchiyama mitchell. Kruger is stronger because he played home as a tall guy against bronkes. I saw guy the clay court challenger and i don’t believe that he’s, stronger than bernard kiss john isner will be stronger again johnson, but many tie breaks will be here: uh shop, olaf against court, as this will be shapovalov koski again soon – and here i want to Pick but who knows what will happen? It’S like a 50 50 guys, a fight against jill simon. This will be simon. For me, frieze will be stronger than kopfer. He showed a great performance at the cincinnati masters training, which will be stronger than mikhail leemer gear on against paul man. This will be giron harris again chicken at the chicken for me, opal against goffin abelga had an knee injury uh at the cincinnati masters. So i think goffin will take this.

One sissy pass will be stronger than ramos vinolus crazy against kawalik, and here i want to pick maximum crazy will be stronger than uh donskoi and the hurricanes show regis will be choreographed against gerasimov and i’ll. Pick dusan thompson will be stronger than travaglia will win against sanego sok will win against cuevas lorraine’s brandon nakashima will be stronger anderson against alex where, if as well, if let’s go barry, teeny yoga, umbert war against baden, i believe from alias baden mcdonald against casper root And i think casper will be stronger right here. Uh player against my shrug, let’s go benue carousel showed and not a bad performance adds uh cincinnati daniel taro against barrow. This would be daniel. Charlie against roblox will be robloff dimitrov against paul. This will be dimitrov for church against the leanne, and this will be martin for me. Tiafa will be stronger than andreas seppy, who is out formed totally millman will be stronger than bessel schwilik. Who has a big problems on his personal life? Paleo will be stronger than the wolf philistine lopez will win over clay court master, young master, caballes, bayana, o’connell and yara. I think laszlo is stronger. A bonus against medvedev is this: with daniel medvedev, bautista good against sangren, i think roberto uh, almost the strongest as a stronger player right now. His spanish will be stronger than mugger, but specially against conscriber, and i think washi is ready for this tournament. Leo meyer against milshanish – and i think crowley should be stronger right here – a deminer against andre martin.

This will be alex kaulovich against gasquet, i think, will be gasquet kuznetsov against query. I’Ll pick sam one more time sinner against kachan of a very hard match for boss players, but i think a channel will be more confident right now, felix against montero i’ll pick felix mario will win against nishioka. I want to believe current in monte should will be stronger than wesley sabo’s wild, and this will be daniel evans. Chewish will win over kudla. He should win gombash against albert. This will be albert clan, will win against nagal and team will win against munir at the second round. Guys djokovic against edmund will be hard match for djokovic. I think he will lose one set against kyle, but who knows more against trump? I think this will be truth. Crania boost against mitchell krueger karenia booster should take it barangays against israel. Israel uh will win it uh shop, olaf against on kuwan. This would be shapovalov simone against fritz. I think jill should take it cranosh against giron, and this would be crazy for me, uh checking out against goffin. This would be goffin he’s stronger on hardcore than at all, because she cannot play it only on clay this year, since he passed against chris it’s it’s impossible we’ll. Take it long. There again show rich and this will be chore. Rich, live, which again stomps on thompson. Will take it kukushan like a 5050, we don’t know the form of this players, but for me this will be garen diego who catch will win against dennis novak mandarin against socks.

This will be jack sock because he’s ready for this tournament, nakashima against zuverus. This will be aware of everything against hugonbor. This will be mattel for me, but then against rude, and i think this will be a badass for me when you appear against carousel. This would be bad enough. For me, daniel taro, against roblox let’s go andre. Grigor should show everything that his skills on this match, but he will win against future witch tiafoe, will be stronger than millman belly against lopez. I think this will be low pass, but you know spelia is a very tough opponent. I’Ll pick pelia right here, dear against medvedev. This will be daniel, barista good against kitzmanovich i’ll pick it’s, my uh bautista, of course, post special against ryan nichols. This will be raonic deminor against gasque, and this time i’ll be gaskin uh same queen against kachanov. This will be kachana for me: uh felix against maori, i believe on angie right here, multi against evans, and this will be danny elevens. For me, uh chili’s against albert chile should take it uh clan against team, and this will be domi third round guys jokic. Against truth – and this will be jokovic for me – korean boost against isner – and i believe only right here, but many tie breaks will be in this match. Uh sharp wall off against simone – and this would be simone because he know how to play against players like shop.

Olaf, who is not stable at all and shapology, just making too many and forced errors on his matches, uh crane, which against goldfin for me this would be golfing attitudes against rich. This would be it’s a buzz for me, thompson and garen. This is very hard decision, but i will pick thompson right here: diego schwarzman against hoorkaj, and this time i’ll pick schwarzmano suck against alex, and this will be alex. Bertin against baden and baratini should go forward. Um player against roblox. This will be rubloff dimitrov against jaffa. In my opinion, dimitrov is stronger at all, but who knows guys? Medvedev, uh batista good against roundish, two almost best players right now, but i think bautista is more confident right, gasket against kitchen and i’ll pick gasket, because he his game is more stable and confident at all um murray against evans, and this will be avenged for the Battle of the brits, the tournament exhibition – evans won it, but mario wanted to want it too, to win it too: uh chileach against teams. This would be dummy for me and the fourth round jogger against isner and in my opinion this would be djokovic, and i think this will be free, zero yeah because he know how to return. This strong serves simone against goffin and, in my opinion this will be a very long match with a long rallies, but in the end will be winner. This will be david. Goffin jetse pass will win against thompson.

Easy uh zverev will win against schwarzman. I think, because of his serve of course, buried in against her bluff. This will be barry tiny because i don’t believe vanderbilt anymore after cincinnati dimitrov against medvedev, and this is the end for dimitrov, but he’s, still good against gasquet bodies stronger without a doubt and dominic team will win against andy murray, of course, and no more djokovic against David goffin, this would be no ajokush like many times he won a match against goffin titsu pass against alex veriff and for me, a stronger player right here will be stefanos bertin against motivative, and this will be a tough match for daniel and if he will not Choke he should go to the semi final and both is the good against dominic team. In my opinion, bautista good is a strong, much much stronger right now, but who knows guys? What will happen right here, but i’ll pick bautista, i believe, on his game and he made make the amazing comebacks okay against his supers and, in my opinion, joko, which is stronger. We all know who is djokovic, and here, of course i think we’ll be strong about isla good, because he’s, a one of the best players right now like jocko, is roundish and body style. Good, of course, and this will be a great opportunity in the finals. But anyway, i think djokovic will take this tournament because he need to increase his amount of the grand slams and, of course, he’s very motivated and despite his injury, i think he will take this one because he played worse than bautista as a cincinnati.