com for a free trial of sherry, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, walled in and awesome it was the unthinkable to a lot of us. Ii went out there and stood the bank. We didn’t know who’s gon na win roma took every. Can he take everything that the big show has but still be standing we’d like you to use the hashtag Last Man Standing I mentioned my goal is to make you the most epic failure and just take water to the point II. Can’T make it to his feet by a count of 10. Oh Applause that knocked out punch could keep reigns down Applause, so the Jets directly the picture series, the top I’m – not sure he can table and headbutt nice bucket back where they show says I don’t need a tape on the efficient stuff. Roman reigns, didn’t know exactly how you see anywhere they’re down. They will be key Applause or pitch yaw watches Applause, his right hands Applause offence, but I think it’s going to take more than a kendo stick for the big show, it’s an appetite Applause. Oh Applause, loaded back into the court Applause, three second red now it’s cool, ever ran chastened by Roma is great yeah roll back, get out your whoa man, one hand. Pauly are roaming. With a steel chair, Extreme Rules, Roman reigns wearing out. The big show stopping the big Sequoia there, but it’s mine here, deed to the chair. Applause today’s, try to make it back to his feet kind of shapes.

What he does you see those chants my rants and raves, determine what woman has in mind, but he is determined Music. Fifteen six Roman reigns was sucked out with that knockout. Both ladies up on the rippling waves off the tent town. It was lights out. They didn’t stay children to use them. He puts rains away these thing. Putting Ranger Applause, it’s had left bitch Roman is Krugman. Pizza rolls out one foot bouncy on his feet: Applause, Music, Big, Show, Applause, who’s within massive spirit, just upset halfway. There Applause Big Show continues. The attack from a spear to a squash judge is gon na sit back and watch. We have two three four Applause: when rains help against Big Show, thinking in Roman nose, he’s got big school where he wants. It. Applause like to those tables sit: do they both landed flush Applause it’s got to do it: okay, Applause, Music Applause; oh man, Applause, skeptic, Applause, Applause, Applause, Ray’s, tried to some out grace it rains got to be careful. Rents got to make it back to his feet too, as well. Ah, Roman had left well, you may not need any more than that Applause Music, trying to move some of this furniture Applause, business Applause back to there Thanks so come on, make it to his feet. Oh, look at that show picks up big submergence, like a phoenix rising from the edge Applause Applause to his face Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, victory.

Up to a point you can see me lift it off of the big show: Music Applause. This fear this Applause get on the table with the referee, Music Applause he’s, doing Applause he’s had enough, but now it’s come to this Roman reigns extremely upset and he had a temper coming into tonight and then and then he was touched by frustrating few weeks for Roman reigns, beast is here, and the situation is dire for reigns, Roman reigns, his hand chopped to Roman reigns, who is defenseless what Oh merciless Lester in a filter? German suplex Applause Lester picked his spot Applause and he’s, not whether we like it or not. You say he picked his spot and he picked it perfectly. This is Saul, some brats perspective. He picked it perfectly Applause thing rain said about him over the past few weeks loud and clear that he doesn’t care. I think right now. He cares very very much. It took Brock lesner weeks to show up here and go. The big dog Applause has to resort to this Applause. Here, somebody’s got to get out here and get less than hell out of the way, and I think not the obstacle. I think that he just explained it loud and clear: put up with enough from Roman reigns that isn’t it see. Roman reigns talked about a making another memory here tonight, a peacefully attacked by Lesnar as but Roman reigns a shell of itself, Applause, Music Applause, one Applause, medical personnel to Applause.

Mr. Devaney was subsequently arrested for trespassing and then as handcuffed pranic, michael that he came in and said that somebody had to show up to represent the main event at WrestleMania Applause, Music. It was one thing when there were just handcuffs on four DS motionless out there. Somebody get rings you just rock last news, bitch! Well, Roman reigns. Sophia’S hurt no, but on the super sized right here for a reason to make sure it’s pretty angles been concern about a human wall, not allowing rains to get to Brock a lot of statism rook Applause. Think Applause, a beast, paul heyman exposed Brock, Lesnar’s. True feelings, tied and Roman reigns. Doubt Romans got to be in after these last few weeks of beatings by that man, Brock, Lesnar Applause, six nights at WrestleMania Applause we found the likes of which we’ve never seen. Applause with a steel, chair, Roman reigns knows all too well. I stuck on that punch possess Lesnar can hardly stand allows. It rains turn to victimize the Beast, just Lester’s, struggling to make it to his feet: the universal championship, Applause, what Applause and Haman remaining Lester that the f5 put him still delivered the f5.