Is it yo? What what a trench? Oh, the trendy, dancer all right – people saw um, the retired, jamaican sprinter, usain bolt says he is still waiting. Are we attending results of the core owner for iris tests, noting that he has not had any official communication from the minister of health and wellness uh good morning? Everybody um just waking up and, like everybody, has checked social media, started social media and confirmed, of course, 19. um. I did a test on saturday to leave because i work uh trying to be responsible, so i’m gon na stay in and stay for my friends and also i’m having no symptoms so i’m, going to quarantine, myself um and wait on the confirmation to see what is The protocol i know, should i go about pointing myself from the mainstream health. So until then uh talk to our friends and tell them that in the communication just to be safe by yourself and just to take it easy and assuming people know be safe over there. All right, cool, retired, jamaican, superstar, sprinter, usain bolt see him wake up, like everybody else check social media answer where it was saying that i am confirmed to have copied 19.. He said a zebra solomon never established nothing like that. People are just a people. In my spirit, fuzz room this is it yeah man like some other them um um news articulation king and vlogger to see him yes right now, sometimes false information can spread last night early this morning it seemed like at this moment in a gwan what Music, oh Um Music, is it look like i want teacher i’ll set up my life cosmetic don’t read the report yeah? Yes, it is still both bought it again, beautiful mafia grave.

Is it big money? 53 kingston men have has been arrested and charged with the april 9. 2020 murder, 53 year old, colleen walker, former vice principal of excelsior high school. So, from april up this really takes place and no winner and for sure you’re setting month on the keys like miss lita, is it i mean so far them charged 33 year old hysteria around then get charged with the murder and conspiracy to commit murder, an illegal Possession of so i didn’t get charged long time on their jail. I mean because at a point they must say um the investigation come out through visit them, so um the motherfucker played guilty and he looked like them played guilty fitted. Three a point where the no teacher involved a zebra, but my glad for no say for them still. Should i get justice authority right right? This of residents in cedar valley, georgia and trinity will have been murdered in the community after a bridge that connects these areas to sea fort and moran. Va was washed away by every real yesterday, so the jamaica comes to liberty force right now. Jessie in a twitter post last night said that the bridge in question stood along. The trinity build me at the road near the entrance to frontier found hill. It felt victim korean associated with the tropical storm lara. Tropical storm nag wants a good enough guys, so the outer buns of which have been affected the island so far.

Is it right now it’s in popular spread. You know if the people didn’t know what they made me telling a straight between the dancer. Is it right now me i’m telling people nobody cannot cross it? Is it let them go and build stealing water style cause? I quarantine. I already analyzed them.