In an intimate ceremony at the royal chapel of all saints at royal lodge windsor, the couple had to postpone their wedding in may due to lockdown measures and instead decided on a quiet ceremony with a few family members present. The couple had originally planned to wed at chapel royal in saint james’s palace, however, changed the location to host their smaller scale. Wedding, buckingham palace said in a statement. The private wedding ceremony of princess beatrice and mr eduardo mapalimotzi took place at 11am on friday july 17. At the royal chapel of all saints at royal lodge windsor, the small ceremony was attended by the queen, the duke of edinburgh and khloe’s family. The wedding took place in accordance with all relevant government guidelines who was princess. Beatrice’S bridesmaids was eugenie maid of honor. The guest list for beatrice’s wedding is largely unknown, with no official announcement from buckingham palace due to restrictions on guests being limited to 30. Whether beatrice had any bridesmaids is not yet known. The queen and prince philip were in attendance, and the queen spoke of the wedding at a later engagement today, speaking to fundraising, hero captain sir tom moore and his family after she had knighted him at windsor castle. She said my granddaughter got married this morning. Both phillip and i managed to get there very nice, a source, told the evening standard, the princess and her fiance wanted make sure her majesty attend before she leaves for her annual holiday in balmoral.

At the end of the month. A huge royal wedding was simply not going to happen, and this was the best chance for them to do this. It is thought beatrice’s parents prince andrew and sarah ferguson were in attendance with buckingham palace confirming andrew walked. His daughter down the aisle, the royal chapel of all saints, is in the grounds of the royal lodge in windsor andrew and fergie’s home princess eugenie is also likely to have been in attendance at her older sister’s wedding, although what role she may have played is unknown Princess beatrice was made of honor at eugenie’s wedding in may 2018, so the youngest york princess may have returned. The favor eugenie already had a special role in bea and edo’s relationship having taken their engagement photos at the time. Eugenie posed a couple of the photos to instagram and said bibi, wow, i’m, so happy for you, my dearest big sissy and dear edo it’s been a long time coming and you two are meant to be edo’s parents, nikki shale and alex mappelli. Mozi may also have been in attendance at the ceremony as well as nikki’s husband, david williams, ellis eduardo’s. Three year old son, christopher known as wolfie, was due to be best man at his father’s wedding and so may have been present to take on this important role. Beatrice may be waiting to host a wedding reception, as lockdown rules currently stipulate wedding receptions and after parties not permitted for soon to be wedded couples.

Wedding receptions will not be allowed to take place again until august boris johnson announced today up to 30 people will be able to attend a reception after a wedding from august 1st. This comes after more than three months of wedding cancellations with tens of thousands of couples. Having to postpone their ceremonies today, mr johnson announced plans to get the uk back on track, saying from downing street. It is my strong and sincere hope that we will be able to review the outstanding restrictions and allow a more significant return to normality from november.