We were going to talk all about covid uh, but given what happened? Um yesterday with the nba and given that you’re someone that really has fought for equality for your entire career, what is your initial take on the the developments of the last 24 hours with the mba i’m thrilled it’s? Not just the nba the wnba has joined um it’s been tennis has absolutely joined. We you know we postponed our matches. Yesterday we are going to continue to use our platform at the u.s open to for positive change for equality and justice. Arthur ash was a part of that as well back in the 70s. He and i were born the same year. We’Ve always fought for equality for everyone. Black lives do matter and we’ve got to keep our. You know the pedal to the metal we can’t let up now we need to have change and we need to help each other be kind and good to each other it’s, just so basic it’s scary, but the protest. The protest right now with is really different from the 60s uh. You were all too young, but in the 60s i was in my 20s and president kennedy died on my birthday in 63. He got assassinated and in the 60s, when they had protest like with martin luther king jr, you have to remember, we didn’t have technology like we do now and most the protests were all people of color they’re, all black people, basically now everyone’s together and that’s.

The change in me as far as my age group, my hair, is on fire i’m really excited, because i think this is really the moment in time that we can truly truly uh change things and go forward because the young kids they have it right. They don’t care about your color, your religion. They just get along so much better, but i love the protest. I love what they’re doing, but i hope also that it’s going to change financially for people of color, because they don’t make as much as white people and women. Also, all women do not make as much as white males and everyone has to be able. Everyone has to make money and have a good living, because then the world will prosper, let’s um, i don’t. I want to move on and just talk about the us open that, because that’s why we were going to talk uh initially until some of these other things came along more important things, but there’s covid, there’s there’s, no fans, some. Some players are not going to come. What you know what i’m still going to watch, though and i’m still excited about it, is that is that okay, can we can we pull this off? Yes, i’m very i’m. Very excited because it’s different, and i want to know how the players are going to adapt. I’M, very, very interested, usually on the big showcase courts where they have the highest seeds. They really thrive on this audience, whereas the lesser ranked players aren’t used to that they usually do worse.

But i this is a totally different ballgame. Now i am excited because at least they’re they’re, fortunate, first of all, to have an opportunity to compete and to make a living that’s great. And then the open has done a great job with the testing and the frequency and working with the health officials in new york. I mean it has been they’ve been spending months on this, because i’ve kept up with it. I’Ve talked to them, but it’s really gets down to personal responsibility and that they have their bubble. They have two bubbles, one for the players, one for the support team and all it’s and they’ve they’re. Trying to do it right, and so the us opens been very, very adaptable. I have two sayings as a coach pressure is a privilege and champions adjust or adapt, and when covid started in march and started, we started to isolate march 17th in new york city of my partner and me, and i just said champions: adapt japanese adjust this. This is what this is all about: it’s, one ball.