We had the entire main cast show up along with director, patty jenkins and a surprise appearance from linda carter. Uh the dc fandom experience is interesting, it’s all pre taped, it’s all edited, and it all has fans who have uh sent in questions prior uh. It does, you know, featured a lot of softball questions. I’Ll be honest uh, but the energy was still there. It was really nice to see this cast together. Their excitement, uh patty, did reveal that they are sticking it out to cinemas, uh and then gal said they were doing this event and releasing the new trailer which i’m gon na break down for you in a minute uh. They were doing this to obviously just give the fans something uh no date was announced uh, but we’ll go through the trailer together in a minute uh. They talked about the 80s inspiration and patty sort of compared how much more fun it was. Is it different from doing the 1917 approach in the first film uh and just really was really nice to see these beautiful fans across the world be there while i wish it was had a little bit more of the live energy? There was something nice about having the music kick in and have it just look a little more stylish um. You know we didn’t get anything breaking or massive, except for that trailer. Aside from that, kristen wiig uh told a funny story about her wig being pulled off ha get it kristen, wiig’s wig yeah.

I know it wasn’t much more, but she did sort of turn into an snl character. It was kind of funny her appreciation of linda carter. Uh, when she showed up uh was pretty adorable, i got ta say uh, linda carter, showing up was probably it was easily the best moment of that and patty and gal uh sharing their love of her uh was really uh, fun and nice to see um i’m. Trying not to show too much of the clips, because i know uh, they they’re being uh, pulling some of these things uh, but linda carter, showing up uh talking to the cast, how much they love her, but kristen wigg’s speaking up specifically to share her love of Uh, linda carter was very nice uh and became a bit of a fan girl. It was a nice moment, aside from that, linda said, a really amazing story. She was selling a gal and the whole cass and patty. When my daughter saw gal. I finally got it. I got why everyone idolized you, and so it was just sort of this touching very quick but touching soundbite that linda shared uh remarking on the fact that even her own daughter, sort of didn’t get it like seeing her mom and the old wonder, woman garb and Stuff like why did the people care and then, when she saw gal in today’s, world and generation she’s like oh, i get it. You were you were this then wow that is so cool mom.

It was a really touching slightly sad, but you know really great to hear that even linda’s daughter got to you know be around and be involved in this new resurgence of wonder woman which took forever let’s, be honest uh, but it was a really nice um uh. This piece there and patty spokes in such high regard to linda uh, saying we aren’t here to reinvent wonder woman. We never were. We were here to pass the torch uh and she just sent so much love, linda carter’s way that it was actually a really nice thing to watch uh. So there we had it. So that was the main event uh you guys. I i think this is only gon na be up for first 24 hours. They showed some fan, uh shots and such uh, but um it was just nice to see them all together, they’re all clearly getting along and then yes, they revealed the trailer which now warner brothers, hasn’t dropped, uh and i’m gon na be careful of how much i Show you just because again these studios man, they don’t, really like the reactions, but i really overall love this trailer. I highly implore you go watch the youtube link. I’M, just gon na be breezing through sharing you my thoughts uh. If you want to see the full one, i’ll put the link in the description below uh, but you’re here for sort of a recap: reaction, that’s, what’s gon na happen today uh, but you know really cool uh set pieces.

The world looks epic uh. We see max. Lord, it looks like in the white house uh offering the world uh anything. They want uh and sort of all hell breaks loose. We see barbara uh, who turns into cheetah kirsten wig’s character, uh sort of remarking. She wants to be an apex, predator uh, but we also anything you can do dream. You can have it uh. We then also get to see gal returning steve trevor. You look like you saw a ghost and he says you know you uh. You know you haven’t, aged a day since i left uh she sort of walks off with him. Uh it’s not like one day has passed uh and she gets to leave off. This was a funny. This is a cool moment. She shows in as wonder, woman all amazing, and then she follows up, and she just no one cares. Uh setting up the tone for what the movie clearly is of her your jealousy uh as jody called it. It seems like there’s, clearly a friendship between these two and then you know she goes off in this montage people like me, have nothing i like the setup. I thought i was going to know everything, but it seems like i didn’t and then here we had our first reveal of kirsten wiig showing up to fight uh gail in uh in this white house scene uh, which is pretty epic, to see her lunging and fighting Um without the cheetah garb uh, we had this amazing scene, which we had seen eluded in the first trailer, which i really enjoyed as well uh, but lots more kirsten wig in a clearly serious part, uh, and then she shows up as cheetah.

I know there’s a really funny part here where she’s he’s, like i and the way i fly no one’s gon na, find me and then uh, calco’s uh. I got ta tell you about radar, it was it didn’t. Make me laugh, there’s a few moments where clearly uh chris pine is going to be another sort of add some comic relief to the film and in a good way. I think and then at the end we get to see uh. This first reveal of cheetah uh. In fact, i’m gon na try and put this in slo mo, so you guys can actually maybe we can get away with that because it’s transformative right, but here we have here – we have the first uh turn of the music uh. Why didn’t that go down? We’Re gon na watch this in slow mo. Oh sorry, i watched it let’s watch that half speed. We got these first shots of cheetah, which you can watch now in slow mo as we break this down. Uh i’ll go back. Oh this shot here where she breaks that off is awesome, but we’re gon na look barbara. What did you do? This first reveal of cheetah coming in is pretty epic and there it is bam, bam there. She is on all fours rushing. We don’t really get to see two hd of a shot it’s. Just you know: there’s it’s there, but the tail and all she’s uh she’s swinging that’s, probably the best shot, we’re gon na get right there a face.

She does let’s be honest, this one, this wasn’t that far off guys uh granted. It looks cooler in action, but i mean like look at the makeup: it’s pretty much spot on what we thought. You know there’s a little bit more, obviously cheetah parts to it, but everyone was making fun of me saying: it’s, not gon. Na look like that. I mean upon close up. It does look a little bit like that. Let’S be honest uh, but it does look cooler in action and seeing the the the pause there i mean. I, i dig it i’m interested how how this happens i’m very curious. How do they justify this in the world is something i definitely want to learn more about uh, but there we get cheetah in all her glory running like a cheetah for real look at that uh and then here we got the shot, bam, uh, there’s, there’s, the Face shot, we’ve been waiting for uh of of cheetah. Now, look it. It does look better. It doesn’t look very crisp and wig. There looks like a stunt woman there, but uh it does look pretty much the exact same. So this was pretty pretty spot on with the hair pulled back uh and everything else, but clearly as an actual cheetah uh. But i like this look of her um it’s, a cool uh. In fact, i’m gon na frame grab that one. So i have it for later, because sometimes it’s hard to get uh, we have a cool shot of her there in the in uh full uh makeup.

What did you do barbara and then we get this amazing shot of her, throwing the wings off, which i loved um as barbara’s swinging coming at her um, the uh big punch moment as we’re about to get it and there it is bang grabbing her and yanking. Her you can’t mess with wonder woman come on cheetah, but look i’m looking forward to these fights we get to see finally got to see them in action, fighting uh setting the tone for what we got and, i hope uh. I hope this works again. It’S, a lot of cgi it’s, a lot of cgi kirsten wig, because you can’t move like that. Otherwise uh but she’s. Looking pretty menacing. Our first look at sheeta there’s, the wing shot uh boom i’m gon na throw down on this cheetah. Here, uh it’s a cool shot uh. So there you have it wonder: woman 84, and then we got a nice little uh. Funny call out to the end about you know: parachute, pants, uh, fanny, packs uh, but yeah only in cinemas is what they said there. They didn’t reveal a date uh, which is pretty telling uh. We don’t know only in cinemas, in english, hindu, tamil and telugu uh, but they did not. They did not now it’s still still unsure. If it’s gon na stick to its november time, they keep uploading to or if uh they’re gon na move it to the spring, which i i kind of think they should uh.

But there you have it that’s our first uh trailer, our first panel reaction to wonder woman 84.. What did you guys think overall? My reaction – i i was positive – the fan dome is definitely uh. Overly produced is my first comment uh, but at the same time i got ta admit as a fan and sitting back watching. I did feel like an excitement of being able to watch it with everybody else at home and i really did think it was beautiful when the fans got to sort of show up and fan out with them on the sort of zoom chat. Their very extreme zoom chat, they have uh at the same time, uh. It was nice that we all got to watch it at once, and the trailer was great and the linda carter moment was very nice to see them all together. But aside from that, the trailer is really the best thing to watch. It gives us a taste and i didn’t think it spoiled too much so i’m happy to break that broke that down with you. Uh stay tuned, i’ll be doing more throughout the week i’m gon na obviously get in with jody fight about this a little bit more.