s open preview check out my men’s preview as well, but the draws are fresh off the press just out and before we dig into these draws for the second grand slam of the year. I want to talk about who will not be in new york on the women’s side and uh several top players out because of the covet 19 pandemic. Plenty of travel health concerns. Also a few players injured, so here’s the list, no world number one ash barty. Who is staying in australia? We also don’t have the number two player in the world, simona halep. She did not feel safe, traveling uh, more top ten players, fidelina burton’s bench hitch, the reigning u.s, open champ, andre eskew, is unfortunately injured. So she’s not in new york. It’S definitely a weakened pool other grand slam, champs not traveling due to kovid kuznetsova ostapenko and sam stozer, and pulling up the first section now of the women’s u.s open draw. I can’t stress enough how wide open this field is, especially with all those top 10 players out and just this week in new york, we saw the number one seed carolina plishkova, along with the two seeds sophia kennen, both lose in their opening matches. So it’s just a lot of parody on the women’s game. Right now – and you know, if you’re a betting man or woman pay attention to those underdogs, especially with all the time off, expect a bevy of upsets and we’ve got the aforementioned uh world number three carolina plishkova.

She is the one seed for the u.s open on the women’s side. She was upset by veronica kudermatova uh this week. The big serving plishkova will have her hands full in this section. If she used to get back to the u.s open final, like back in 2016, especially with a couple of dangerous americans in her mini section, cece bellis and jennifer brady bellis back from four surgeries already in her young career, but she’s had some good results. Lately and jennifer brady just won the tournament in lexington, so they would make an entertaining second round match. Also note: former top ten player, the french woman carolyn garcia towards the top there, the number 17 seed, the 2016 u.s open champion, angie kerber, who beat polish in that final uh. She didn’t play this week kerber, but she is making her post covid debut now and i’m intrigued to see what kind of form kerber is in. Will her trademark defense uh be on display it’s going to be put to the test, though immediately against isla tom yanovich? The hard hitting australian, who i mean she pummels the ball as hard as anyone on the wta tour, so a good test there early for kerber, petra, martich number, eight seed at the bottom, never flashy, but always productive and also number 12 marquette von drashova, who loves To defend makes you make you hit one more ball. It’S. A tough group to predict part of me says that kerber is going to make it through to the semifinals.

Actually and part of me says we might get an unseated player. I think section. One is totally up for grabs moving on to section number two now and the fourth seed in this quarter is naomi osaka. If i had to single out one player as the favorite to win the us open, i would say it is osaka she’s playing some really great tennis right now, a great week at cincy, grinded out a few three set wins and when osaka is playing with margin. She’S, so tough, because she possesses such easy power. The courts in new york are playing quicker than usual, so it’s going to be very difficult to defend against her. Can she keep her unforced errors, count low, that’s, the key for naomi? If so, she’s got a great chance to win her third ever major title uh. The huge blockbuster headline, though in this section, is that osaka might be playing the 16 year old, coco golf in the third round and they’ve met at the last two majors a year ago in new york. It was osaka running away with it and then afterwards she had those memorable very kind words for coco lotting, the teen sensation in the australian open, though fast forward to january of this year, coco returned the favor and she dominated osaka in two quick sets. So they’re one one all time and you know for me: it won’t be long before coco is winning grand slams and just the number one player in the world, but i think give her a couple of years until she she makes a grand slam final.

So for now i like naomi this time around um. Of course, it’s not a given, though, that they meet, because players like uh, anastasia sevistova, camila, georgie and darta kazakina will all have a saying that uh number 14, the 14 seed, annette contevite against danielle collins that’s. An amazing first round proposition you’ve got two offensive players, both very emotional as well, whether hearts on their sleeve there’s, going to be a lot of screaming grunting come ons and that’s, just gon na be uh. You know get ready for a show with that. First round match up plenty of baseline power in the bottom half, though of section number two with players like number eleven, elena ribakina number, nineteen stremska and number six petra kavitava ribakina leads the tour in aces this year. Yoshremska has big game as well, but you get the feeling that kavitava might be favored to make the quarterfinals and if she does i’m thinking, osaka kavitava in the quarterfinals rematch of the 2019 australian open final now we’re starting to talk, get your popcorn ready for that. One and speaking of popcorn, section number three: has it all: we’ve got the number three seed, serena williams, who is gunning again for that elusive 24th grand slam title if she gets it, it would tie her with margaret court for the most major titles of all time. Uh serena since becoming a mom three grand slam, final appearances, but losses in all three she’s looked pretty good in both lexington and cincinnati, a vintage clutch serving some big power as well.

I just worry about her fitness. Can she last seven rounds of grueling grand slam? Tennis it’s been hot and humid in new york the last week and she kind of ran out of gas in the third set versus maria sakari this week. So does she have the energy to win 14 sets? I think so, but you know we’re gon na see serena meets fellow american christian in the first round and maybe another american sloan stevens in the third round, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch with sloan, because the 2017 us open champion sloane stevens, has not Had a great 2020 so far, she is just one in seven and five of those seven losses have come to players outside of the top 100, so sloane really struggling at the moment. The aforementioned sakari in this group as well great to see her one of the best movers in the game, sakari versus potentially number 22 amanda anissa moa in the third round. That would be great anissa moba has such clean power when she is in rhythm uh. Even with these quick courts, i think zikari though gon na, be able to track down a lot of balls so that’s, an interesting offenses versus defense match up there, how about the 10 seed garbinia muguruda playing in her first tournament since march, she was scorching, uh, 16 And 4 overall, before the tour was suspended due to kovid 19 made the australian open final losing to kennen there, but hitting the ball so masterfully again is mugaruda.

She would be my dark horse to win this event. Such a flourishing partnership with conchita martinez, her coach and number seven madison keys – all she does – is churn out results in new york, she’s reached the at least the round of 16 or better. At the last five us opens and keys four and one in her career against muguruza. So if they meet up in the fourth round advantage keys and don’t, forget donna vekice the number 18 seed who made the u.s open semifinals last season. Finally, in section number four, it was a disappointing western and southern open for the two seat at the bottom sophia kennen. She was bounced in her first match versus ali’s corner, but kennen was on fire earlier in the year, of course, winning the australian open. Another title in lyon as well: a great defensive game, a troop counter, puncher and excellent mover. I think she plays better most of the time against power players than fellow counterpunchers. Actually ken could face an extremely tricky opponent in the third round on jabor also, the living legend kim clyster’s in this quarter. She’Ll play alexandrova and i like kim’s chances. If she can get her feet set. Opponents are going to try to push her side to side, but if she can get set up, she still hits the ball uh great. Even at an older age. I think clyster is a lot like andy. Murray can still cause a couple of upsets.

Maybe won’t make a deep run because of the uh. The fitness disadvantages, but clyster’s is going to be a dangerous out number 16 mertens and number nine jocanta playing great ball right now, they’re, both in the semi finals of the western and southern open. We also have another legend in venus williams. She plays carolina mukheva in the first round. I’Ve got her beating the number 20 seed there and you see at the top number five arena sabalenka. She could meet fellow country, woman, victoria azarenka, the two bella russians there. So nice to see vika winning again, though it’s been a long road back for her, but four wins in counting at cincy this week. She’S gotten some tough draws and uh sabalenka will not be easy again for azarenka, but you know: give azarenka credit she’s a future hall of famer who’s accomplished just about everything you can in the sport and for her to still have that hunger that determination that passion To uh, keep you know competing and winning games is very commendable to see so happy to see her back. As far as my predictions uh, give me give me kerber in that first quarter, i’m also gon na take osaka mugarutha, and then i have no idea for the fourth section. Maybe elise mertens and i’m gon na go out and say that uh naomi osaka wins the 2020 u.s open. Alright. So thank you so much for watching this. If you enjoyed it or found it informational, please subscribe to the snowman sports media for more tennis content.