It is an absolutely splendid day for football and we’re. Looking forward to the game. I’M, derek ray joined by lee dixon in the commentary position and coming up for you is live action from major league soccer, it’s the montreal impact and they take on the vancouver white caps yeah. Thank you derek. Always my favorite time of the week. Spending time with you at games wish you’ll be in for a belter here with these two Music. This is how it looks for the home side, it’s always interesting to try to sum up a team’s style of play, their approach, um. There are many who think that it’s overly conservative in this case. What do you think lee well derek it’s, not my preferred way of playing that’s for sure, but horses for courses is fine until you concede do. They have a plan b. If that happens i’m, not too sure and introducing the visitors lineup today, it looks like a conventional 442, a preferred formation by arsene wenger when he arrived at arsenal. Two main strikers, four across the midfield, really important for the fullbacks to link up with the wide midfielders in this system. Thank you for attending, and so the battle commences. Applause, absolutely magnificent. Goalkeeping, oh he’s, almost turning away thinks he scored the goalkeeper doesn’t corner kick played in well, it has come to nothing tied out here. It did appear that they might be on to something, but not so bang in beyond it’s with reyna teamwork might be the key Applause, no let up in the pressing department, Applause crossing possibilities, the perfect tackle really and now a throw in excellent ball over the this Looks top great challenge: he got nothing but ball, and that was a very fine read well sitting deep, like this might be a dangerous game still level here, but the pressure escalating foreign in possession ali adnan and teammates to play.

It too danger. Reverse it. For now, Applause delivered into the area here aware of the threat solving the problem: kyoto – oh lovely, weighted ball. They might be in pretty comfortable piece of defending it’s worth piet Applause and they’ve won possession again and it crossed the byline. A goal kick as a result. Applause Applause so tight this game, who’s, going to break the deadlock, be brave, be a hero, take chances, Applause, eric godoy, that’s, the kind of shielding player you expect from him, rommel kyoto. He has time to play us over making sure nothing untoward happened. Applause, piet might be able to get in behind the Applause. Two defense, Music Applause and the whistle is sounded for half time in this game. Applause, Music. The two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half Applause ali adnan and moving the ball nicely crossing opportunity looks promising base now let’s see about the cross, just wanted to get it out of there Applause. But when you set off like this, you invite pressure options in the center. I just couldn’t keep the ball Applause, cavallini, they’ve, regained possessions. The fan of the match receives a special with it Applause cavallini a chance to whip it in he continues his run, delivering it into the box, not all that convincing defensively an attack full of promise it might be on for them. It looks promising a fine block and a throw in it’s going to be well they’ve been getting the substitute ready and now they will make the personnel change Applause.

Will he play it in? Well, he put the cross into the right place, but no one able to finish it off room to maneuver on the wing. Fruitful looking attack and the referee says, corner kick and firing it into the gets his glove on it Applause, real danger: it needs an accurate cross well well off the bar and out of play close yeah close, indeed technique, just leaning back a little bit that’s. Why? It goes so high Applause, kyoto, 15 minutes remaining, piet patient’s enough build up. Can they carve out a chance on and on? He goes Applause. What can he do from here and they’ll get ready for the throw in and they have alexa to go to the bench at this stage of the game, so a throw in Applause, great vision, to switch to play a really sumptuous ball. Not to be this time. Foiling them effectively he’s very adept at protecting the ball boyan with it, and it might be and threading it forward. They had a bit of work to do and getting to that through ball. The goalkeeper Applause, safiya tyder, across lacking guile and accuracy we’ve had the official word. There will be a minimum of two added minutes tied air.