This is jeet tulak and you’re. Watching it’s. Tomorrow, news typhoon, molave became the reason of landslides. Many people killed typhoon malawi, triggered landslides that killed many people and left 45 missing in central vietnam, where ferocious, wind and rain blew away roofs and knocked out power. In a region of 1.7 million residents, state media said the casualties from the landslides brought the death toll to at least 19 people or more with about 59 missing, including 26 crew members from two fishing boards that sank wednesday. As the typhoon approached with winds of up to 150 kilometer per hour, at least 59 people remain missing in the landslides and at sea. The toll may rise with many regions still unable to report details of the devastation. Amid the stormy weather vietnamese officials say, it’s the worst typhoon to hit the country in 20 years, malawi, the most powerful storm to hit vietnam made landfall over qangnam and kuang nagai province in the center region. The area between tuatinhu and fuyen province, which are 5 30 kilometers apart, is home to many popular tourist destinations and they have been hit by winds of up to 135 kilometer per hour. Rainfall over the region has been recorded at up to 250 millimeters since tuesday evening. Gala in the central highlands 250 kilometers away is also being battered by heavy rains and strong winds. The central power corporation said that, as of wednesday afternoon, more than one point – seven million families in da nang and nine province, guang trai, tuatin, hu kuang, naam, kuangai, bindin, fuyen, kontum, kli and dark luck have suffered a blackout.

Rescuers dug up eight bodies thursday morning in tangwan village, in south central guangdong province, where a hillside collapsed on houses. Vietnam deployed hundreds of soldiers and heavy machinery on thursday to search for saviors after landslides, triggered by torrential rains from typhoon mulaway one of the strongest typhoons in the region. In decades, the landslides which hit remote areas in the central province of pangnam late on wednesday killed 13 with 40 missing, as rescue efforts were hampered by bad weather. At the tail end and the storm the government said state media said 12. Fishermen died at sea state media said that the bodies of 12 fishermen were found on thursday after their boat sank when trying to return to shore two days earlier, two navy vessels had been mobilized to find them and 14 was still missing. Tralang and tran von lie in the mountains of the hardhead province of guangnam in the coastal regions, still recovering from floods that killed 136 people and destroyed hundreds of houses. Earlier this month, four people were killed by falling trees and collapsed houses in guangdong and yalai province. When the typhoon slammed into a cost, wednesday rescuers have not found any survivors while searching for the two fishing boards that sank off bending province, state media said. Since early october, vietnam has been battered by storms, heavy rain and floods which have affected over millions of people. The government said typhoon mulaway, had left millions of people without electricity and damaged 56 000 houses.

It weakened to a tropical depression after making landfall on wednesday and is expected to reach laos later on thursday. Heavy rain of up to 700 millimeters will continue in parts of central vietnam until saturday, the weather agency said before it hit vietnam typhoon malawi, passed through the philippines, where it caused flooding and landslides that disaster authority on state had killed at least 16 people that’s.