If i even look into you to find that division, but uh we’ll start with champion, i suppose um uh ramirez uh kayode morris hooker last time to take his belt um in six rounds. It was literally six rounds of savagery he’s, a super player. He really all he does. Is fire pressure forward pressure. He he is a old school type of fire. He will work. The body draws jab his straight through the body every time and love it. He mostly sticks to his left hand, side as well: lovely left hook, left hook, left head left body left head. He just he just he’s an animal. He just keeps coming keep hitting that body and then he will switch to the head. He’Ll give you two three rounds of that, and then he you just you don’t seem to be able to get away from me. I think you need power really to back him back up and very good head movement as well. He flicks the jab jab is not as solid as a solid as anything, but he does uses because he likes to whip in the lead left hook as well. Sometimes but uh all around he’s. Just an animal and a massive power, and just as i said, just keeps coming, he’s fighting, uh victor apostle and who beat muhammad mahmood the last time being honest decision. He yeah in 33 fights you need two losses and then two losses before world title: shots against josh, taylor and terence crawford it’s, not shame in them anyway.

Um. What can you say about me? Has a nice job. Uh keeps a pretty really european. He had a nice nice uh right right, um straight left, hook, mixes up a few shots normally takes him a little bit of time. Actually do it just to kind of get himself into the fight good uppercuts as well. If he gets in close and happier nice combinations when he’s on top and when he’s on top he’s very slick, he will uh work petty head body mix them all up, and one big massive problem about him is when he is backed up. He doesn’t fire back and he and he really backs up and we head straight up in the air, so it’s very dangerous, it’s kind of like it is really a good clash of styles there, and i just see to be honest, i just see ramirez just coming On really strong, real heavy now apostle is not afraid to get hearty, he can go down and he get quite get back up and he will come back into it, but uh when he takes these body shots and – and, as i said, he’s going to be getting Backed up and he doesn’t fire off the backward foot too good. I just see ramirez bashing him to the body and end up knocking them out and he could knock him out, maybe not early but mid to lay around but jose ramirez hold on to them. Two bets and hopefully go on maybe to try to unify that division.

We should be a great fight, but who’s your mirror is doing that by ko. Let me move on and we have a real up and comer um in the super lightweight division as well: 10. Rounder this one we have um arnold barbossa, who’s, 23 and all 10 ko’s and fine tony louise, no no reese beat ricardo lara the last time he the last few fights have been up against anyone great, but he he’s still been fighting a decent level. Um has nice body shots nice hooks? He whips in some nice bodies, body shots a good left hook, um lead left hook. He draws a lot. Sometimes i can kind of swing wide on that one though, and his jab there isn’t really much forward emotion in it. It’S kind of a flick and he kind of if you don’t fire back, he will throw a couple of combos in when he walks in um, but when he throws the combos, he will throw three four swinging hooks and he leaves himself wide open every time and Um he kind of like he just get a bit. He gets a bit happy. He thinks he’s in he’s, going to knock a lot out and – and he just swings too much and he can be caught straight with dead straight punches. He’S fighting arnold barbossa, uh, okay, ko there william silva last time in the fifth round and 23 and all now he really needs to step up really to be honest, but uh has a really good job works.

The body super has a lovely sweeping left hook. Who comes wide cuts in his last minute? Lovely combinations right straight left to the body mixes him up, he’s a really good fire, he really slick, but he has had it all his own way. So far he really needs to be pushed with tony. Louise, probably do it probably not to be honest, um and he draws lovely straight punches behind that jab, which was lovely right straight off the job as well. So really, if that’s, what he does and he even he could even be in tony tony louise. Just to just to make him throw and then land dead straight punches and i think it’ll be the end of him but uh. I think iron about ross says. Sometimes he takes too too much time in getting these punches off, but uh iron bar boss of the window. I think he could they think he could knock out tony louise um in this as well about mid to late as well. Tony louise is a hardy man. He will he will um be able for the punishment, but handlebar wants to win that by ko and to be honest with you, that should be a really good card.