So the guy with the ball has got to create a lot of shots for himself and the guys around him and that jumper pure one in the league by percentage from three point territory. The utah, jazz, murray, okay, you’ll, hear that refrain. A lot and it ends and missed it from point. Blank range got a great look at it: here’s michael porter jr, his first starting playoff action and looking at the ball murray, his sidekick, but mpj changes the equation whistle and one three pointers here in orlando, something they had been very intentional about on the blow by Ingles gets the layup mike conley was playing very good basketball, his best basketball of the season uh right before he had story the departure of mike conley we’ve. Yet to talk about as jamal wiggles. His way in that two man game so effective is their slithery starter. Can get into the paint and gary harris who’s, one of their excellent defenses, never know with the great depth that denver has able to come in with a michael porter junior to help ease the load. Joking just takes it harris and barton on the right and left respectively. Gobert inside with a nice speed, get his teammates involved boy. Milsap was trying to post up calling for the ball didn’t, get it greg from the corner side pocket three. The offensive end this time. Michael porter jr steps into a three confidently. His corey craig has historically presented problems for mitchell.

This time, donovan mitch baseline break from the wing over nieng that’s huge mark. This is beginning for him: Applause, joking from the wing butter Applause cross court, o’neill, nice ball, fake and gobert, with the tip in Music angles, on the wide pin down great movement, niang off glass reputation for being a little bit of an irritant in a good way. If he’s on your team clarkson tough shot and it falls trick out pitch of scoring nature, he was part of a group of players from the nuggets that got together during the pandemic, in los angeles, had some really good work. You were the jazz tony bradley missed twice: plumley hustling for the loose ball rebound morris from deep got it. This guy is three point: shooting number so far, two of nine and seven to fourteen clarkson, with a step back, three got it. Jordan. Clark scrapping on defense got on the floor, picking up loose balls and we got a good look from three that we were confident in him. Shooting you told me before the game that the reason you had confidence in donovan mitchell. Switching into that point, guard role was because he’s had reps there before and because of his community ante morris dozier kicks it out to a wide open grant and he hits the three ball away partially grant just inside the three point line and hits the but that’s What you want to do – oh great defensive, play and a steal by o’neal, but they took it away from him.

Porter jr, with the finger roll guy who made second team. All seating games, donovan mitchell, knocks one down from long range. You know donovan mitchell struggled so much in one game against these denver nuggets at home in salt lake city is jokic not struggling, tells gobert to clear it out mitchell. Oh, he punches it home and says it with his chest. I think you’ll continue and joe ingles. Actually said, it would be selfish of them as teammates to not get over things, and you know what donovan mitch grant guarding him here finds gobert at the free throw line and boy rudy gobert put it on step back three heat check and he’s sizzling to get To where he wants three of six from downtown jamal murray counters, three point: ball: game murray into traffic, tough step back, but jamal murray, here’s jokic in the middle of the floor, murray got all the way to the paint and banks at home with the left. The bear never got airborne, but they still retain possession eight on the shot clock for clarkson blows by porter jr and finishes at the rim. Wow that’s an impressive rip move and bucket jordan clarkson off the bench with 10. and jamal milsap goes to work over the shorter mitch and he fouled against one of my star players and i’m tempted to use that thing. If i’m, a coach, great inbound play at milton, and thus the decision to wear ally on the back of his jersey, Applause, stairs down, jokic he’s, a friend of that here’s mitchell, a chance to close out the half with a nice layup donovan great bounce pass inside To go bare for the layup tremendous morgan, who got the start here today, since the drag screen mitchell splits it up high in a terrific pyrotechnic, the 14.

gobert tipped it away. You see rudy gobert’s influence there, making guys pump fake and hesitate. He blocks it. One or tie on a three Music gobert said a good high ball screen for the tie got it the next trash talk now that we’re in the playoffs, i think malika with the things starting to really count like that three ball from port murray from the elbow They get it into jokic, who faces up step up and close that space a little bit jokic. Now six for 11 15 points and playing some defense, the jazz we’re looking for a kickball call, they won’t get it into the other end. Here on, espn we’ll be back for that sixers game yeah, and how about that uh? 2. 7 matchup, the clippers versus dallas nice strong to valued rotation. Member he’s deserved it donovan mitchell, with the left hand on the los angeles clippers and an electric player in luka doncic. What happens there? Speaking of electric he’s got clarkson dieng wide open, knocks it down and we’re nodded go bear with the high ball screen. Mitchell rolls it in on the reverse: Music grant good defense by niang, but a better offensive shot to do mitchell coming off a great summer with usa basketball, where he was one of the leaders on that team gobert with the reverse underneath out of the timeout. They get it to jokic, basing up on gobert rolling left hook, shot with a soft touch.

Wow jordan clarkson inside kicks it out of traffic. Niang took his time to finish over murray mitchell, attacking jokic blocked nicely by grabs monte morris in traffic boy. Two tough drivers. I have to go in the third quarter: clarkson tough, reverse layup by jordan’s to see utah in the fourth quarter hunt. Perhaps michael porter, jr defensively mitchell got all the way to the bucket points for mitchell on a very efficient 11 of 21 from the field. The oakish, with a good burst of speed but morris, gets into the pain off glass. Show you what you know this good help by plumley moodier inside globally, with the block boy plumlee made two nice definitely great play by plumbling umly, actually changed his number from 24 to seven that bucket good by engel three for a quarter, not quite Applause, gang missing. Three shots bluntly up: high big sequence: here’s clarkson, staring down dozier, gets into the paint great spin move and finish by jordan case, where clarkson able to get his own monte morris on the drive by chris can get that kind of productivity. Michael malone’s got to be happy about that ingles another three. This one falls after miss see what murray does here in the third quarter: great screen by plumley, just floored royce o’neal, and they get the three ball games top scorer. Now the switch has monte morris on him. The mid range is good, donovan mitchell will side pick and roll morris and plumley Music Applause murray millsap, going to try another one.

This one rattles in leading games here for miami mitchell in traffic, surrounded by three players, got it out to the corner and the corner. Jumper goes poised right there morris grant and he knocks down the three speaking of confidence. Ingalls had that rim halfway down and out the long pass complete to grant touchdown denver let’s go let’s, go let’s, go a lot of energy by joking, his career high in the playoffs 38.. We got plenty of time for that. Oh yeah, the meter still running great move by joking jokic to grant on the offensive glass and stick back by tory craig and go to work here, settles for the three good decision: 30.: Music back out to jokic little pick and pop three is good. Paul murray, nice bounce pass to jokic and finish through contact. This is what happened. These absolutely multiple looks. Mitchell causes confusion. Great time inside and gobert makes the catch for the utah by one mourinho little two man, game murray, gets it to ball Music. This time they have grand on mitchell gobert setting a good screen for three. Yes, he is officially behind the gobear screen driving mitchell. Finishing 45 wow was that a back court that’s. What quin snyder was saying murray for three he’s got it and the leads down. So as good a start as he had he’s disappeared here, a little bit for the time murray murray around the oak screen hit him with the hesitation move.

Murray, oh he’s, on fire Music mitchell downhill, stopped on a dime, no change for murray and we’re knotted at 1 15.. They start to run the play murray off the yoked screen back to jokic drives on gobert missing at the buzzer Music Applause got all the way inside great left, handed move murray on the steal unable to convert, but got his own rebound monte morris got it big Time at some point in the playoffs but boy, oh boy, what a possession three pointer jamal murray pulls it back out against dozier clarkson kept it the entire possession and a good stayed between him in the basket boy, burry feeling good offensively. This time defers to jokic and a good call jokic with the three and the lead is up to nine. What a reaction i almost turned it over again and it ends up in clarkson’s hands and he gets – and he was a season ago in the playoffs. Looking for atonement this year, juke’s ingles – and he has it working game for jamal murray mitchell with a little get back, got it a minute to go off the yoke screen, got free, raising up Music Laughter 20 seconds to go mitchell on the drive foul that they Get instead comes up short that’s it game. One is in the books.