I am so excited to dive into the brand new, the official main trailer for wonder woman 1984. This was a big panel at dc fandom, with linda carter, showing up. There was a lot here that was just such a fun time for wonder, woman fans, but the biggest story was this brand new trailer. I have heard we get our first look at cheetah in this, so i am so excited let’s dive into it right now. Okay, i love that we get to venture back into them. Scara at one point some hippolyta when she like yolks herself up ride the lightning diana. Yes, oh i’m, already loving the visuals of this what’s. This maxwell, lord max lord, i think they’re calling him he was like behind. Like the presidential thing. Is he running for president? Oh, they call that trump thing: quick, hi, steve she’s, gorgeous she’s gal gadot. What do you expect? Christian wick looks so good in this. I love christian wig. I do like the jealousy that they have brewing here. Oh she’s, not in full cheetah look yet she looks crazy though she just spiraled through that. Yes, oh i’m, loving this okay she’s doing a lot with the lasso this time radar. Oh, the script is so funny, so far, i’m really excited to see what max lord is? Yes, yes, yoko down? Yes, yes, oh of course it has to end with a joke. Marvel started this. Oh okay, that looked yes, chris pine, you look cute there other than the trailer ending on a jokier lighter note, which i’ve noticed is such a trend after marvel, has made that such a a prominent thing.

Overall, though, i really like that trailer, this is a fun. Look at the new wonder, woman film there’s a lot to dive into max lord running for president he’s in at least a political landscape which is so funny because this is such a trump inspired character. Not getting into all of that. But it’s. Very interesting. To see. 80S businessman run for president, who would have thought uh other than that we have cheetah, who looks amazing. Kristen wiig has done such a good job with her transformation, not just the full cheetah. Look the actual transformation of barbara minerva as well. I really like cheetah’s look. I was worried, it would feel a little cats at times and it doesn’t. I think it feels real and organic and it looks like it should i very much like that trailer. I think the return of steve trevor has not been spoiled yet. So we still don’t know what’s happening there, but overall, that is such a good look. Gal gadot is such a great great. Like pick as wonder woman. She offers something so powerful to her stuff. I i’m, just kind of this has been a crazy day for dc fans like this is just the first big thing, but, oh my goodness. What did you guys think of that trailer? What do you guys think of wonder woman 1984? Did you guys enjoy my reaction? Let me know down in the comments below subscribe to flickering myth, because we make videos like this every single week and give me a thumbs up if you did enjoy this video.