So all these other games, just a total it’s trying to lock in on snell and he’s up on the count here, 2 0 he’s had a lot of good at bats uh, but 2 0 pitch is on the outside, have the hardest when you’re catching obviously will’s. Not catching today, he’s de aging, your starting pitcher. When you go back behind the dish, another strikeout have much time to decipher what the touch of a change up: he’s, not overthrowing and missing. If you’re the raise you’re like all right. This is the five or six innings two quick strikes on cody bell: american league blake snell here with two strikes. Applause made. It look easy as alex wood we’re in the third inning and here’s the third pitcher yeah funky mccann’s. What he’s in to get account? One ball: one strike go if anybody gets on another lefty, wendell Applause, these three hitters boy – that Applause Applause don’t. You know that by now any to pull off an improbable year when you think about season in a kind of games, there’s a strike to make it two and one on more go Music. Centerfield bellinger to his left makes solidified his spot in cardinal lore after kirby puckett hit a home run a year, a 1991 epic game, seven taylor center field and the dodgers have their first runners, two lineups uh from the bottom of this line on it, unless pollock Manager, dave roberts, looking for the right stare, he’s been unreal.

This postseason strike to pollock, who hit 16 home, runs in the regular season this year, it’s been the opposite in the postseason that’s, not good when you’re splitting time with the lefty peterson. That is chop foul strike. Two came up with arizona in 2000 five times on the injured list, just trying to figure out the way i would get if i was a pitcher, especially because the shifts over the course of 162. that’s hard hit caught. Wendell couldn’t have a conversation on the bench and – and i remember just being out on the that’s when players that’s what we’re wanting which they told everybody and the 01 to the number nine hitter austin barnes is in for strike two Applause. He hasn’t cut any of those he’s pitched confined to throwing them fast up to third tough little window. Troy has been really good at this. Coming off. The time takes a stretch since facing what they can do, what they can’t. You say, two out one sometimes good. Take by betts there’s the curve here’s a 2 1 to bets 94. he’s looking for something else, because he another strikeout for snell connection season visit vote to learn more as aiden cash. Uh you’ve got to be thrilled with the where he left off from game. Two um – and we just got ace here eventually uh and i think that’ll help him did. You know you’re the first man to play so gracious uh throughout this entire post.

Nobody on here in the fourth inning a one to nothing raised, lead and now two outs score. This type of game was going to be to manage. I know the game has changed playing for kevin cash. Applause feels ken for that kind of manager in playing the sixth game of the world series and alex wood is a big read in this world series seeger and mike out six seeger up there ready to hit seen anybody that has been too tough on him in The postseason you’ll see that blake snell and then he goes that’s how he gets. Someone for blake, snell, regular in post season, innings one his stuff tonight just looks different and a strikeout is number with one out. Nobody on that skips in there for ball wall history. You know the era key about everything that he’s done 45 pitches, so you can throw that right out the window when you get cash’s job is he’s got tremendo 20 scenarios before this game was played. They’Ve worked out at least 20. You asked him what it’s one? Nothing in the fourth or fifth is what he said two and two, and he said you know that’s going to be the hardest decision. If he knows them, dodger, hitters and knots season tonight, it’s even better, and what against this dodger, lineup Applause is that blake has more weapons than any of them tonight. The hitting coach for the dodgers blake is controlling the middle of the board with all of his pitches.

I have not seen the dodge lighter, especially mookie here’s, a 2 0 to muncie and it’s 2 1. The previous series he falls behind. He comes right back in a second time and facing blake’s frustrated, because that pitch this one didn’t give muncie a chance struck out fifth inning giveaway from t mobile, the least the fourth pitcher of the night and baez deals to zunino and that’s rosarina with the change Up is change up no here’s a 1 1 to zunino. Oh, he slipped and got aways was okay and now the one two a strikeout starts: the inning Music Applause out. His walk chased, the starter on him. Tyler store another race, they viewed him as a premium athlete with emerging baseball skill. They believed he could develop into a solid and nowhere, but at this level, at this time of the year, his home run back in the first. He just isn’t jumpy and obviously you can’t be in the only pitch against sitting on something here with a count of two and one, and he takes a strike. He didn’t, like the call the cardinals at the end of the year, hit 300. about every hitting record here’s a 2 2 a 2 2. He won’t be at first base long he’s got to steal. Second, on top Music follows don’t, leave a fastball or anything middle based on the scouting report, ball to the right side and coming out of this. The ko fox in 63, for the dodgers here is, will smith trying to bun six one and then 88.

of one of baseball’s, most beloved teams, the boys of summer that she shared with gill and so hello. This one’s going to end up joan or doctor fans, are ready game, seven and i’ve said there’s a comp. You know that don’t put on fire, but it is no pitch on the way and a pop up down the left that allows kevin come out anytime soon. That’S for sure 1 1 pitch is fouled back the last time, blake snell and he had some two. I mentioned he’s on our crew. Two balls two strikes with one out: nobody else: five innings to be eligible for the win or just work, the corner, barnes ground. It out over one tonight – and that was betts that’s inside two and one wow alex – is right on point right, it’s, the same thing when a hitter’s hot Applause want to use a baseball. There is a 3 2 pitch and this is his night. So far, five innings by rosarina in the first inning and gonzalez back to work and hammering at the first ball perfect spot on the left. Chipper was young. Then he was playing third base. Little ground ball foul. He picked up. I said don’t ever throw against alex wood, who was great yeah wood just had to get some 2 2 good pitch by gonzalez one away and probably won’t. Look at the score struck out more raise hitters and all the baseball to strike out.

Well, not the case. Both of the teams that’s foul charlie morton, is in the it was like an ode to tiant Music here’s, a 2 2 and a strikeout by gonzalez series. When people have taken out certain pitchers, you sit there. That gets you a little bit more fatigue mentally, but there’s. Not a physical here comes a 1 1 pitch to wendell strike two. How about the work done by over the left? Here’S a one. Two Applause, 2, 2 pitch Music pick one out and try to do damage with it. It’S popping behind second base has always been work to count work. The comp get deep pitch here’s barnes, showing bun taking a ball high, we’ve already 12 by dodger hurlers nine. By number, four, who finds the is kind of this one barnes is a board with one out in this is this is the way we do it here in the sixth inning up, one person comes into the game, his enough through the dugout and up the tunnel. As mookie betts consider the fact that, for six with six strikes Applause, you know the the conventional wisdom in a series was three games to two here’s, a 2 0 down the line hits the fence digging for third is barnes, they will hold him there get to The ball, they may send good pitch to turner, with the bases loaded eager good pitch ken rosenthal, your thoughts but it’s difficult to one out, and this one go tie game slider now, seeger with infield still in here’s a play at the play, throw home two ground Ball you can’t, head there, didn’t even get reaches on the fielder’s choice, gets the rbi and turner founders will tell you all you need to know all it is caught.

Gon na make another move. Seeger have been on their toes with anything in the dirt and two luke brings it. Muncie takes it tom berducci weigh in on what was plugged just 218, a pitcher who had given up runs in six consecutive appearances. Well, let’s also credit the bullpen for the dodge runner go to the right side. A second authentic caps, tease, jerseys well, is now bruised our all they’ve got to get something here, turn this game around, and i could make the case of the two biggest outs. The king out three back to grab it is remembered in his mechanics and what he was trying to do to just starting to get loose. Who’S been lights out. This postseason was that crazy game that ended up 8 7 on the game winning hit but threw out, and the first world series hit up and the slider was right there.