There’S another go it’s a few flecks of plastic between worcester and the try line at the moment. Harlequin’S doing well to stop them. But how long can they hold them out? They can’t see answer now the clear it appears got the final touch there, but that was a team. Try Applause to kick axis working well again: they’re looking to drive this one over again doing the steering at the back and they’re up and they’re over well, is that oddly lawrence in the thick of it, who may well have got it down? I see that as a try, haven’t got anything else. Otherwise, okay tom, yes, come to you on field’s gon na, be a try we’re just gon na check it um all the way from the lineup coming in for us, that’s, okay, on field, try yeah just checking that there’s no reason not to award yeah and there It is the youngster getting the score Music it’s been effective, twice already, look at the numbers getting into it again. Looking for the ball, somebody i think under there thinks they might have scored. I’Ve got the ball on the line, so it’s going to be on field. This try just checking for anything else as to how it got there. The balance of probabilities is in favor of the attacking side, because jack make peace’s call. Is that he’s seen it on the line, so his on field decision is a try. Okay, jack there’s, nothing clear if you’re not going to try.

You may stick with your Applause here, come Music themselves, putting some additional bodies in there there goes Music Applause. The offload to ashton and ashton looks like he’s got his first try for his new club, chris ashton, bearing down on that record just a handful behind tom varndale number 87 for chris ashton. Aaron morris deserves a lot of the credit for it. Applause, Music, i’m. Just checking out to the there you can line the ball. Has it all? Has it already hit the line by then, though, i guess that’s the question? Okay, jack, the ball appears just to touch the line, so you may award the try yeah. Thank you, Music. Yeah ashton well harlequins, have been transformed, i think the first 40 minutes, possibly their worst of the season so far on the bounce. Every time we come down here now the very spirited effort in the second 40.