This is set to be a great game between these two teams. This match could easily tip in either direction. It’Ll just need the right spark. Justin marshall is with me here: superb conditions here: justin thanks, nisbo i’m, looking forward to seeing how they stack up it’s, an expectant atmosphere. Here, the crowd ready to see this one get started. This is an even match up on paper, so it’ll come down to. Who brings the most passion it’s all set for outstanding rugby there’s, been plenty of build up to this game, all ready for the referee to give the signal now and we are underway caught and crashes. It up took a few attempts, but they got him. The bears. Looking to have another go randall with a little pick and go tremendous tackle there. Applause now he gets the ball away, shut down with a brutal, tackle, powerful defense punches away. With this run. Now he gets the ball away, turns it back on the inside slade doesn’t. Let him get away good tackle there’s some real force in this defense that pass was fired very flat, poo tower with a good burst of speed with a nice run, only 10 meters to go and he’s in just showed great pace there to score the try. He only needs a little space to work with. That is a superb try. This is good strong work. No doubt about that. Justin they’ve got their five; they could get their seven right, here’s.

The kick a pretty good kick heading towards the uprights that one bounces off the posts and the kickoff is made here to secure this good contest. But it still is, he spreads it lovely tackle he’s over the halfway line, morahan finally dragged down, but he made a telling run. It looked like they busted the defensive line completely there and he gets smashed. He gets crunched just can’t, get players in support and finally taken to ground. Now the ball. There now randall looks for options. He pops the pass nicely keeps the ball moving. He surges towards the corner and tackle just short of the line. Good work by the players in the ruck still their ball it’s, certainly given them an opportunity to have a crack randall surging towards the line. Now and surely he will score here, sinclair gets the try. It was very good work there. They just kept the flying pressure and something had to break in the end. Has the conversion should be no problem here? I’D. Imagine he kicked these ones in his sleep, no trouble with that two more points. He shouldn’t miss a kick like that. Stinson from halfway takes in the kickoff and he loses some ground short pass. The kick finds the line and they’ll take the line out. The dennis is the target, so a mall here, spins it on and he’s shaken up by that one brings him to the ground. Nicely Applause picks it up crowd, enjoyed that tackle still there.

I think he keeps the ball moving, delivers it back inside slade, delivers it to a runner lonsdale. Oh good, run. Applause Applause work to keep the ball alive here and he’s flawed in that tackle nice defense, great work by the defense it’s, a turnover, good turnover, excellent stuff, hang on justin randall takes it out of the back. He utau got rid of it as quickly as he could just a few moments remaining lets it bounce, but he’s gathered it up. The bears scrambling back in defense, that’s the 22 and it’s gone into touch. Music hill gets it looking to make a little ground here. They continue to move forward and it’s. There now sends a good pass. He drops it onto the boot. They come away with the loose ball. The ball is set up in the rack 12 nil at half time. The bears with the lead, we’re pretty much at capacity and the atmosphere is still building as this match progresses so interesting enough game. Thus far, we can have a look at the stats now. They’Ve had the ball a lot more good number of hit. Ups in this match, they continue to try and barge through that defensive line. Some amazing breaks through the line in this match. The crowd have loved it. It will be an interesting half coming up a reasonable showing so far so the second half is almost upon us. There’S, a big second half coming up here.

The bears leading to the second half underway Applause skinner, tidies up tackle to ground, looks like it’s still on the side exit the chiefs. That’Ll knock the wind out of him. That’S got them on the back. Foot well played good ball retention here, under pressure crashing run into the line. First, anything can happen in a scrum inside your own territory. There that’s the 22 meter line long range pass on the charge, goes the right, winger exit, achieves desperate defense, perfect opportunity to try something looking to put this into touch. Take the catch. He pushes the pass further. Now he spilled it, a scrum crouch. This is a good is the bears, only 10 meters away here, it’s still alive on the attacking side. Applause, a good pass to a support plane, keeps it going they’re holding them off for the moment they fancy their chances here. A good opportunity here they’ll definitely want to turn this into points and they pull him down just inside the field of play. Applause randall gets it away amazing. This is committed defense. They have a chance here. They may look to go to a set piece on his way to the try line he’s over they’re happy about that. The effort on attack gets them. Some points a chance to add another two here, the conversion now and he should be able to land this one. Even though there’s a bit of an angle on it, the kick looks good Applause it’s, a short one.

The kickoff snapped up he’s taken down heart good contest, but it still is. He got away briefly but was dragged out, and that held this ball perfectly pops up. A little pass, oh, and that pass has missed everything that he goes no way through. There they’ve got more players at the breakdown here. Randall feeds it on morrigan puts the pedal to the middle. Loose ball snapped up taken down in a strong tackle there. Yep it’s still on their side, just looking for support, release, kevissec pulls it out of the back good hard running this Applause they may have lost. This hughes gets the ball away. Oh they’ve only got a few minutes to make something i think it’s there for the bears. Randall moves it back and this may go into touch. He’S got the loose ball and that’s a line out not much time remaining now. Hill they’ve done really well in the line out so far, it’s working perfectly for them good little step loses some grounds randall unable to tackle effectively. They couldn’t stop him and he’s knocked down hard it’s still alive on the attacking side, flat pass Applause. The defender can’t complete the topic, randall misses him over the Applause and it was a brilliant finish. How fired up are they now, after that? Absolutely exceptional. Try there’s a real excited buzz around the crowd here, shot at goal still to come and chance for another. Two points stinson to kick for goal now away to the right.

The bears get the win. The bears claim the win, a good contest between these teams, looking pretty comfortable really, and they came away with a good win. There are quite a number of kicks made in this match. It was a real old fashioned kicking battle. They barely gave the opposition a touch of the ball. They controlled possession very well full time score 19, 5 from everyone here, the crew and the commentary team.