I’Ll look further into this matchup and give my picks of who, i believe, will win here on grand slam, tennis news today, Music naomi opened up against tricky czech woman carolina muhova, who pushed the japanese woman to three sets. Osaka, of course, came out on top with the score six: seven, six, four six two: she next took out diana yashremska in surprisingly convincing fashion 6. 3. 6. 1. Next, she took out annette contavite in a roller coaster, quarter winning 4. 6. 6. 2. 7. 5. Lastly, in the semis, osaka beat 14th seed, mertens 6 2, 7 6 vika faced a seated player right off the bat dispatching of donna vekice, 2 and 3.. She continued her great form against garcia, beating her 6 3. 7. 6. The third round saw her play. Another french woman in elysee, corneille azerika, getting by her seven five in the last eight asrega defeated crafty on strabor 7662 and in the final four she recovered from losing her long set of the tournament to take out joe konta, 4. 6. 6. 4. 6. 1. Looking at the head to head between these two women osaka leads it 2 1 winning their last meeting in 2019 at the roland garros second round. That match was by far their best with the japanese woman, barely scraping by and three tight sets, naomi also dispatched avica at rome in 2018, but azarenka did the same to her back at the 2016 australian open.

Both players are well accomplished at two majors apiece, but azarenka being the more experienced leads and career titles and prize money. Naomi’S ranking is 49 spots ahead, much because of zika subpar results. Prior to this event, matter of fact, she hadn’t won a singles match in over a year with all five 2020 wins coming at the western and southern open. Looking at vika’s keys to the match, she needs to first dictate. The baseline rallies azarenka at her best is in control of the points which is something she’s been able to do all tournament. If you look back at her struggle matches these past three seasons, azarenka had very poor court positioning and was always at the response of her opponent. She definitely cannot do this against osaka, as the fort seed thrives off of controlling the points. Next azarenka should try to rush osaka in a sense, especially to her forehand. This point plays between my next two, which is to avoid hitting fake corners naomi, actually likes being slightly on the run and enjoys hitting shots out wide. Thus vika would do well to go hard and up the middle, because when merchants did this, she extracted numerous errors and was highly successful. Next azeriker should keep decent pace on both her first and second serves because often times those speeds drop which allow her opponents to get the initiative. Lastly, and most importantly, victoria has to capitalize on her opportunities in their rolling girls match, as renko was up.

6: 4, 4, 2, 3 15 and held a commanding grip on the match, but a drop in her level plus a rise in naomi’s turned everything around osaka’s clutchness was seen even in her semi final match, as she saved 18 of 21 break points versus merns. Many of those break points came in the crucial 9th game of the set and, if mertens grabbed that game, the match would have likely gone 3. moving over to osaka herself naomi needs to work on her ball toss. It seems like such a minor point, but that inconsistent ball toss caused a lot of problems for her and ashley contributes to the next point of first serve percentage because of the shaky ball toss. Naomi missed quite a few first serves, which allowed mertens into many of those rallies in the first set, which she won. Handily 6 2 naomi hit, 60 percent of first serves in in the second set, though, that number dropped to 44 percent. Another mini point that could be brought up is for her to switch up. Her first serves by maybe hitting some top spin or kick ones to start, because it throws her opponents off guard even more. The third key for naomi is to target the azarenka forehand. There is no secret that vikas backhand is far superior, but her forehand is more susceptible to break down under pressure when she has time on that side, she’s, okay, but when she’s rushed or on the run she falters.

This plays into the last point here, which is to get those balls into the corners of the court. As i said previously, vika does well when she’s able to dictate points and has time, but when put on the stretch forced to be defensive. Not so much osaka must continue to swing freely as she’s done all tournament and not let up, because kanta did exactly the ladder and was sent home packing for my final match prediction i have naomi coming through in three sets since her very first match. She was my pick and that, of course, hasn’t changed. The thing with naomi is that, while she’s been pretty solid all tournament in almost every match, she experienced a drop in play, which is why i believe azarenka will take a set. The bella russian is very capable of taking one more as she’s been excellent in all of her matches, but despite her stature, i believe this final may be too much for her azarenka. Like i said earlier, hasn’t won a title in four years and a lot has happened within that span of time. This would be her first championship as a mother and, first after her injuries and custody battles which kept her off the court for an extended period of time, it’s quite possible, like with serena williams. She feels that pressure of finally managing a title after all the adversity. Nobody has had a bigger smile on the court this week than vika as she’s expressed how grateful she is to even be winning consecutive matches i’m sure she wasn’t even thinking about actually playing for the title prior to this week.

So we may see a change in attitude and play as a result of this surprise. Regardless of what happens, both women should be proud of themselves this week, as first azerika completely turned things around after many doubts and struggles. Then, of course, with naomi, her incredible stance and dealing with all the pressure in her semi final win. This sounds cliche, but win or lose both osaka and azarenka are winners here, that’s all for this match preview, and do you feel that osaka will win or will azarenko prove me wrong and take the title. Let me know whether you agree with my picks and predictions in the comment section below and subscribe and click the notification bell, so you’re notified whenever we post new content.