Thank you. Jing shots just found the light impressive, because whenever i’ve done, the mask with the sunglasses, look it steams up. Oh sweet is a nut, find the line Music. Oh it’s long, you can’t quite believe it of course it’s hawkeye on the line anyway, it’s on the screen, so we’ll have a look now it will be shown on the screen. As thomas sweeney is just saying that look at that just missing three: two: wonderful tennis. From serena williams, so it is roos that’s. The first set point brilliantly saved, though serena williams the serve again doing the damage. The first matches are here in cincinnati. We saw last night, both sophia kennon and karolina plishkeva that’s, the second and first seed respectively crash out of the tournament, the fact that they’ve had a bye. It means that they’re playing players, who’ve played at least one match, she’ll, be very happy if serena williams can win this point and she can win the point and with it takes the set williams, the best tennis from serena williams, but it was an opening set full Of courage and character, she has won it in bang on and out started the second set and keep the pressure up. Oh too, good and there’s the switch up from the world number nine and it works to perfection nicely hit in the first set a set where she had a set point got broken early in the second and you thought it was all going to be about.

Serena williams, okay man, second williams, keep going with it trying to shorten the point tactic has done absolutely nothing wrong. Think about that 10 minute break that both players took. Serena has obviously come on to court with a new outfit on, but it happened the second time i lost the point that was half a chance for roose, but serena williams stands. Firm. Automatic reaction is to be a bit defensive, isn’t it, but there was an acknowled i’ll, try again acknowledgement yeah. She could have reacted in a sort of very frustrated manner. That’S fantastic play: nice, brilliant defense from bruce, but serena williams gets there in the end Music, great adjustment from serena williams. She may be struggling with fatigue and the heat, but the desire is still there. No doubt about that leads forward. Wow. She was moving so slowly around the ball, but does get the job done.