This would be his most successful longest kick of the season and there it is on the breeze five minutes to half time. Wasps three sail six now willis. First time, ball in hand really showing some attacking threat. Laundry rolling through robson keeps it going young recycles it for the scrum half Applause robson, once more omanga fekato at those flashy feet of his winding up to the 22. robson having to work hard with ben curry. Over the ball and curry has off well he’d, initially won it back now. You’Re isolated, very quickly, got it with the chance to square things up again, slams it between the posts. It was indeed lovely jim Applause taken by possible roland’s doing what he could to put him off, but mcginty can run with this and van rensburg. He does so well just check the tackle height. Please nigel mcginty, clicked away to read a little bit lazy with his height, maybe thought they were running across into gotham’s channel, but you’ve got to drop underneath that this one kicking in the most trickier conditions has been exceptional, it’s harder to get a penalty on your Own putting i’m going for it, Applause, Music Applause skip that scoreboard again, 55 minutes gone at the ricoh and sale and aj mcginty are pulling clear. Wasps six sail 15 curry takes on fecatoa shields. Was there as well plenty of ball protection for sale and ross? Music Applause, Music, critical passage for wasps defense here and they’re being breached by james and luke james scores.

What might be a huge try for sale that’s, a brilliant score if it counts, so we have the ball on the ground, just check there’s, nothing that prevents us take out a defender, create the space and then once he got through everyone expecting him to offload the Tackle on the ground, i am unsighted as we come around, so just double check. Nothing’S happened in that period, please that will prevent us awarding this as a try yeah, i think you’re staying with your own field decision. Okay, happy, Music! Yes, Applause! There was nobody up in support, however. It will be a penalty, it could be more. He just wants to see whether jono ross ran across velikov denied that he’s pretty cynical opportunity. Yes, i yes, i’d agree. You’Ve got red town at least coming across you’ve, deliberately dived at him and then it’s. Just the shoulder in between wasps cries of hope, more than anything else at the moment, but still sale on those determined red defensive jerseys doing what they can do. Vilano might be the next to give it a blast. Jack willis is pointing the way, but violano goes the other side, and now they come back round and now willis scores, and now they have a kick that might earn them at least the losing bonus point good spot from where sale were happy to give away penalty.