Is this like your social distancing from her? This is my social distancing, a little better than six feet, but uh she’s there i don’t like one day we’ll get back there. I’M sure uh last match toronto fc round two against uh vancouver white caps. Another win one nil thoughts. It was uh, it was a definite game. Um. It was a great first half second half vancouver started. You know punching coming right at tfc and i don’t know. I think they started to expose a little bit of a weakness there on tfc. Do you think it was weakness or tiredness or a bit of both or vancouver? Just finally was going for the last to run, we were sitting back a bit. What what? What do you think, i think, it’s a weakness? Uh you? You see, tfc they’re strong with the ball, but that’s, because a lot of teams give them too much respect. I think they um when they have control of the ball they’re very lethal up front. Well, they got uh piati and altador uh osario and uh azuelo, um they’re very, very lethal up front. So a lot of teams will back up and protect their own area, but we saw in the mls’s back tournament when they start poking at tfc and rushing them. We we kind of lose our heads and our passes aren’t as uh and as on as they usually are talking about the front four. There um didn’t, uh didn’t see much of josie and we only got him for the first half uh.

I don’t know if he’s playing a different role or, if he’s, just not fully there or what’s, really going on um, but the one name you forgot to mention who uh we’re hearing more and more about which is the goal scorer richie larea, doing really well on That uh, that wing there playing uh the left wing right, yes, he’s, um, he’s, doing really well moving up all forward, getting into position and he’s again lethal as well. He’S either got a shot or a nice cross, no it’s very, very nice, i’m. Very happy for him just to think that uh, you know. I said this last year but i’m enjoying saying it again. This year is that’s a you know. Change of scenery for players can really really help in him coming home, leaving orlando or orlando, leaving him. Whatever the case may be, uh, we definitely uh picked up someone good on that and he’s he’s gelling and really uh shining with this team for sure 100. It was also nice to see frasier come out, get some minutes um. You know he’s uh he’s becoming more of his own right he’s moving into his own role. Definitely, i think he would have stayed on for the whole match had it not been for uh receiving the yellow card uh earlier in the match, but i’m always happy to see canadian contents on the pitch uh, but they need to earn it and we had three Starting in this match, and always just makes me proud to to see them getting better and getting more minutes ozo.

As always, you know tip of the hat to him. Just doesn’t stop and is always going at it. So we’ve got the one nil, that’s two uh two matches in a row against vancouver, and now we have a little bit of a break which is much needed before the the next round of games shows up and then the traveling starts uh right, lovely flights across The country the next match against montreal is this friday. Uh thoughts. Do you think it’s going to be a lot tougher than these last two well, it’s. Definitely going to be the actual derby match, which is going to this time, be off of the 401 and uh as opposed to what it was in orlando, but it’s definitely going to be a tougher match. Um montreal now sees themselves behind six points without even playing a game, so i think they’re going to come back to dfc and try and strip those points back, no it’s a darby, so it’s always always always good to watch. I think our extra rest is going to be extremely helpful and montreal will be on uh three days only so it’s, definitely to our advantage. Uh they’re only going to have 250 fans there, which i still shake my head, but anyway that’s a different conversation. So i will talk to you uh after uh friday night’s match. Yes, she will i she will uh, hopefully it’s a good one. It will be cheers.