Thank you: okay williams and there’s that big serve first game williams, that one up to 114. very quickly by the time us open, starts they’ll, be real, comfortable and we’ve. Seen that foreign textbook Music, Music williams well that’s. A great point great rally there: oh, what a great job handling the power off of that off her back real big, come on. Yes, six, oh great, no fans, plenty of fierce Music. That is just too good legends Music. How about this it’s in third gear versus going fifth that’s a winner right? There, 30 15, Music, thirty Music lost the point that was half a chance for ruth just like, and all of a sudden looks like a new player. 50 luck. 14. Equally well placed acknowledgement. That’S fantastic play: oh well, there’s, just a bit of funky spin on the ball and ruse: didn’t adjust nice, brilliant defense from bruce, but serena williams gets there. Music that’s, terrifically, saved Music, yep, well: juice wow. She was moving so slowly. Another first serve required Music. Oh! What a shot russ and ruse breaks again: russ leads Music, oh that’s, epic, water, no, and how about break point saved? Oh, what control and again in a pressurized environment and serena williams breaks what a battling from serena. But she has moves through to round three and raskar is with such a determined relief more than anything else, somehow wins it.