I haven’t showered in five days and my hair is extremely greasy, so i put it in a nice little ponytail as much as i could. That is disgusting anyways. I thought i’d do a little what’s on my iphone 6s in 2020., there’s, probably 12 year olds that have better phones than i do. Let me tell you my first phone was a nokia. Then i had the little the sliding phone with the text and then i got an iphone 4 and i had that phone for six years before i dropped it in the toilet and it died on me, then i went to the iphone 6s and i’ve had it Ever since i need an upgrade for sure, but we’re gon na check what’s on my phone, i haven’t seen any of those videos that explain what’s on their iphone but like it’s, a trend that people are doing so i was like, might as well expose myself and Do it we begin by the very first screen that little screensaver was from my brother, because my brother was in a little skateboarding accident and his phone screen look like that. So i took a picture of it and made it my home screen. So we start off with a simple home page, and let me tell you there is only one page to my phone that is it. I don’t like to have multiple pages with, like multiple apps i like to have one page that has little groupings of the app.

So the groupings are social, health, youtube and other. I used to have like a bunch of other different categories, but recently i started to delete apps because being in quarantine, you get bored. You go on your phone, then you’re on your phone for five hours, it’s 3am in the morning. Why do i always reference 3am? I don’t know so. Yes, i also for social. I have facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp, facebook, messenger vsco. I had tick tock and but i deleted both of those just because i was scrolling endlessly like endlessly it was embarrassing. So we move on to health balance is a meditation app that i’ve opened once and meditated once and i haven’t looked back at it since part of me thinks that i’m going to be using it regularly but i’ve, yet to really use it. Everybody knows what starbucks is: has really bad. Caffeinated drinks like that isn’t, it taste really bad it just doesn’t taste good, but i have gift cards for it. So i have the app my pee tracker is my period tracker, because i need to know when the flow is going on. You know what i’m saying you got to keep track of that thing. If you’re a woman – and you don’t have an app like that, go get yourself an app like that, they’re extremely effective and literally to the t on the day, it’s amazing, what bless apps for making period trackers next, i have youtube and youtube is just not very Exciting, like, if you are not a youtuber, you yeah it’s, just it’s youtube.

My other calculator. I like to open up this app to not only do calculations, but when i’m feeling a little bit stupid, i like to open it up and pretend to use it as a stopwatch. I don’t know about you, but if i want to create some sort of alarm or time myself to do something, part of me opens up the calculator app. I have no idea why it just like comes to me all the time my brain is miscombobulated. So whenever there is a number app i like to click on that number app, apparently i got some podcasts and i listen to a couple. All of them try my brain, so i listen to emma chamberlain’s anything goes david dobrik and jason nash’s views podcast the that daddy what’s, the daddy one called. Let me look: oh chicks in the office bar stools, chicks in the office and yes bar stools, call her daddy, podcast, all of them fry. My brain and just make me feel a little bit more stupid, but you know still insightful because i’m just learning about people’s lives and not really learning anything that newsworthy couch surfing is kind of in the title of what the app is. Basically, you get to find people who open up their homes or their couches for you to literally sleep on for the night and the whole point of it. Is you have a local who lives there? They can just take you out to the like bars, restaurants.

Maybe some tourist sites that you get to see from a local’s perspective. You just go crash at their place and you meet new friends, although some would say it’s a very dangerous app because you never know who’s on the app and you could get abducted and killed and maybe that’s the case. But you know what it’s worth the risk you got. Ta take the risk to reap the rewards. Someone said that somewhere right, we have our two travel, apps, hopper and sky scanner. Both of them are really good. Hopper can tell you when the best time to buy a flight is you can track your flight and hopper will send you a notification, basically saying it’s the perfect time to buy, buy the flight, then sky scanner? Does this really cool feature where you can put in your destination airport then put in everywhere and anytime, so you’re just trying to find the cheapest flight literally anywhere and it’ll show you, which is amazing, especially for someone who just loves traveling and wants cheap lights everywhere? So you can explore the destinations that you want to go to. In august i put new york as my destination airport, just because i will be going back to school, hopefully soon. Originally, i said in, like my mukbang video that ice the immigration department of the us. Basically said if you’re a foreign student and you’re taking a fully online course load that you won’t be able to come back into the united states to take those courses or if you’re already in the us, you have to leave and they’ll kick you out, but the Trump administration rescinded that rule, and now i can go back inside the country so i’m, hoping that i can do a little bit of traveling.

Hopefully it gets a little bit better in the u.s. At this rate, i have no idea, but i digress. Look at these flights 23. within the us and to cleveland ohio, charlotte nashville atlanta, a bunch of places in florida, because if you want kovid go to florida, so i probably won’t be traveling anytime soon right now, but if it does get better 20 ticket to somewhere To just like travel around would be awesome, i don’t know: do people like go through their social media and their photos and stuff and really expose themselves, because i don’t really know if i want to do that, for you guys but i’ll open twitter, because i want To show you guys something: velveeta tweeted something about national mac and cheese day, and you can get a free promo if your name has something to do with shell, it says if your shell hit us up. I said you know my nickname is cheesy. Doesn’T necessarily have to do anything with shell, but it definitely has to do with mac and cheese cause. Cheesy is my nickname, velveeta replied to my tweet and said how come they call you cheesy in all caps and i reply i used to eat cheese by the block and smile whenever my coach yelled at me and my gift was that mouse and then velveeta said Proud of you change your twitter handle to something shell to celebrate in the celebration, so i looked at the velveeta terms and conditions and apparently you have to be a us citizen.

You know i love being a canadian citizen, but there are definitely some perks to being a u.s citizen like getting a job in the us without having to fill out a bunch of visa applications and also mac and cheese promotions. So i said: wait i’m, canadian, with the crying emoji and then velveeta said: oh dang, small picture that’s, a bummer big picture, that’s awesome and you know what big picture. Definitely awesome. Small picture not so great, but also another small picture. Is i can’t get a job without visa applications, so i said i get dual citizenship for some velveeta perk with a gift. That said, where is my mac and cheese, throwing over the like a table? Slipping over a table? Velveeta said working on my night cheese, which i literally had no idea how to interpret that but turned it into a question, and i said i need to know who runs velveeta’s handle. Is it a cheese god? Is it a 14 year old social media icon? Is it a cheese, alien from another planet or is it all three velveeta replied and said a cheese goddess, so it is a girl running the velveeta social media account. So i said we stand with the little crowns. I said love me some good velveeta vibes and i looked up in the little gifts area. I searched she’s queen and you know what popped up beyonce. She has like a little gold hue going on and then velveeta said, shelley cheesy you made our day and then i said you made mine you’re a queen with another gift.

That said, any friend of macaroni and cheese is a friend of mine and that’s. How i became friends with belvida this video is not sponsored by velveeta, but if velveeta wants to hit your girl up and do a little promo, i absolutely will yeah. We can look at photos, let’s look at the photos. This is a. This is the greatest photo of me so far. The most professional photo that i have is me taking a picture in some sort of farm. This picture, oh my goodness, i look like oh okay. This was a great time for me. This was the year i don’t think i ate ice cream the entire year. So obviously i know that if i deprive myself of my favorite food, i can look really good. Let me tell you look at this old pic of me. Oh, my god me and my cousins, but look at me. Oh my god girl. You look so good. This is the years you were thriving as a child. Look at the stance. Look at the power, the glasses, the stare, it’s beautiful. Look at this cute old photo of me. Oh my god, you look so cute girl. Also another one look at this. Oh, my god, i got ta. I got a pose like this. I wish i was wearing the same outfit but okay. Hopefully that turned out right. Oh this video, let me tell you, oh my god, so this night was one of the coolest nights.

We were in a little restaurant thing in new jersey, then it took a wild turn and we started jamming and dancing like. I did my signature move, which is to get down on the ground and do the little like damn.