It is dc fandom all day long. We are so excited to be tuning in to this live event: um it’s. Basically, everything dc for the upcoming near future. Comics movies tv series video games, video games, just like i mean what better way bc fan. This is like our day yeah. So, first up we got wonder. Woman 1984. we’ve seen a bunch of trailers for this movie. Already honestly, i don’t know what else they can show us without spoiling the movie. So i mean, i guess, we’ll see we’re still hyped about it, it’s wonder woman. We know it’s gon na be good because, as of this moment, wonder woman is like the best movie that dc has put out put out so far so i’m. Pretty sure that trend is to continue so anyways with that being said, let’s get on with this trailer Applause it’s not yet ready for all the new. Your time will come diana and everything will be different. We’Ve seen this in the previous trailer citizens of the world i’m here to change your life maxwell. Lord anything you want day has passed, hmm look at them legs, though i don’t want to be like anyone. I want to be an apex. Predator you’ve always had everything. Well, people like me have had nothing whoa well now, it’s my turn. Oh, we gon na see her costume here. She’S used to it what’s up. Is that our costume or is that just like a beta or prototype, i hope it’s a prototype.

The answer is always more the way i fly. They will never find us. I forgot to tell you what later will they will they shoot at us? Okay, all right good. At least we get to see her as a cheetah yeah, okay, you know i’m, not so keen on this one. I figure uh you are, but you know what i’m ready to go. I think we can do better. Yeah yeah. Does everybody parachute? Now i love their relationship in this movie because in the first one it was steve that was teaching her how to blend into society. How to you know manage into this human or man’s world, whatever yeah here, it’s, the opposite: yeah cause she’s he’s still stuck in the past yeah yeah. His mindset is literally like the from the first movie is how they dress back. Then here it’s her teaching him like the new modern society yeah like what society is in this era in 1984, it’s a huge jump from like world war, one to the 80s yeah it’s, a big jump, because nobody dresses like that anymore with the batting bags nah. So we got to see cheetah here in her full cheetah cg, look it’s kind of dark i’ma, try to brighten it a bit wait like as a as a dc fan i’m glad they’re going with the you know, comic book. Look the animated! Look the cheetah the cheetah, but she looks kind of messed up like the quality of the cg doesn’t.

It just looks like she put on a fur suit. Basically i mean how else are you gon na? I know, but still turn, that into live action right, yeah that’s. My only criticism from this trailer is that, like yes, they did. The cheetah comic book. Look, but it doesn’t translate well in live. Action like marvel, has done a bunch of cg characters and for the most part it worked for them. They look really good on screen, but this one um i’m kind of iffy about i mean like, like you said: how else are they supposed to really do a fur getup like that? I know, like i said, marvel has done. You know a comic book. Look in live action before and where it was all cg and it worked right because you can also make that argument for them like. Oh, how can you make this into live action, but they were able to make it work this one just based off of this trailer, it doesn’t look like it worked, yeah again because it i appreciate that it’s, the cheetah look, but it doesn’t look good because to Me it looks like more more like a practical thing, like literally she put on a fursuit it doesn’t look so much. It looks very cg video game boss, cartoon to me it it just doesn’t. Look it doesn’t, look practical that’s! Just me, though, to me it’s opposite. I feel like it looks more like, like literally like she put on a fursuit that’s.

What i mean like it literally looks like that to me. It doesn’t seem like cg, it just looks like they just went full practical instead of full cg and then it’s. No surprise that maxwell lord is gon na, be working with cheetah, a typical villain, shit, so anyways.