He has. He has an answer. What 11 Republicans Republican senators had to say about the orange Apes racism? The silence is deafening see the ape has gone in the past several weeks from his little racist dog, look whistles to all out Confederate bugle call with a rebel yell, and yet his Republican enablers in Congress continue determinately to cover their ears. How embarrassing that’s! You know I’m trying to be polite by saying how embarrassing it is sick. It is filthy, it is rotten. These white Republican senators, you collection of evil, bastards you rotten, bastards you’re, allowing the head of the Republican Party, destroy the Republican Party, and you, son of a bitches, are just sitting on your large asses, letting this go on gutless. Every single one of you, the ape retweets, a video in where the man shouts white power and later deletes it, but he doesn’t say anything about it. He calls the pandemic become flu. Oh mr. Trump, you orange bastard. That is so. Oh, I don’t know right out of the mouth that your Nazi Jew, Stephen Miller right and the ape practically demands violence against the people. He calls thugs in the streets of Minneapolis and he says that a sign proclaiming black lives matter. He says that’s a symbol of hate. This is how sick and twisted the ape really is. He threatens to veto the entire defense bill, which probably be a good idea. Trump doesn’t realize it. If the people writing the bill put in there puts in there removing the names of Confederate generals from US military bases that it’s more sickening that that I don’t know what it is, why not name military bases in Germany after gurbles or Himmler or Mengele Jesus God, Confederate generals I’ve said this before I’ll say it again.

After Robert Ely surrendered, he should have been put on trial and all of his his military High Command, every single one of them just like in Nuremberg, and they should have been hanged. I know I’ve said shot executed, but hanging is for traitors, every goddamn, one of them oh, and why not? What did they do? They caused the death of 700000 Americans that’s, what they did filthy rotten, scum. I don’t give a what their military credentials were. West Point. Wesch Moines, who cares about that? They were traitorous dogs to the United States. They should have been tried and executed lost cause, oh my god, and then the ape in the past few days, he’s declared that those marching under the banner of social justice to be part of what he calls a radical ideology attacking our country, radical ideology, equal protection Under the law you filthy, filthy human being – and he says that the people marching for social justice are quote bad evil people seeking to end America in favor of far left fascism end quote this sick disgusting when he attack NASCAR for banning the Confederate battle flag. That should be ripped into a million pieces, and he said that the only black full time driver driving for NASCAR only one Trump says that he should apologize for a hoax. After that news phone in his garage was determined not to have been directed at him. Oh yeah, like he put it there, you orange bastard near Republican, officeholders huh, nothing silence, not a word.

I quoted this. The other day. On Independence Day, Robert Kosta and Philip Rucker wrote that piece here’s, a quote from it quote, president Trump’s unyielding push to preserve Confederate symbols in the legacy of white domination, as Republicans who have long enabled him, but now fear losing power and forever associating their power with His the Apes, racial animus they’re, afraid of that I don’t see, fear you Casta and rucker also wrote this quote on Capitol Hill. Some Republicans worry mostly privately to avoid his wrath. That Trump’s fixation on racial and other cultural issues leaves their party running against the currents of change. End quote so: Trump’s enablers, these gutless filthy, rotten, cowardly white Republicans are unnerved by his over racism, not because it’s, despicable and sickening and has to stop, but because they feared they’re going to lose their power because of it. Jesus God and dana Milbank columnist. For The Post writes this, their silence, often attributed to cowardice, is really complicity. He goes on as I’ve noted, racial resentment has become the primary driver and predictor of support for the Republican Party, a trend that has accelerated under Trump. If Republican lawmakers continue to worry privately. As Trump bases his reelection reelection on races, demagoguery, they must be held to account for condoning the redefinition of the Republican Party as the new home of the white power movement. Their silence isn’t just enabling Trump it’s, also enabling white supremacy to hijack a major American political party, and then he quotes some of these Republicans 11 Republican senators who face competitive relations.

This year, Susan Collins, Maine Tom, tell us in North Carolina Lindsey, Graham South Carolina Kelly Lafleur criminal little bitch, who lives here in Georgia, David Perdue, a thug that lives here in Georgia, John Cornyn of Texas, Joni Ernst of Iowa Mitch, McConnell of thug in Kentucky and A Chinese agent Cory Gardner in Colorado, Martha McSally and Arizona, Steve Daines in Montana. You, anyway, data Milt Milt bill mang. Did he notes that Republican members of Congress have been privately fretting about Trump’s racism? So what Dana Millbank did he bited each of those senators to comment on statements Trump has made in recent weeks, Mike going after schools and newsrooms and corporate boardrooms for what the aid calls a new, far left fascism designed to overthrow the American Revolution yeah. I said that or when he says quote, the unhinged left wing mob is trying to vandalize our country, desecrate our monuments, our beautiful monuments, tear down our statues and punish, canceled and persecute anyone who does not conform. They want to demolish our heritage, it goes on and on anyway, bill meg writes a few are scepters first inquiry. I emailed a reminder in response. Kelly la fleurs campaign said that both she and Trump stand quote strongly against racism and that this is just another. One of the media’s silly games end quote god. I hope this woman is defeated. Lindsey Graham’s campaign directed Dana Millbank to his radio interview Monday with the Fox sewers Brian Kilmeade, in which Lindsey Graham disagreed with Trump’s NASCAR, tweet tweet, but said the Trump isn’t racist Lindsey.

Graham said, you can be dark as coal or an albino Trump’s, an equal opportunity, basher and praiser. Oh, my god. Mcconnell’S campaign says that the turtle absorb Horrors racism, but that his responsibilities quote. Don’T include acting as a deputy press secretary for the White House and quo that’s, so cute Mitch, Susan Collins campaign said quote: she’s challenged President Trump on many occasions, including when he failed to immediately condemn the anti semitism and racism that led to the violent clashes in Charlottesville end quote and the others they respond to the way Republicans usually do when asked about Trump’s racism crickets I to seekers Mike Malloy here, as you know, we’ve switched formats and are now broadcast exclusively on the progressive voices network. So that means you get fewer program. Interruptions, no corporate commercials and lots of profanity, but our format change also means some of our radio listeners no longer hear the program it’s been a while, since I mentioned our podcasts, so you may have forgotten that there is a way to listen to this program anytime. You need a good dose of screaming visit Mike Malloy, calm and subscribe to our podcast. You have your choice. You can listen to the ranting with the audio podcast or listen and watch me lose control with a video podcast subscription.