Well, breaking news: yeah! This news been circulating the internet and everything, so please so viewers and subscribers get to our attention that um usain bolt is tested positive for the coronavirus so based on a party that was kept in jamaica and there was a few um celebrities there also. So we do have the clip that we’re gon na show you and then you can tell us what you think about this video all right, so guys watch what’s going on. So you see everybody’s dancing having a great time. No mask was seen no social distancing and everybody was having a great time which we know people go on party and everything. But as i say, you have to be safe, you have to you know you have to be cautious, very, very careful in this time. So, as you can see, there’s a lot of big names there, you have artists, you have celebs cricketers, footballers bunch of star they dance at them. You have artists there and all of them like look. You guys know everybody in this video right and rumor. Has it again saying that the next after this party, the next day, another top name person, also kept a party the next day? He was also at this party too, and the next day was his party, so it’s a bunch of stuff people. So you can. Google read and do your own research and everything we just got some information and everything and um.

You know we’re not here to bash anybody, our whatever people. I got still one party i’m Music. You may never know and everything because i’m not sure it’s, just rumors and it’s circulating the internet that usain bolt has tested positive. So people want to say now everybody at the party. You know what i’m saying, but it doesn’t work like that, not because you’re around somebody with it doesn’t mean you’re going to catch it yeah. You know what i’m saying. So i think that everyone at the party should get tested should get tested. They should also go and quarantine themselves, um self, isolate and all that stuff. You know i’m saying so: it’s, crazy, it’s, crazy and then now there’s a lot of big stars. Yeah watch the video peeps watch your video and we just have our little tips and stuff and stuff about it. But at the same time, just remember people you got ta stay, safe, wear a mask, stay six feet! If you don’t know six feet your arm length. Six feet see six feet, so you give it to a plus number right: six six feet down: yeah six feet. What is this that’s like one toes, basically you’re too armed yeah but yeah? Basically, so you know wash your hands as often as you can avoid touching. Your face and wear a mask that’s the most important part about it, because at the end of the day, we don’t want to um get contracted with this virus and transfer to other peoples in the home, kids.

Everything so guys just remember to stay safe and don’t. Let what people um viewers and subscribers part in our own way no party is not running away. Some people are like say yo. They have to keep going to parties like it’s gone it’s going out of style. No after this thing, there’s always the selector’s gon na. Be around the music’s gon na still be around the venue, is gon na still be around everything everything you know so how’s everybody saying every jumper knock you’ll forgot. You know man says so people um, but as them say you know you’re seeing i’m having money and everything. So you can’t get the care you want and everything you know i’m saying so. I don’t want, if it’s true i’m, just gon na quarantine on them. Something there’s any people, so it’s a newborn baby. Now too, yeah – and i like that – and you know what i’m afraid of stay away from the baby: i’m from wife, yeah, um, i’m, wife and it, as i said before, the people that were at the party, especially dancing close and as you can see guys when You watch the video you’re going to see people that you know like top star the artist them and the big celebs them and all that stuff. You know i’m saying we’re dancing the coffee, new song, yeah yeah, so the coffee new sound because it caused trouble. It looked like but yeah, i said people, you know you’re still having fun and do the right thing and things but i’m sure we are some and everything.

Never you know a party and a master really go along, because every minute you have to take out the mask to drink and all that so people watch your video um. Do your own research viewers and subscribers um. You can watch comment down below what you think and now we’re gon na have an update, because you know other people gon na, be they’re gon na get tested and everything so up the line like later on tomorrow. You know by weekend you might hear a bunch more stuff who tested positive or tested negative, and all of that so viewers are subscribers. Thanks for watching make sure you like comment, subscribe, share and um. You can give us your take below on the comment all right and stay safe and stay safe. We are a mass social distance.