Absolutely this is going to be a physical war. Yeah Applause, roman, reigns Applause, but the one thing we know michael, is he’s, been through these battles before attacking rage before the match even started. The official trying to get it back in the ring also sending a message: hey i’ve, been out for several months, but maybe i’m, the big dog to a smackdown live roster, and now the official checking with roman reigns making sure at ringside that was close yeah the Uh the match hasn’t even begun yet and we’ve already had all sorts of destroy. Well you’re. The referee. Can you go roman shook his head so defenseless he can’t even put his hands up to protect himself, the intensity from samoa joe’s up, and this all started with a sense and there roman reigns hooks the leg, joe to put the big dog down i’m gon na. Take a little bit more i’m surprised, roman to roman reigns, the other one to the entire smackdown live. Locker room goes on because he feels he doesn’t get the respect he deserves that he has earned boxes. We talk a lot about joe’s muay thai background is jiu. Jitsu background, but he there you guys now samoa jones twist the hat. Well, i know you called it a cheap shot. Michael, it was coach. It happened before the bell rang. This is the pain i was talking about Applause. This is earlier on. Watch this urinagy watch. The force of time twisting on roman reigns shoulders.

I would love to ask wwe stats. Just work on the neck of roman reigns, keep hearing samoa joe say this is the pain i told ever. I don’t want to make excuses for roman, because he can’t be 100 tonight is that he shows up every single night regardless michael, is, if he’s a hunter, maybe the most dangerous man in wwe he’s got an assassin’s mentality, find a weakness. Applause! Kick your right knee that we’ve seen in a very very long time. Mojo has been that way. For years coach i have two cracked walls. I currently have cracked ribs, but i had two crack ribs to show as a trophy comes synonymous now, a knee to the chin and right back working on the neck spent considerable amount of time all over the world. Europe, japan, joe, is a dangerous match. Don’T want to show up on monday night raw tomorrow night and say i told you so well, i think that’s the live tuesday night. You say i told you so if he wins this match i’m saying samoa, trying to shake the cobwebs joe launches them to the apron. Oh, my god, zero hesitation from the big man watch this speed all the way across the ring dive and reigns followed by nearly 300 pounds. That was that was high risk, but joe had a plan that match or getting the upper hand samoa joe cover by joe on reigns to put him away, and then the 300 pounds crushing down on range body easy now raining down elbows well, joe, has absolutely no It hurts no wasted motion joe knows it joe it.

The way that he goes about his business shows me a man that says you know what i’m not wasting any option. Oh joe, just leaning on roman reigns now complete control Applause forearm and his elbow pinned down across the back of the big dog’s neck roman isn’t, going the one thing i don’t think he’s going to do is tap or give up or quit that that’s, not in His dna that said, the big dog, is in a lot of trouble right now and joe inches closer to his goal of putting done right hand, joe still holds on and another by roman two men, exchanging blows center of the ring dropping bombs on one another. Look at this right in the face and went down for the first time yeah, but he went out of the ring. Let’S see, chrome is moving right now, he’s, just ginger everything and roman’s body’s got to be racked with pain and now roman reigns has joe in 25 position and you can feel the momentum being him Applause. He might be the uncrowned universal champion, but in the eyes of the wwe universe and brock, lesnar is still walking around with the universal championship and now you’re starting to see what brings out the best in roman reigns. Sometimes you have to go to his level. No doubt showing the kick down goes reigns part three cover by joe imagine what samoa joe would say or is going to say if he’s able to beat down roman, oh joe may show up on monday night, just to say roman, i told you so and then Yeah, the first one he put reigns to an announce table with roman, though able to samoa joe stops reigns in his tracks.

Roman reigns both these meant extremes and now, if you can see the face of samoa joe you get under his, i believe it’s his left eye there’s a mouse. These guys, gon na know they were in a fight tomorrow morning. You would think there would have to be somewhere down deep superman. Punch Applause looks like maybe his right knee his whole body’s beat up how the hell did he do that? What a move by joe he picked reigns out of midair, but oh superman punch. He got him covered inside leg, hook, Applause that was incredible. What samoa joe did roman able to answer with a superman punch Applause, awareness by samoa, joe realizing, where he’s at inside the ring at all times and very unlucky on the feet. First, that might have been a last gasp effort. The spear that roman connected with again the veteran samoa joe able to uh legs are burning. It feels like you’re running through mud, this deep you’ve expended every energy indeed, is the first one back to his feet. This is wildly reigns somehow wrapping the legs. Oh wait, a minute Applause, nobody Applause and there he does. He wraps the legs around the. What does roman do here? Roman’S got to somehow remove his fading roman reigns is fading. Here. Applause might have been able to call that one a few seconds earlier romans out of the match. Look at the change in demeanor, joe don’t change, the game plan, don’t change, the attack; Applause, listen to rome, joe, possibly thinking about a muscle, buster that’s.

What he’s? Looking for corey roy leaps over samoa joe rolls forward, Applause figured it out at the exact right moment, but the reserve that a great champion possesses needs to be given, and that is exactly what the big dog did tonight. While we continued reigns, picks up a victory here tonight and what i believe was a must win win, but roman, you know in the back of his mind, is still thinking about the guys is to continue to show up night after night week after week, champion Applause, Family and luke harper no longer clear in recent weeks now the cost of becoming a two time brother in arms himself, well against the man who will headline wrestlemania atmosphere for a major, triple threat match for the to be over before it started. Courtesy of luke, harper, yeah you’re, looking right here without bray, wyatt, even being part of the finish, yeah he’s been john cena big match. John can do this again, what triple threat? No disqualification! No wwe champion! Oh, what a fun it’s aj styles – and you see why luke harper made a huge impact tonight for the wwe championship of wyatt, continue for bray wyatt or will john cena make his record? We always assume would just stop forever they’re broken. This could be the night. You know, i think cena got Applause, oh man, weapon and you know what they say. When you become a champion history between these two, yes, including to go to wrestlemania and that’s, the wwe quiet up, oh cena was looking but cena, oh wow cena.

What the thundering one catch, entertainment history scene against randy, orton, wrestlemania, john cena from history with both john cena gm daniel bryan, got creative and made this cena measuring bray wyatt. Why would sister abercree oh drive the wwe champion bray wyatt through the table? Hey welcome to vienna it’s didn’t break, but look at this style. You wwe in wrestlemania Applause, aj styles made it going to wrestle every last bit of power he has and his brave wife’s tightening us right in the middle of the race on smackdown live there’s. A truck right, there’s, no dq anyway it’s championship center, anaheim, a triple threat, type and aj styles wwe champion and trouble Applause and aj styles attacking scene again. This is it aj stopped and you’re right, john, the wwe championship prince to win this triple threat. Title john cena, all three or three styles looking, but he gets my cena. Is that all three of them, but the era of wyatt, is in the game and he survives with the knight Applause. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome roman reigns, calling the most important match of his wwe corey for the universal championship. Roman reigns has an opportunity a year and a half. This is the third time be the charm for roman. We will throw him in reigns. An in depth interview tell us his state of mind and what that was like, but roman is as focused laser focused as i have ever leave this place better than i found it.

Applause that’s, something i tell myself every single day in my position because i’m sick and tired, if i’m sick of sunday at summerslam, he’s gon na find his head stuck in dana white’s ass Applause, my name Applause, it’s a is day on smackdown. Obviously i was of the wwe tag: team division, my god i’m, laying my eyes on the number one can, when i’m interested in seeing what he can do tonight. So please paul come on in here right now tonight, unless and now is having paul came and tell you each sunday and you think that you can beat brock lesnar a guarantee, not a prediction, but you know all this: i don’t need your inside details. I don’t need you to. He: wouldn’t have even made it out of that cage if i didn’t spit and it would have ended a lot quicker than that if it was Applause guilty as charged you’re right his children, but but listen i’m. Not here anybody here. I am a visionary, i see the future side by side Music, because this is what can happen, ladies and gentlemen, ending undisputed universal heavyweights. You are trying Applause. I was groomed at a very young age for this and he also taught me how to recognize our drowning in your on your future endeavors Music. I learned when i was 15 and 16 and 17 years. You know what you know what your father Applause i’ll make. This so easy.

I prepared there’s, no pressure, there’s no games. Don’T. Give me your answer tonight. You give me your Applause. Oh my god, Applause doesn’t, like hearing the word no but corey roman didn’t. I mean he hated him Applause. Oh, my god he’s here lester’s here, the beast is here: he’s just sitting duck for the beast incarnate. This is brutal, come on Applause and now brock left man can’t see he can’t Applause. He can’t seize defenseless, reigns Applause, unbelievable paul heyman, with a plan pathetic, look i’ll, admit it. Paul heyman had a conviction. The bottom line is: how can you not look at this? Raige was defenseless. He couldn’t fight and brought less haman in conjunction with brock, lesnar, lester’s fight for the universal championship, payment, gloating, roman reigns and now brought lester with the exclamation point.