My wonder, woman really she’s, my wonder, woman but uh. The new trailer has just landed at dc fandom for uh gal gadot’s new incarnation of wonder. Woman. 1984 uh lots of retro fun to be had, but it’s most intriguing is that we’re going to see christine wig weak weak can never pronounce her surname. The lady from um bridemaid, bridesmaids um she’s gon na be in this trailer as cheetah we’re, very excited about batman. Coming but i haven’t been overwhelmed with excitement um by the original uh trailers. For this film it’s been a bit it’s been a bit weak it’s been a bit meh um but yeah so i’m. I want to watch this i’m going to try and watch it quietly. Uh, it probably will wake up nadia. She may turn into a cheetah in the other room and she may run in here savage my face off and that could be infinitely more exciting than the trailer itself um. The original wonder, woman, film kind of okay. Nothing! Really! I felt too impressive. We won a you know female superhero dc movie to be a success. Uh we’re behind the idea, we’re a big fan of that but um. You know, apparently this this film has pedro pascal in it. Who, obviously, is the mandalorian big fans of his, as we say, christine wig, very excited about chris pine we’re fans of his? So theoretically, everything about this should work, but that the last trailer for us was just a little bit too kitsch, but not kitch.

In a sort of clever way, so let’s have a look at this. This world is not yet ready for all that you will do time will come diana Applause and everything will be different Music citizens of the world i’m here to change your life. Anything you want anything you dream of, you can have it look like. You saw a ghost diana lucky you it’s like now. One day has passed. I don’t want to be like anyone. I want to be an apex. Predator you’ve always had everything while people like me have had nothing well, that’s. My turn get used to it. Applause, i remember being one for rules. The answer is always more the way i fly, they will never find us. I forgot to tell you: what radar will they will they shoot at Applause us barbara? What did you do? You know i’m? Not so keen on this one. I figure uh you are, but you know what i’m ready to go. I think we can do better parachute, pants yeah. Does everybody parachute now, my god, who else thought christian wig looked really odd. That was strange. She sort of looked so animated with a sort of strange face. I tell you what i hate to say it. I hate to use the dreaded word. Do you know what she reminded me of as the cheetah? She reminded me of someone from cats, look like judy dench and cats flying around the well.

That was really strange. The comedy, oh you know i want to like chris pine – i do feel like chris plaine’s hair is very static in every part he’s. In these days um, i just don’t thought gadot has sort of ranged to her performance. It just felt a bit i’m going to cause all sorts of upset her honor um. I was trying to like that. I was willing myself to like it very aquamany in its cgi um, liked all the stuff when she was young, uh pedro, pascal uh pedro, pascal. Looking incredibly unwell, i mean he looked like pablo escobar. I mean i’m guessing he’s supposed to sort of be a slightly podgy overweight president um yeah, but kristen wick’s cheater with a wave here i mean it was clearly a bit of a uh. You know girl spat bit of a clique. You had everything i didn’t have anything so i’m gon na become a cheater um and the 80s kind of look and feel to it all was a bit alright, i mean it’s a bit obvious isn’t it going for an 80s fanny pack for a gag isn’t it Or is that just me, um it’s, obviously, at the opposite end of the dc spectrum to joker um there’s, no real way you can sort of make that dark and twisted when it’s so shiny gold, leopard, skinny and lamey for more film and family fun.