That is the date for the andy roddick, no love celebrity roasts. It will be an online event with proceeds to benefit the andy roddick foundation. Celebrity roasters will include peyton manning john legend and other a listers to be named for more information, go to ar foundation dot org and with that we say good evening to andy roddick from his home in the mountains. You’Ve seen all those comedy central roasts they get pretty brutal. Are you nervous about this at all? I have provided much content for this roast over my lifetime and i am going to get annihilated. I know before we moved on you. You had a question that you wanted to ask about the corn cannon match that we just had. It was a comment, oh yeah. Well, no, it was a question i it was was in your minds. Was that the match, where uh it was very apparent that the crowd not being there actually may have ended in a different result? I think if the crowd turns you blow, a 5 2 lead two match points, sophia kennen’s kind of getting in your grill a little bit. I think corn goes nuts if, if there’s a crowd actually going against her, i think that’s, one of the ones where it could have turned with the help of a crowd. What do you guys think, i think, historically, that’s the case too is corners, always had a hard time managing her emotions, especially in high stress situations, and could have just taken one person in the crowd to kind of get on her case a little bit and you’re Right we’re going to see that maybe the top players don’t get fired up as much and maybe it helps when things aren’t going so well, you kind of forget about and are able to move on.

I think that’s, a great point all right. I will say, i think, the chance of detonation on that one was high to very high. The fuse was burning, but it got extinguished before it reached the uh explosive device, um, obviously for tennis to come back this week. First combined event, uh players and staff and everybody around have had to get used to a new normal with protocols and and testing and social distancing. All the players, it appears have reacted quite well to it here’s what serena williams had to say about the new normal for her? I don’t know if there’s been anything too hard to adjust to. I think for me, i’ve been really just super careful and like if anything i’m, just not taking any risks. So i think the biggest adjustment is just the extra testing but i’m all for the extra testing actually jim. We know that athletes are creatures of habit that they have had to get way out of their comfort zones to to come back right now. In tennis, how impressed have you been by by their flexibility yeah? Very much so look. Serena has pre existing conditions. She has to be mindful of as well with her lungs, so i i think everyone is adjusting and she is smart to to take it very very seriously but um. No, i think there’s been a real positive reaction from the players about the bubble. They’Ve been very accepting of it and i think lindsay.

You raised a point about the players who weren’t in the bubble and how they will will come to see what the bubble is and maybe be more accepting of going to australia next year, which will have the type of bubble that the us open is presenting. Right now, i would think it as a player. You would feel most safe in a bubble, atmosphere and there’s, some players, of course, that travel is a risk but weren’t sure what to expect in new york and now sitting back. If i were a player – and i had chosen not to go and i’m seeing how it’s playing out and the positive reviews from everybody who’s involved and how safe it is, i feel a lot better playing there than potentially playing in a tournament that’s, not in a Bubble and a lot more exposure and i think the players that went and made the sacrifice are certainly happy that they did yeah. I actually talked to uh. I had the chance to talk to serena earlier this week and i was kind of asking about it and she thought it was a great sign going on in her first rounds in in kentucky uh last week and she still felt like they were jitters. She still felt like the energy was there and maybe that’s the layoff. Another thing that that is a huge advantage for serena is she’s, not someone that actually plays a lot of events she’s.

She can take two three four months off at a time: come back and perform well, whereas as we’re seeing on the women’s side with kennen and plishkava, maybe they need those matches a little bit more than serena. Does all right, we’ll get uh our first look at serena coming up tomorrow, um we want to shift gears a little bit here. Andy, you did a record review for us yesterday here’s a little fashion question for you. We got our first look at the nike kits for the us open yesterday, which are inspired by these uh nike challenge courts that andre agassi wore back in the early 90s wondering what you think of the looks. I am i’m very, very into it as a kid. I made all of the bad fashion choices right along with andre. I liked him so much and wanted to be him so much. I decided to go bald later in life. Uh all we need now we. What we need now is the retro jim courier. Like short short with no spandex protection, underneath i’m ready for it all right, we’re not going there we’re we’re going to the spandex is good. It offers more protection, no sunburns on on the quads that’s. What we’re protecting from i want to see. Someone come out with a short short and a real pale leg, that’s. What i want to see good um jim, you still have those, i believe in your closet somewhere just for pasta or maybe they’re in the hall tomorrow.

We’Ll get them to bring them in how about this? If jim will do that, will you bring back the visor andy? Oh my god, my visor would look like a disaster now. Are you kidding me that that’s terrible jim still has quad muscles? I don’t have the i don’t have what i need for the visor. All right, um we’d still like to see it. I just selfishly as a parenthesis is we’ll. Take a break right here pick any one of the companies that you’re promoting uh andy did uh real or not real on this yesterday and it turns out, we have an update and um.