I just uh, i just keep saying it over and over again world series champs world series champs it hasn’t sunk in yet but uh to be able to celebrate with this group of guys is special man. Walker included it’s, just uh. You know we couldn’t do it without any one of those guys. Every single one had a big role in it. You know walker stepped up all year, all postseason like he always does, and then you saw what julio did tonight and then all the way down. It’S. Just a team effort and it it’s, you know, i know a lot of teams say that, but it really was from 1 to 28, every single guy and i’m. Just so thankful that i got to be a part of this group. Hey. Congratulations to you both uh walker i’m, going to talk to you about clayton, okay, because everybody’s talking about this guy and the glue he is for this team and how important it was uh. I just want to hear your reaction. Your thoughts on how important it was to win this with with clayton yeah, i mean i know for me personally. It probably wouldn’t have been the same if, if clayton wasn’t, a part of this and and he’s, been such a building block for this organization – and you know such a leader and model for for us, younger guys and and to do it with them, is pretty special. I want both of you to comment on what you saw.

Clayton will start with you come out of the hand of blake snell it looked like. I was watching one of the great starting pitching performances in world series: history, nine strikeouts through four innings. What did you guys think of his stuff good, very pretty, damn good, really good man yeah, i mean it’s uh he’s tough he’s got four pitches when he’s throwing strikes with all four of them. You can’t really guess with him, and he was really good. I mean that’s uh, yeah i’m glad you know. I don’t know that i know he hasn’t pitched. You know past six, innings or whatever, but uh. I think it worked out in our favor that you know we got him out of there when we did yeah. Can i ask walker i’ll start with you on this one um? Is this moment what we saw with snell, maybe the beginning of the end, like we’re, going to start using logic more when walker bueller’s dominating when clayton kershaw’s dominating and throwing 75 pitches leave great pitchers in the game? I don’t know man. You know, i think, i think around here on our side of it. We just kind of feel it out, and i know we go with some numbers and things like that, but we do have conversations and um. You know kirsch and i have both been given some leash and been pulled early at other times. You know in our heads so it’s just part of the deal nowadays.

Yeah and every situation is different. Every pitcher is different. You know some guys just get better as they go and it just seems like they just keep going and going and going and some guys you know they hit that 75 pitches and it kind of stops. So Applause. Damn you hear this here with fans for julio right now: that’s unbelievable, who is the man that’s awesome i’m telling you you guys the young pitchers clayton that are going to be coming up in this organization. Uh give us a little bit about julio and what you’ve seen with with dustin may and and the other guys that are coming yeah. Well, i mean it starts with this guy. You know he’s he’s our horse, he’s our stud and then you know demae tony julio. A lot of guys we got dp coming back next year. You know, hopefully they find a spot for me somewhere. I get another year here and uh. You know we feel good about next year, but honestly, i could care less about. Next year we won the world series and you know who’s been in that uniform. The whole time with you is ken lee janssen. Did you guys have a moment clayton you and kenley yeah? You know, i think, uh, you know kenley and i have been through it all ups and downs. We both had it. You know when we both feel we both have felt the hurt. You know every year losing in the postseason, and so you know eight years after or however long kenley’s been here, i’ve been here, i don’t know how long now, but to get to do it for him to get to be here is is uh.

I mean it’s it’s special man, it’s awesome, so clayton last thing from it is this: does it feel like what you thought it might be, what you imagined it to feel like yeah, it hasn’t sunk in completely that’s? Why? I just keep saying world series chance to see if it’ll sink in there but uh. You know, i think, to be here, see the guys celebrating um and i think really just and the answer is no. It hasn’t sunk, i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know what it feels like it’s, just it’s, just unbelievable all right.