No, the truth is so. Do you looking like July 10th. Breakfast looks good on paper, but this is solid. This is there anybody out there. People in hazmat suits are here to test me. Let’S see how this goes. Don’T know the testers. I don’t know if that helped, but I feel like it’s time that I get unpacked I’ve been here for let’s get started. This is like a mattress topper, but they put on the bed. We didn’t really fit. So I just thought it would be a better idea to just put it on the ground and make it like a hangout spot. Last but not least, there’s like no know how to plan for a three month trip. So I like really hope for is that just about me as long as possible, I think I have too many shirts. I think there’s nothing entertaining about me putting late clothes. I was just like a jump cut to this closet being done. How did I do so? You came out pretty good and everything got a hanger. Thank you kidding worse right, some like needs for my time. I don’t know this is completely allowed, but I may or may not have gotten a little drone during our Christmas gift exchange and I kind of want to send it up. Yeah I’m gon na do it: okay, Music. So basically, all of Disneyland is a no fly zone, so this has been postponed but I’m, not taking it as defeat I’m gon na find a way around it.

Quarantine is officially over. That means I can take this off Music and away. We go freedom, freedom, not really anything outside. Well, you know what sellout this is our own documentary, he’s, probably on his day. One. Are you ready for school thanks guys school time? I have no idea where I’m going get your Magic Man whenever you come in or out perfectly yes, sir Music, you know next year you still well that’s fine there’s gon na be one month between this season and next year, it’s a video, oh hi, guys Mike Zeus Mike, thank you, Music, Orlando AAUP boy, Quirino, listen check this I mean you know to meet me. Tell me, do you mean tell me anyway? Well, you know the meeting I mean you keep doing your keep doing me your. I mean oh I’m gon na practice. You don’t mind: these are size. 15, I worth 13. Well, guess you forgot to make this work. I don’t think I thought of shoes you took from the whiteboard you squab one today when the cameras are off. We all know the truth, something large about that. Today. Your third smallmouth bass or perfect – you still got it at some point with the v6 is really crazy. Luck played against him and Grant Hill Greenville, yes, you’re old, first bus let’s go and then first there practiced. I took the whole lot. It took a whole lot of elves. Oh, but it’s. Okay, blue team took like two L’s today for doves Red’s you’ve had a rough night, though head see yeah.

We need to talk about that. Right. I’M, like we gon na, be in a bubble for three months. Little do people know that this man was working with a flip phone. The old knees let’s really figure out who got the most ones. Before we end up going to sleep, you got about three don’t watch because you won’t be in there Music, oh good, yep. Well, we’ll play one more time: that’s, not yourself good job team Music has anybody fell in love with the cherry, bubbly sodas anyone elses exploded. I was over the fridge. How did this happen? Oh God, with this thing, it’s enough, so you can taste it. Okay. Did your face, but is it faster that bubbly so it’s hard to tease a chair? Oh, we are dance.