Today we look at the top six largest mls stadiums in 2020. Music. We have decided to take this list at face value. By that i mean literally the largest stadiums currently being used by mls clubs using google earth studio capturing some amazing drone. Like footage, we take you on a journey around the states to some fabulous looking stadiums. We will also throw in a bit of information on each stadium, so stick around to the end. If you enjoy our content, please consider subscribing and any suggestions for future shows are always welcome. Comment below remember this is the stadium’s capacity in its entirety, not the soccer reduction. We read about number six bc places a multi purpose stadium located at the north side of falls creek in vancouver british columbia, canada. It is currently the home of the bc. Lions of the canadian football league and vancouver whitecaps of the mls, the official stadium capacity is 54 500.. However, this is drastically reduced by around 55 for the white caps participation in major league soccer. The stadium opened on june 19 1983 and was built as an indoor structure with an air supported roof. The largest of its kind in the world upon its opening following the 2010 winter olympics bc. Place was closed for 16 months as part of an extensive revitalization. The centerpiece of which was replacing the inflatable roof with a retractable roof supported by cables. Once construction was completed, the stadium’s new roof was also the largest of its type number five soldier field is an american football and soccer stadium located in the near south side of chicago illinois near downtown chicago major league soccer club chicago fire.

Fc will begin playing at the stadium in 2020. since 2003. The official capacity has been set to 61 500.. Two days after the end of the 2019 season october 8th, the fire officially announced they would return to soldier field to play the 2020 mls season. Chicago played its home games at seatgeek stadium, a soccer specific stadium in the chicago suburban bridgeview illinois about 12 miles southwest from downtown chicago. The club called the stadium home from 2006 until the end of the 2019 season. The fire also played at cardinal stadium in naperville. Returning to soldier field toward the end of 2003 remaining there through the end of 2005. number four gillette stadium is located in foxboro massachusetts, 28 miles southwest of downtown boston and 20 miles northeast of downtown providence, rhode, island. It opened 18 years ago in 2002, replacing the adjacent foxboro stadium. The seating capacity is 65 878, including 5876 club seats and 89 luxury suites. It is the current home of the new england revolution of major league soccer. Memorable major league soccer, playoff victories include wins over the chicago fire in the 2005 and 2007 eastern conference final, sending the revs to the mls cup. Additionally, the venue hosted mls cup 2002, four games of the 2003 fifa women’s world cup and some copa america center nario matches in 2016.. In the 2002 mls cup final, a crowd of 61 316 was in attendance a record at the time. Number three centurylink field is a multi purpose stadium in seattle, washington.

It is the home field for the seattle seahawks of the nfl and the seattle sounders fc of mls. It is a modern facility with views of the downtown seattle skyline and a seating capacity of 68 740 spectators for nfl games and 37 722 for most mls matches located within a mile of downtown seattle. The stadium is accessible by multiple freeways and forms of mass transit. Centurylink field is also designed for soccer. The first sporting event held included a united soccer league’s seattle sounders match the usl team began using the stadium regularly for home games. In 2003., the mls expansion team seattle, sounders fc, began its inaugural season in 2009 at the stadium. The site was the host of the mls cup in 2009 and 2019. number two nissan stadium is a multi purpose stadium in nashville tennessee, owned by the metropolitan government of nashville and davidson county. It is primarily used for football and is the home field of the tennessee titans of the nfl and the tennessee state tigers of tennessee state university from 2020 until 2022 will be the home field of nashville sc of major league soccer located directly across the river from Downtown nashville and has a listed seating capacity of 69 143. The soccer club will play their first two seasons in nissan stadium, beginning in february 2020, with the intention to move to a 27 500 seat stadium at the nashville fairgrounds to be constructed in the near future. Nashville’S inaugural mls match was february 29 2020, with the club hosting atlanta, united fc at nissan stadium.

The game was played in front of 59 069 fans becoming the highest attended soccer event in tennessee history number one Music, mercedes, benz stadium, is a multi purpose stadium located in atlanta, georgia opened in august 2017 as a replacement for the georgia dome. It serves as the home stadium of the atlanta falcons of the nfl and atlanta united fc of major league soccer. The stadium’s signature feature is its retractable roof, which features a pinwheel consisting of eight translucent triangular panels. It also has a soccer specific configuration with retractable, lower bowl seats to widen the field and mechanized curtains that limit the capacity to about 42 500, although the official capacity is 71 000. On december 8, 2018 atlanta united hosted the portland timbers in the 2018 mls cup. Final earning home field advantage by virtue of their regular season record over portland atlanta, defeated portland 2 0 winning their first ever mls championship. The game initially reported a record attendance for major league soccer with 73 019 spectators in attendance on the day that completes our list today, six of the largest stadiums used in the mls in 2020. We hope you enjoyed the content. If so, please subscribe and turn on the notifications, this will allow you to keep up to date.