Script so first talking about serena, she played maria soccery for her round of 16 match after five two. When it was time to close out the set things started to change, she started to make more unforced errors. Her feet started to move less and it was really reminiscent of her loss to shelby rogers in lexington and at five all then um, the old serena came back. The good serena came back and um. She really started to pick things up again and she was able to close out the set not playing her best, but it was good enough to um to close out the first set now. The second set was was much different than the first and its start. Soccer went up 3 1 due to due to serena’s poor play, but at that point serena tied her hair up into a bun and tucked her skirt in and she was really a different player. She started to move well once again started to really move her feet. Um there was no, she wasn’t planning her feet, she was making, she was really having good footwork and she won. She ended up winning four games in a row, and so i thought oh well. This is another routine serena comeback and serving for the match at 5’3. She loses two points in a row: character like two um points, number one characteristic off of uncharacteristic errors, and then she wins two. Then she wins two points in a row.

So i’m, like okay, the next two will she’ll win and it’s the opposite. She loses the next two points to to lose the game, and then she lost another one and another one and it’s not like it was all bad. She had chances at five six to to break soccery, but it was a combination of soccery’s, good play and serena’s heirs and in the tiebreaker i just i got the vibe, even though serena was she was up. 4 1. I got the vibe that she was not going to win this tiebreaker, so, as you could tell, when serena is closing out a match, you could just tell you can look in her face that it’s going to be closed. She looked into stress when she was even when she was winning when she was up 4 1. As the commentators pointed out, she was rushing, not really rushing, but she was forcing her serve, not really just letting it be natural. She was forcing it using her arm. She wasn’t making any first serves and that really opened the door for soccer to um to take advantage of of that and get into the points more and um soccer. Eventually she won the set when serena lost that set. It was like all hell broke loose, but it wasn’t as dramatic. She was just her. Energy was dropped, her energy dropped um, starting in the the first game. I think it was the first game of the set she was on serve, i believe, um and there they had this long game.

It was like a a five minute game. It was long deuces and within that game she was just hitting fasters double faults: faster aces, um, just slapping ground strokes, and that was the first indicator that she wasn’t right mentally. I still feel like. If she perhaps could have um won that game, then maybe she could have done better later on in the set and possibly i don’t know, maybe i’ve even won the match, but since she she never even gave herself a chance her her. She was just done mentally from that from that lost set because, as the commentators were saying, she should have – and she knew she should have been in the locker room by now. She should not be playing a third set, but here she was fighting to to stay in the match. That was already delayed an hour and a half due to reign. So she definitely did not want to be out there and then another good point that the commentators espn commentators brought out brought up was that she was going to have to play again against kanta, who was a tough opponent and who was playing well. I don’t know i guess it would be qualified as tanking, because when you think of tanking, you think of nick curios, um bernard bernard tomic, just um, just not caring slapping the ball around and i feel like with everything, it’s mental. I feel like you can’t. I mean it’s, just mental it’s, nothing, physical, it’s, all mental and with serena, was all mental.

Like i said she was thinking that she should be in the locker room by now and she’s out here playing yet another um third set match and yes, she lost another. Four consecutive games and at five love we were just waiting for her. I was just sitting up there. Just i was doing my math homework just sitting up here, waiting – okay, just please just let it be over with so i can just turn off the tv, because i just i don’t know i didn’t want to turn off the tv i just wanted to watch until The end of the match, but bizarrely enough um or oddly enough, she she kept fighting in a way like she she was. She was still tanking in us in a sense. I don’t know i’m i’m kind of tentative with using that word because i think just mentally. She was just gone, but anyways she was still kind of fighting, especially she faced like six match points um and she just refused to give up you. You would think that she would just double fault and throw in the towel or slap a ball on the net, but she did not want to to give up. I can. I can understand that just i can understand just not caring about the other points, but still it’s match point you’re one point away from losing and you do that you don’t want to lose and eventually um. She ended up winning that game, but at 5 1 it was just too much.

I could sense that something was going on with her, maybe physically, because she was holding her arm. Then her um, her quad – and i was kind of i touched on this a bit in my previous video and saying that i don’t think i didn’t think she was all the way there physically. She had all those tapings on her um thighs and on her even her back. She just went away mentally and i can i completely understand i put myself in her shoes because i’m, a tennis player and i’ve been in that predicament. So many times of you doing all this, you should be. You should um win the match. You’Re straight set, you should be off the court, you think about. You should be being off. You should be um, you know doing your rehab doing your press conference, but instead you’re out here playing and then you also think man. I have to come back out here again and and play this match against this girl, who previously had beaten me and i’m, not saying that um it’s kanta’s, like levels is the reason why she would be having those thoughts but it’s just the matter of having to Play another opponent, so i can understand um that, but concerning her for the us open, i’m right now, i’m on the fence about whether or about how this affects her for the us open first is concerning the way that she lost. Second is concerning because of the fact that she was unable to capitalize on so many opportunities to close out it’s, not only this but against ruth’s.

Her last match roost did play well, but serena, typical serena fashion. She would have served that match out and against ruse. She had a whole bunch of um second serves, but i think that is concerning i don’t she doesn’t have that that killer instinct of closing the match out with all these with the aces and she gets tight. She’S she’s been getting tight and um it’s, something she and patrick need to look at and need to work on talking about patrick, i noticed on twitter that they were talking um, not even twitter, but the commentators as well. They were saying, why is patrick, not saying anything, um serena’s, paying him all this money and all that stuff? Why is he not talking um as a person who has followed serena for a long time um, you know that she doesn’t like to be coached. She likes to problem solve on her own, but i feel that, if she’s this, if it’s this bad, if she’s, if she’s, literally slapping the ball around, if she’s literally in this much distress, you need to say something she didn’t have the crowd there. The crowd also played a big role in this, because i felt if, as if the crowd were there, she wouldn’t have tanked this bad, so the crowd wasn’t there she didn’t it’s, not we aren’t in um conventional circumstances. Of course, so patrick should have done more. He should have just stepped out of his element and been like hey do this? Do this? Do this, but yeah that’s, pretty much all i have to say on that um.

I wish serena the best for new york looking at the women’s draw as a whole. Just looking at the results today, um it’s, going by each of the matches, one by one mertens, beat cuda bertovo who beat plishkova um it wasn’t anything too special for mertens um. It was just her normal solid play. I did underestimate her because i thought the transition from her playing in prague previously to now playing in cincinnati cincinnati this week would be tough, but she’s managed manage everything really well. Next, we have pagula defeating sabalenko. This result, isn’t um, unexpected pagula, has been playing really well. This week she beat um jennifer brady, who i believe would be facing. Sabalenko sabalenka, it wasn’t a horrible match on her part, but i still feel like she needs to reign in um, her her power game at a time she didn’t have to go for the shots that she went for next osaka defeated. Yoshimska 6361.. This match was honestly a bit of a letdown, because i thought that um as well as just shremska, played against venus and pera thought it would be a more competitive match, but it wasn’t, and i you could tell that she was. She was just. She was beating up a lot, but not to take anything away from naomi. She played really well in that match. Next is counterweight versus marie boscova. This was a very impressive win by controversy. Boscova has been playing really well, blueskova just beat kavitova, so i was a very good um good win by annette next joe canta versus verasvana rava and speaking of good good performances, um that’s, another one from joe just really solid tennis, anja bour defeating christina mchale.

636 love ons was really impressive in her Music routing over madison keys last night, and she just continued that impressive form against mikael i’ve been really on the jabor bandwagon since her australian open run this year and i think her game with all her variety it’s very Exciting and it’s well needed on the um on the tour. Lastly, we have azarenka defeating cornay six, four, seven five, just another impressive win by azarenka. Just it’s really happy to see her play this well with everything that she’s had to go on everything she’s gone through it’s, just really inspiring. Just looking at the draw now at the matchups, we have murderness against pagula osaka against kantovite kanta against soccery and jabor against azarenko. I think all these matches will be great um if i’m taking pics i’m going to pick pagula over mertens, just based off of how well she’s been playing um, not to take anything away from merton’s. I just feel like pegula has just been playing really really high level tennis this week. Thus far next is osaka against kantavite. Kantovite is kind of she. Doesn’T really have too many bells and wheels so she’s, just a really solid player. So i feel like this matches. In naomi’s hands and judging off of what we’ve been seeing this week thus far, i feel like um naomi’s gon na be um in good form, yet again so i’m picking osaka in this match. Next, we have kanta against soccery.

To be honest, i said that if soccery beat serena, um i’d pick her to reach the finals but to be in total honesty. Soccery didn’t play up to her potential um in this match, not saying that she played bad because she played well, but she didn’t play as well as she did against goff and against putin seva, judging off of kanta contest match today in soccer’s match today. I would pick kanta, so i guess overall i’ll just pick kanta in this match and lastly, we have jabor against azarenka, which i think would be um the top match to watch on the women’s side tomorrow. Jabor can cause a lot of problems for azarenka, as her variety can really it’s it’s frustrated her opponents, thus far this week so i’m going to stick with my pick, though. My excuse me my pick that i made yesterday i’m going to say: azarenka will will reach the semifinals now moving over to the men’s side going through each individual result. Today, djokovic defeated sangren, 6. 2. 6. 4. It was a really solid match from djokovic a good improvement from his match. Yesterday, against barrancus we have medvedev um, who beat benedict benedette, beat my predicted finalist fritz, just a really comprehensive victory from met video. Now we have bautista goo against hatching off um, really good comeback win from him from a good. I was watching that a bit and i liked how he was able to turn things around and really change up his game plan to frustrate the russian.

We have opalka against beretini. Opoca has been really um impressive this week and i’m, not surprised at all with him, defeating the 6c beretini um. He can defeat just about anybody with his big sur. Not only that, though, he has he’s really good off the ground. Poss over isner and two tie break sets. Um really was just ct, pops being the more clutch player at the end of the day. Rownich beat murray comprehensively. 6. 2. 6. 2. I did see a little bit of it, but judging off of what i saw and the score line of 6262, i just believe um raunish was too good and murray um playing back to back matches playing three set matches against tiago and zverev. It was just a lot and roundness was just a step up in class honestly and lastly, we have kranovich who um beat team. He beat fuchsavich with the same score. Today: 6 2, 6, 1 and i’m really impressed with his performance. The last topic i’m going to be discussing in this video is nick curios ben tweeted about novak talking about finishing the year unbeaten as he’s 20 0 on the season so far, and in response to that tweet nick himself, tweeted hell of a tennis player may go Unbeaten in 2020 can’t take that away from him. Unfortunately, when he was supposed to show some leadership in humility, he went missing, majority would say he has taken. He has taken an l regardless.

I just feel like nick is doing too much at this point. I’Ve made like 10 videos of him, um just back we’re, not really bat mouthing, but like talking talking and calling out somebody over this adria tour, i understand his frustrations and that um people, some people, might not be taking this current situation as seriously as they need To be, but at the end of the day, um it’s, all about your intentions and the way you go about doing things i feel like his main goal should be um to educate, novak and djokovic did apologize. But i guess that wasn’t enough for nick, as he keeps tweeting and um just like i just don’t, get it. This was unnecessary. It had nothing to do with with nick at all. It was just talking about his accomplishments. Why, nick? Why i’m just saying why just please i’m not like i understand it’s, it was a very serious manner. I don’t want to just say brush like let it go, but you need to let it go. You need to let it go. It’S like enough is enough. We’Re, just like oh it’s, it’s, your intentions, that’s the thing, your intent and the way you go about doing things calling him out on twitter publicly like this, when in response to a tweet that has nothing to do with you at all. That makes people not have respect for you. Torch was even saying it. I i started with george and him saying that him publicly calling out the players like this.

It makes them not even care about what he’s saying like you have to. You need to do better in your delivery and your response: it’s getting it’s getting really weird it’s, not it’s, not looking good, but that’s, really pretty much all. I have to say about that. I do hope that nick um finds peace with that and it’s going to be interesting, um when or if and when he plays novak it’s, just not going to be good, just in general, when nick gets in those press conferences, he’s just gon na it’s, just gon Na let it rip but yes that’s all. I have to say for this lengthy messy video um. I know it’s unconventional, but if you did manage to stick around to the end of this like 10, what is it like, 20 minute, video or so um? Let me know whether you liked this style of video. I know. Typically, i write stuff on it type out my stuff on a script and just go off of that and edit, but this was just me having no script at all, just oh, my god, i’m shaking the camera just um, just speaking about how i feel because i’m, Just too tired to do a script and just edit so yes that’s all. I have to say. Let me know whether you agree with my thoughts in the comment section below make sure you subscribe and click the notification bell, so you’re notified whenever we post new content.