. I did a test on saturday to leave because i work uh trying to be responsible, so i’m gon na stay in and stay for my friends and also i’m having no symptoms so going to quarantine myself and wait on the confirmation to see what is the protocol. I know, should i go about quarantine myself. Follow me shuffle, so until then talk to all my friends i’m telling that in the coming contact commission just to be safe, quarantined by yourself and just to take it easy and assuming people know be safe over there. All right cool welcome back to another video viewers, available, entertainment and people, as they might hereby know, using bolt has confirmed to have the carry on a virus and people that is his wristband we’re, not just watching at the beginning of the video. You must say basically more cop and see it on social media as a math corona virus, because you remember in the video also say indeed a test and probably uc, and we don’t get by the test results as yet, but in self isolation i mean self quarantine, But the news like social media right as i’m, saying, newsline, jamaica, media online, dot, com, the star dot com, the observer, dot com, loop news, alright, then put on the news say: usain bolt has corona virus but, as i said, usain bolt same dua test, probably even By the taste of him same dudes on saturday, so basically me especially i’d say the jamaica observer, the jamaica style, jamaica, media online.

com. I like them goodly, get the test and put all the news. So you see involved i’ve karena virus which, if i doubt me mean and said i’m wrong for putting the man information over there to the public. But also usain. Bolt, though, seems to be sure same of the corona virus because, as i’m saying wake up and say it on social media, the same of carolina virus. But if you say about half karuna virus people, keep it in mind, say, is embark their party in keep and catch it, because that they must say – and i bear foreign people fighting for you saying world birthday party is 31st birthday party to be exact. Yes, it keep sunday gone, which is yesterday today is monday. Yes, so no yes, friday, yeah friday, usain bolt keeping birthday party people and all of that liam bailey was there ryan sterling? Was there ding dong? Was there bini, mandata disha rivas? Was there the party full of people? You understand me, so i guess the news are certainly announcing using would have current advice because other than people at the other party and as him say indeed, saturday same party keep friday and him do. What is saturday, people and mega tell everybody right now that was at the party say: yo people putting yourself myself, isolation right now, keep away from the family and honor that, because, if usain bolt really tastes positive for the kovic 19 alano go have contact with him.

So might maybe gon na catch it too i’m, more likely, not gon na. Have it you understand myself, please stay away from the family and people as they use them will say. Please take it easy, just listen to the where the government says, stay anonymous or stay away from others. You understand me because this coffee, then i got ta, say 1999, my god at the core of it. 19.