Today we are back with vlog number 94, and today is our last day. When i mean my last day is today we are leaving it’s kind of sad um, i’m, really not excited. I think it’s going to be a kind of that day. I was uh kind of looking forward. I mean i wasn’t. I was looking forward to yesterday, but it went by really fast, which was weird and it was like um. So i got a 10 hour road trip ahead of us. We had a great time here. It was super fun, but a little sad that we have to leave today, but before we leave, i do want to go. Show you guys some stuff uh but yeah. I hope you guys all enjoy vlog 94.. First up, we got new couches. We got this a few days ago. Actually, but i i didn’t have a chance to show them to you guys. So we got two big new white couches and, of course, these two chairs over here, which are the same ones, but now our living room is complete, with a new coffee table, new chairs and, of course, there’s. Two new couches also hung this picture uh by this door to go outside um. This is a map of 30a florida. I think it’s, actually pretty cool it’s a little cute map and i think it’s pretty awesome, but yeah. Those are the things i had to show you guys some pretty cool new additions to the house.

We also got some car candy. I got some sour punch, blue raspberry straws, a kitkat milk chocolate and then some jolly rancher cheese. We just stopped here in the outside of florida. We are two hours into the trip we have seven hours left to go so guys. We are here at our third stop at the texas welcome center. We are second, so we were in texas. Basically, i was saying that we’re seconds away from the welcome to texas sign, you guys are going to see that here in a second, but that means that we’re only an hour and 45 minutes away i’m so pumped to be home. We’Re gon na get to see the dogs again. This is going to be probably pretty bad hour and 45 minutes, because i’m gon na be dying to get home, but when we get there, it’s gon na be an awesome feeling. So everybody we are back from our road trip. I know i didn’t vlog too much here on that road trip, but when we came back me and my sister actually went to a place that we really like called creamy tree – and we went just a few minutes ago – actually it was really awesome. We got some ice cream, it’s, actually national ice cream day, that’s why we went my sister really likes ice cream. She was in the vlog a bit and it was really fun but yeah let’s head to christmas tree.

So you guys can see some pretty awesome ice cream Music. So guys we just went to creamy street to get some ice cream. It was really for her honestly. Her favorite day of the year is national ice cream day yep. I love ice cream ice cream dessert. I got cookies and cream here. Mine is delicious kelly. What did you get? I got birthday cake with. You, can’t really see it. Oh there you go with cookie dough yep. That sounds pretty good, but definitely some delicious chemistry ice cream on national ice cream day. If you’ve never had cream of stream highly recommended very highly recommended very underrated restaurant, you should go so guys that’ll do it for vlog number 94. Thank you guys, all so much for watching stay tuned. For tomorrow we are going to have all of the vlogs that we did in florida put together in one big vlog, it’s gon na be awesome. It’S gon na be like a 30 minute long thing, it’s gon na be so fun to edit. Just gon na be super awesome, that’s coming out tomorrow, then we will get back on the regular post but yeah.