Of course, it’s just been uh confirmed that it is out now we’ve got a lot of players out there. That is a shame. A lot of top 10 players, especially defending champions not playing so it’s a little bit of a different draw than we wanted, but again we got ta. We got to make what we’ve got there and there’s some good players still playing so don’t worry. We have some great players still playing and we could get a random champion. I mean that would not be a shock, especially on the wta. We always seem to get random champions here and there. So this is a great opportunity for them for anybody to win this tournament from nowhere. So no qualifying, of course, so we’ve got the main draw set up straight away: players, aren’t playing or players that are pulled out number one barty’s pulled out number two helps pulled out number five svetolina pulled out defending champion on rescue number six. She pulled out. Burton’S number seven pulled out and ben schich. The number eight has pulled out as well. So a couple of semi finalists from last year, the obviously the winner from last year, she’s out world number one world number two are out: oh it’s a mess, but it’s all right. We’Ve still got plenty of good players, so let’s go through the draw. Okay. Let’S start at the top of the draw there and you’ve got carolina pushkin for the number one seed she’s, the number three in the world number three in the world, so she is uh.

She gets the number one seed thanks to a lot of people dropping out. She has a first round against colleen and lin linna kalina not heard of her before so uh should be a good first round, but she didn’t play well in cincinnati plishkava last week, she’ll play if she does win that match. She’Ll play the winner of garcia versus paulini, then you’ve got bellas versus corpatch, winner of that will play the blink of a or number 28c brady who won a tournament a couple of weeks ago, so brady’s in a little bit of form, keep an eye on her Number 17 seed, kerber. Of course we know kirby she’s won a couple of slams she’s in the draw she has got tom lyanovich in the first round, so not an easy first round for her, then you’ve got dole hyde versus friedson. The winner of that will play against kerber or tomyanovich. Then you’ve got lee versus russ russ playing really well against serena williams. Last week, the winner of that will play either maria or the 13 seed risk. So plushkiva’s got a good draw on paper, but she has to get through her matches. I mean she lost last week in cincinnati. Can she get through she’s? The number one siege should probably be top three favorite to win this besides behind probably osaka and williams. So plush give has got a bit of pressure on her and she has got the number one seed, so she has to perform as the number one player as the best player in the draw she’s got some tough names there.

Kerber could do something crazy risk is a good player in america. Of course, brady has some form again, like i said at the start, could get random champions don’t be shocked if she loses, but she should get through. I mean she should she should let’s go through the next part of the draw. You’Ve got vonda rondrasova the number 12 seed up, the top there against minion in the first round winner that will play the dolores d lorenzo or sansnovich. That would be uh von derosa. Rondrasova sorry, she is not. She doesn’t seem to be a hardcore player she’s more of a clay quarter, so i mean maybe an upset in the first round. We’Ll keep an eye on that. One uh you’ve got goal golobic against lapco. The winner of that will play the monte montgomery or the number 23c putin seva, who has been known to cause upsets. I think she beat osaka last year at wimbledon or a couple of years ago. Can’T, remember exactly so: putin server is a danger player, so maybe watch out for her you’ve got the 30th seed legenovich against baptist in the first round, winner of that will play against uh badass over or badass yeah batasova versus uh gretch ever so. Milonovich has a good first couple of rounds that you’d expect bondarenko versus kick in the first round there, winner of that, will play either martin chova or martin kova or martich. The number eight seed, so martic gets a top 10 seed at this tournament.

Thanks to all the people dropping out, of course, like we mentioned before, six of the top 10 players are not playing, but again this part is super open. I mean i couldn’t even pick a winner out of here. Martich on paper should win. Like i said, von drassov is not a is more of a clay court player. My genovitch could do something, but who knows i mean anyone could get out of this part of the draw and i would not be shocked. Let’S go through the next part of the draw now and we’ve got naomi osaka. The number four seed up, the top there, probably the favorite for the tournament. I wouldn’t be shocked if she was uh she versus doi. In the first round. Another japanese player, uh she’ll, play a second round it’ll, be either against van udevanck or georgie in the second round so watch out there georgie versus osaka could be a tough second round. Then you’ve got kos jack versus kazakina. Winner of that will play against. This is probably one of the best first round matches you’re going to get gough versus number 31 seed. Seven stover, stove sevastova, is a beast and we all know about coco golf. So keep an eye on that. We could get gough versus osaka again at a major. This time in the third round – and i think the third round last year they played at the us open. So we could get a replay of that, but gough beat osaka at the start of the year at the australian open.

So a little bit of pressure for osaka in that part of the draw then you’ve got lynette. The number 424 set against english. The winner of that will play the winner of kovanek versus cabrera. Then you’ve got uh arkhan akaneda akanada i’ve, probably butchered that one against juventus winner of that, will play against collins or convert the number 14 seed conner if it’s a good player so watch out for her. She probably get through this part of the draw. I would expect uh, maybe lynette could be a tough opponent in the third round, but you’d say constavit versus osaka or maybe even versus goff could be the fourth round match up there, but i mean osaka’s got some tough names. Like i said. Goff, obviously, is a tough name: we’ve got georgie up the top there. She could be a tough second round. Sevistova could be a tough round a sec. A third round and conservat is a tough fourth round. So osaka may be the favorite at the tournament, but a draw isn’t the best it could have been better other people. Other players have better draws. Trust me let’s go through the next one. Now the next part of the draw rybakian up the top, then the number 11 seed against zabatsuka zavatska, so rob aquino didn’t play well last week. Very disappointing had a great start to the year, so i would expect she should rebound and she has a great opportunity here, because her part of the draw is pretty wide open.

You’Ve got chromo cheva versus rogers, who will play the winner of robert kina, probably played rabbikini. Sorry in the second round. You’Ve got brengel versus shirenko, the winner of that will play the sharma or the 19th seed yestremska, who played osaka last week and lost in straight in in a couple of sets, so that could be a good match there, riboquino versus your strengths, two young players up And coming players third round keep an eye on that. One you’ve got the number 32 seed peterson versus flipkins in the first round. The winner of that will play against pagula or boscova. Then you’ve got koslova versus uh osuguy. I pronounced that one right uh, the winner of that will play against bagoo or the number six seed kavitava. So kavitifa’s got a good draw if she can get through those first couple of rounds. She could make the fourth round playing either stremska or against rybakina. So you know, kvitov’s got a good draw didn’t play well. Last week, hasn’t played well since we’ve returned, so maybe she’s in a little bit of pressure there. But i think you know let all the young players at the top of that part of the draw, beat each other up and then kavitiva gets to play the winner of those guys, those bunch. So you know, kavido’s got a good draw she could get through and if she does get through, she’ll probably play osaka in the quarterfinals, which always lives up to the hype.

Let’S go through the second half of the draw. Now you’ve got madison keys the number seven seed up, the top there against babosh in the first round, winner of that, will play against bol silva or a good start there for keys. If she can make it take advantage of it, davis versus corneille, the winner of that will play against uh bonaventure adventure or the number 25c seed zhang. So again, keys has got a pretty good draw there if she can make the most of it. She didn’t play. Well, in cincinnati, as the defending champion last week, uh number 18 said: vekic versus plishkeva, the twin sister of plishkova, the winner of that will play against teague or nara you’ve got perry, perrinkova versus samustov semen, nova, geez. These names are getting tougher and tougher: uh hi bernie uh, the winner of that will play against either hibino or the number 10 said, mugger ruther, who i didn’t think was playing the us open. So she just snuck in under the radar there she didn’t play cincinnati. Last week so uh mugger ruther in the draw australian, open finalist, of course, so keep an eye on her. Maybe mugarutha versus keys in the fourth round blockbuster match watch out for that one let’s go now to the next part of the draw you’ve got sakari up. The top there, the 15th seed, who beat serena williams last week very impressively she’s got vogel in the first round.

The winner of that will play against pera or diaz. Then you’ve got scott vs, vic hilant helen sever. I nailed that one uh, the winner of that will play either tom over or the number 22 and this 22 seed. Sorry i miss them over. So keep an eye on that. One uh nissan over versus a car is a huge third round match so again keep an eye on those players: number six uh, number 26 seed, stevens versus bozenesco or buzanesque; sorry, uh, so steven’s in this part of the draw uh. She has been a champion here before so keep an eye on her uh, the winner of that will play either govern silva or dia chev chenko. So you hope that sloane should get through her part of the draw, but she’s, never a sure thing. So watch out, uh you’ve got guest baron versus puig, winner of that will play either anne or the number three seed. Serena williams and, like i said, zakari beat williams last week. They could have a replay in the fourth round of this one. So a good a good little part of the draw there for uh serena, like i said, sloane stephens, is not a sure thing, so maybe stevens loses and makes way for serena into the fourth round against anissimova or maybe sikari toughs, a tough fourth round for serena. But she has a great opportunity to get out of this part of the draw and uh and you know potentially win the whole thing i mean she has got she’s not in osaka’s part of the draw she’s it down in kennen’s part of the draw so she’s Down the bottom of the draw, so serena has a big chance here of making a bit of a run.

Let’S go through the next part of the draw. Now, so we’ve got saber lincoln the number five seed up, the top there against dodden in the first round. A winner of that’s going to play either haas or azarenka, so azarenka sabalenka it’s, a tough one for sabalenko azarenkas, played really well in cincinnati last week. So keep an eye on her unseated. Of course, at this one uh vickery versus townsend, the winner of that, will play either swiretech or the number 29 seed kudamatova. So townsend played really well here last year. I think she beat help at the us open last year. So keep an eye on her in this tournament, you’ve got machover the number 20 seed against venus williams, so another unseated player in this part of the draw to watch out for, of course, venus the champion. We know that she is a winner of that will play either stojanovic or kellend scott kalinskaya uh. Then you’ve got castella versus mikhail the winner that’s, going to play a brit in the second round, either heather watson or joe conte. The number nine seed who again had a great week last week in cincinnati, so conte, is in some form. Can she do something contest in that fourth round? Is a huge, huge match, but don’t be surprised if venus williams comes out of there and plays against contour in the third round and beats her because you know we all know that williams is a champion and also as a ranker she’s a dangerous unseated player at The top there so could we get an azarenka versus williams in the fourth round or the seeds gon na get through there’s a tough.

This is a tough draw to pick this one this last this bit here, especially you know a couple of players in form. Couple of unseated players to watch out for keep an eye on this one and then the last part of the draw we’ve got mertens up the top. The number 16 seed played really well in cincinnati last week and she’s got sigma in the first round. So a good one for her you’ve got lou versus torma tormo. The winner is going to play against you’d, say mertens. In the second round uh then you’ve got kuzmova versus mcnally, a good young player, mcnelly watch out for her and then another blockbuster match here. The 21 seed alexandrova against wildcard kim kleisters so watch out because kim is back and she is in uh in the in a good part of the draw i mean mertens is a tough player, but if somehow crisis beats alexandrova, she takes that seating spot and she Could project into the fourth round uh you’ve got jaber the number 27 seed against kawa in the first round uh the winner of that will play either cineakova or canepi. Then you’ve got another comeback player, zvonna raver, who you know she played really well a few. I think, probably about 10 years ago, she’s back she’s in the main draw she plays against ferdinands in the first round fernandez. Sorry in the first round, the winner of that’s, going to play the wick mayor or the number two seed kennen who didn’t play well last week, australian open champion, of course.

But will we get a crisis versus kennen? That would be a fun match because if you haven’t seen on the internet, there is footage of kleister’s in her prime, with a young kennen, coaching or teaching her or talking to her, and they played each other a couple of weeks ago in an exhibition tournament. Christ is winning that one so could kleisters get through mertens and then set up a fourth round meeting against kennen. That will be a huge match if it happens, but of course mertens is the player to beat because she’s the one in form playing really well in cincinnati last week, so there’s the draw for the women’s u.s open 2020 tough one it’s, a tough one, to pick Even the even the favorites, osaka and williams they’ve got tough draws, pushkiver, not so much. The favorite has a pretty easy draw, but again she could fall early because she seems to do that. I don’t know why she does it, but she does. Kennen has a tough draw as well with clysters, of course, and mertens an informed player who’s going to win this one. I have no idea. I have no idea. I couldn’t even make a prediction with any confidence. Osaka seems to be the favorite. She seems to be the one you would put your money on. If you had to williams, is my pick but that’s more about you know out of my heart than my head uh, but we’ll keep an eye on that cannon defending champion of the? U of the australian open, of course, keep an eye on her, but again she didn’t play well.

Last week, pleskova didn’t play well last week. Number one seed, i don’t know who to pick. Let me know in the comments down below don’t forget if you want to join the draw challenge, there’s a link in the description below join the draw challenge. Pick the men’s tournament pick the women’s tournament and go up against me and see. If you can beat me in that one don’t forget to subscribe.