We’Ll start with uh chris dempsey chris go ahead. Uh nicola um just talk about what wasn’t just an amazing end of the fourth quarter and then into overtime. What what? What got you guys over the hump and why were you so good in overtime – and i always say i think, is the guy? The team who have better energy is going to be in the overtime you know and that in that period, you’re kind of a little bit tired a little bit um not loose like. I cannot take a slot, but you get the team who had the good energy and momentum is probably going to win over time, and we made really. I mean jamal – made, really really really important shots and he didn’t miss actually all right. Next question we’ll go to mike singer mike, go ahead, hey nicola, you are usually the one to handle the ball and the end of games and overtimes uh. Obviously, jamal came through 10 points in overtime. How much confidence do you have in him taking those shots instead of you, we saw him. We saw him doing this. He didn’t know the first time that he was doing it, so she showed us that he can do it uh uh. So why i’m not i’m? Really confident in him taking shots all right next question: we’ll go to omiyon yangmaisuk with espn.com om, go ahead, hey nicola! What was it like, uh watching, donovan mitchell, score 57 and then to see jamal step up at the end there and kind of you know answer back, but at the time what was it like to see? Uh donovan mitchell get so hot, not good, it’s, not good.

For us i mean uh, i i said i mean donna is amazing player. You know he. We know that he’s gon na be aggressive, he’s, a really good scorer uh, when we know there’s gon na gain it’s gon na be like this. Like always, it is so uh i’m just glad that we we kind of found a way and made a good place in the right place in the end, and we won the game all right. Next question: we’ll go to chris dempsey again, chris go ahead, hey nicola! How could you talk about the significance of donovan mitchell’s? Eight? Second violation – i mean they could go up six with a bucket. Instead, jamal murray hits a three and you know everything. The rest was history, yeah yeah i mean it was uh uh. I first of all i didn’t even see it then i saw i was kind of didn’t wan na i’m, just gon na freeze freezing like it’s, going to be it’s going to be and uh. It was eight seconds. So it was a big big play for us. Uh, just because uh yeah, you said they were upset, so we were, we were. It was a big kind of momentum for us, but it’s, not just we kind of trusted and believe each other and that’s that’s. I think we won the game all right. Next question: we’ll: go to mark kizzler with the dimmer post mark, go ahead nicola after an incredible game like this, between two teams that are sharing a hotel what’s the conversation going to be at dinner tonight between the teams outside the meal rooms.

I mean i don’t know: uh depends probably we’re going to see it. Rather in uh and uh and um cold tub area, i mean to you guys. We are playing basketball it’s, not that we are in the war it’s a war on the floor, but it’s not uh. You know, it’s still a game of basketball that’s. We all enjoyed to play it’s, not something that we’re going to kill each other for maybe on the floor, but outside the floor, why we are all eating the same bread all right. Next question we’ll go to mike singer mike: go ahead, hey nicola! I think it was yesterday. You said that it was imperative that you guys create your own energy. How were you able to create your own energy in that fourth quarter in overtime period, just by trusting each other just by believing each other? Just making good plays uh sacrifice loose balls, 50, 50 balls, rebounder, and so just like the small small piece of you, then you kind of build, build build and you get that momentum that uh kind of gave us the gave us kind of the energy and the Power to win the game all right next question: we’ll: go to joel rush with forbes joel, go ahead: hey nicole! You took about seven three pointers tonight, which is about double your uh average on the season. Are you making it a point to shoot more from distance? I mean yeah if we found more but i’m going to show you so that’s more later to affect the game.

It’Ll affect the game. So, yes, i’m. Looking forward to shoot when i’m open all right. Do we have any more questions for nicola here so guys? Thank you, yes sounds like jamal’s ready thanks nicole.