If you are into the fight talk, we’ve got jose: ramirez 25 0 defending his wbc and wbo 140 pound titles versus former wbc champ victor postal 31, 2 ramirez, is from central california. Postal is from ukraine now this fight has been postponed twice and, although i have yet to see the new betting odds release when the match was first made in early 2020, they had ramirez the undefeated champ going off as a huge favorite i’m talking seven to one Ten to one which is absolutely nuts when you consider the caliber of his opponent, victor postal, i remember when postal’s name started popping up on the fringe of some of these pound for pound best lists in 2013 to 2015., he captured the wbc belt in a showdown Versus knockout artist, lucas matisse, who is almost a three to one betting favorite over postal postal methodically outboxed matisse, who had trouble landing any of his fierce power, punches postal finished him in the 10th and captured that wbc belt on the hbo broadcast. He looked outstanding and that win was his coming out party, then in his very next fight, a unification match versus terence crawford, with both postals wbc belt and crawford’s wbo belt up for grabs, crawford methodically schooled him dropping him twice and winning via clear, cut, unanimous decision. This was one of the few wins that have really established crawford as one of the best boxers in the world. He would go on to capture the remaining two belts becoming the undisputed 140 pound champ holding all four major titles before moving up to 147 welterweight.

So, in the wake of crawford conquering then leaving the division, you had a few names quickly emerge, giving postal plenty of competition for those vacant belts, josh, taylor, regis, pro gray, kirill, relic, maurice hooker, yvonne berencik and jose ramirez. You also had mikey garcia there for a minute when he beat sergey lippinitz to capture one belt and then moved up to 147 to fight errol spence. Sergey lipnitz is also now at 147., so josh taylor, the undefeated and exciting scott. Has this big fight versus former champ victor postal, which ends up being a close, close match where postal was actually up on the telecast unofficial scorecards through the first eight rounds before getting dropped and weakened in the later rounds as taylor rallied back and claimed a decision? Victory in front of a scottish crowd: excellent fight postal looked great until he didn’t disputable scorecards. Some actually had postal edging that so that’s. Now two losses for postal and one quick note about that fight in the ninth round, i think, was the turning point. There was a scenario where poso had his head down and then you see fighters do this a lot josh taylor then pushed down on pull on the back of postal’s neck. Exposing his back as postal is kind of standing hunched over, like that. With this being the body this being the legs, and then taylor kind of reaches around postal’s body and punches him to the kidney area, postal immediately gestures to the ref points at his back kind of winces for more than a quick moment and keep in mind.

This was a very close fight through those first eight rounds and immediately after this, the ref doesn’t acknowledge the arguable foul by taylor and taylor within the next 15 to 20 seconds rocks postal to the face and the fight’s never the same. At that point, i do think that that foul or potential foul was a big turning point in that fight. That was never acknowledged and definitely uh had an impact on postal’s performance i’m. Just looking at how postal fought up until that point, and then after that point neither here nor there, taylor was awarded the decision. Life goes on so after taylor’s win over postal, the 140 pound division holds a super series, tournament largely streamed on the zone where new orleans native regis progray looked almost like a young shane mosley stopping carol relic in the middle rounds. Early in that tournament and largely positioning him as a slight favorite to win the tournament, go back and check out regis pro grey versus carol relic. That was supposed to be a very, very competitive fight. Progress shine right there also early in the tournament. Josh taylor stops both ryan martin and evan baranchik capturing the ibf title in the latter, while on his way to a major showdown versus that super talented regis program, taylor’s ibf title and pro grade’s wba title were both on the line there and josh taylor outgunned pro Gray in a close but clear decision victory, i was really expecting pro grade to win that one.

But taylor is really looking like a hall of famer at this stage of his career and progrey was actually the betting favorite in that one. A one point: five to one to a nearly two to one favorite taylor. Obviously, didn’t get the memo, so taylor emerges out of that super series, the clear victor and on the other side of this stacked, 140 pound division, you’ve got jose ramirez training out of the famed oxnard california stable under robert garcia, multiple time trainer of the year and Older brother and trainer to mikey garcia, this camp has had so much world class talent flowing through it, fernando vargas, antonio margarito nonito, donaire marcos, maidana, victor ortiz, brandon rios of course, mikey, garcia and now jose ramirez ramirez fought amir imam for the wbc title that crawford Vacated one of the four belts that crawford vacated that wasn’t up for grabs in that super series and that’s the same belt that was previously held by victor postal ramirez, beats imam via unanimous decision and then defends his belt successfully versus antonio orozco and jose cepeda. Then challenge long range, boxer, puncher, maurice hooker in a unification match ramirez’s wbc belt and hooker’s wbo belts both up for grabs. This was big and also streamed on the zone. Maurice hooker got off to an early lead, but slowly started allowing his back to touch the ropes while the pressure fighter, ramirez, slowly started, upping the pace and increasing his volume and combinations.

Hooker’S corner pleaded with him to keep his back off the ropes and to keep this fight in the middle of the ring. Hooker then failed to control the spacing being the slightly taller and longer fighter got caught up on the ropes one too many times got blasted by a ramirez combination that had hooker out on his feet and the fight was stopped in the sixth round huge moment in Ramirez’S career, as he now holds the wbc and wbo belts, while josh taylor now holds the wba and ibf titles. So the idea is to eventually have this mega showdown for all the marbles. Taylor and ramirez have largely cleared out their competition, but ramirez still has some business that he’s got to handle versus victor postal and, as i mentioned, postal is way undervalued as such a heavy underdog. They are giving postal very little respect and no realistic chance at beating jose ramirez. While i would agree that ramirez is in the sweet spot of his career he’s 28 years, young still undefeated holds multiple belts. He’S got the wind to his back, whereas postal has now lost. Two has still never been stopped, but he has lost two and he’s now, 36 years old, which is really up there, especially in those lower weight divisions and for all intents and purposes this could be his last chance at recapturing major belts at 140 or any division For that matter, if postal were to win here, he’d be playing a huge spoiler to that taylor, ramirez unification, super fight, but hey.

I previously thought that regis prograde was going to have the final say in who emerged as the king of the division so anything’s possible. I do think that postal can hang with ramirez in the early rounds boxing intelligently, as he always does, but postal fading late in that taylor fight has me a little concerned, especially versus someone like ramirez who’s, always applying pressure and is one of those we’re going to Be here for a while, so pack, a lunge type of guys who’s going to be in there as long as you’re there and that’s. Assuming that you are able to handle his power, i don’t think that there’s a high likelihood of postal stopping ramirez that would require sustained amounts of high explosion, and i just don’t think postal has that at this stage of his career i mean he wasn’t a devastating Puncher, even when he was young and stoppages versus lucas matisse, with the exception for postal, not the rule, only 12 of postal’s 31 wins have come via ko tko, whereas ramirez has knocked 17 of his 25 opponents out. So i have this ramirez versus postal fight, more or less, even through the first four rounds, with ramirez. Slowly, closing the distance and postal’s legs getting fatigued by the middle rounds and i picture ramirez either becoming the first person to stop postal in the late rounds or postal, showing just enough savvy to survive while losing a competitive but clear decision.

One wild card possibility here – and this is due to the covet pandemic – is that people’s training, routines and regimens have largely and often been disturbed and we’ve got more fighters both in boxing and in the mma missing weight. We just saw david benavidez lose his 168 pound title on the scales last weekend. Now, during the 30 day, weigh in for this postal versus ramirez fight, pulsa was already down to 147, only 7 pounds away from the targeted and required 140 pound weight limit. With still a month to go ramirez’s 30 day, weight was 153, so he’d have to drop 13 pounds in that final month. He is still within striking range to do so, but it’s worth keeping an eye on, i can’t imagine ramirez’s size will allow him to stay at 140 for too much longer. Yes, he is only 5 10 postal’s 511. But if you look at like the shoulder to shoulder just the body frame, ramirez is a pretty big dude. I don’t see him keeping up at 140., so he’s gon na need to win here and then sort things out versus josh taylor for all the 140 pound glory and then he’s going to move up to 147 i’d. Imagine so. The third time appears to be the charm in making this fight happen and i’ve got ramirez winning i’d say by late stoppage becoming the first to stop victor postal, and i still might be underestimating the skill and the will of the former champ from the ukraine.

I just feel like ramirez is a surging talent with a great team, a great attitude and something to prove, whereas let’s be honest. 36 is 36, especially for a guy who relies on timing, reflexes and, most importantly, his legs mobility. I think that the 28 year old might wear on him. However, if you’re looking for a big value play from a betting perspective, if the old odds are any reflection or indication of where the new odds will be you’ll, be getting postal as an unbelievably long shot. Underdog, i would have handicapped this one as having postal and maybe a 2.5 to 3 to 1 underdog no way would i have him at a 6, 7 or 9 to 1.. That’S bogus postal is much better than that, but let me know your thoughts on this very interesting match up from ramirez’s. Two titles are the boxing: embedding public, totally missing the mark here and discounting the former champs chances at defeating the young undefeated rising star out of california. Please weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section and please like the video subscribe to the channel.