How do you do it be this? A man the size of braun strowman, ambulances, weren’t built for people that, in this man right here run, walk brush normal lives in his absence at each other. For the better part of 2017 feelings over with Roman reigns inside at some time. These two men did test one another. We looked at Roman reigns, dr Jordi of this 16000 plus capacity crowd here, came for this very Memphis. These type of matches in WWE history, the quit for haps gota to see that right there look Ted, and here we go Roman looking to use his quickness hold back right hand, catches, brawn, early and out, launched Roman to speed. Look at the terrifying speed wow, my god, it catapults him into the stratosphere, the brains, driving the wind out of Roman brunch, Stroman right nigga at Roman reigns, but the thing is Roman is the god. Did I actually think get take out? Strowman is off his feet to tell you something this man right here: Roman reigns with listen I’m, not doubting Romans mindset reigns, has to be confident in his own abilities I’m. To now to the lower back, the midsection continues to be dissected by Bronson don’t. Think for one minute that Roman reigns, didn’t think he was gon na go to the bronze Roman air over the past few months. Strowman knows that he’s targeted the riddle, steps in hand and Roman the big dog into a puppy so far in this match, braun strowman.

Definitely gon na help the kids of space with a big man on his feet, rain to the midsection kick right to the jaw. Roman reigns doing everything he can to d5 pine carcass to the ambulance. Aw. Look at this once again right on a minute, just that’s, gon na be this big man’s right here, brunch strowman out looking for the running power, slam reigns able demand at his feet. Brawn got a look and out with a power slam. We went for the cover, but remember there is not to show you that braun strowman’s got his brain scramble a little bit too just going for the cover. He knows the rules, but Clint downhill and right now, braun strowman, this role in planning and effective way, guys ain’t gon na try to drag him to the ambulance. He 5 pounds just being handled like like an action figure. This is a beast, assisted this to the rang and wise move by Roman reigns right. There, guys Roman fell back to his knees, strumming back into the ring once the Roman is made. Bran used every ounce of energy constantly a good point corny, but he’s still going and he’s still plugging forward as well as he delivered a paired elbow of strowman, and now we can’t target either bad arm. You’Re! Absolutely right! When you are, when you have a surgically repaired elbow you’re too, to be out six months, then you come back all these weeks.

It’S got a pin pointed and take it out. What’S Roman got in mind. Now we saw him hurts my goodness in the sights of reigns in the chair. They just shattered grunts strohman elbow all over again. Steel chair shots from the big dog and I don’t think reigns is done yet. Stormin took the shot from the chair and you didn’t flinch on the face of woman, like that was shot right. There pull again and your best shot. You just look at your spot smile. It totally breaks you’re, not. Obviously, the ambulance placed to the right side of the ramp, but strohman he tossed him right, then I’ll, look out and out driving Roman reigns to get off the screens. Oh my god. That’S, wake up and find yourself in the middle of a nightmare that you can’t escape the big dog continuing to fight praises that to the quick guy he’s a fighter. It was truly do or died in the ambulance, courtesy of the monster among men. But you could see, strowman coordinates could be the beginning of the in a matter of moments. Just a matter of moments here before broad strokes here in WWE and out dragon reigns toward the ambulance. Doors are open, go to the ambulance ooh in life, all right. Just just inches away from get this big Applause determination in all guts hidden after this man Roman way tonight, Stroman still fighting still on his feet, reigns at braun strowman reached in with one hand and pulled the backboard out across the spine of the big dog.

I think Roman reigns has any clue where he is right now. I think worse news than that is like a shot put that had to be deja vu for Roman reigns. I nearly collapsed are sent here. Jenna struggling with Roman reigns, Roman reigns go to the ambulance, watching the monster right through the LED wall. Indeed, it is as we take another look: Roman reigns, isn’t moved, which is shocking, trying to crawl his way out of the rubble. This has been an absolutely incredible incredible match, but pulling his way out of the mess that he found himself in is there anything Roman can do career. This would be the biggest of all. I believe if he can somehow, across the stage, don’t know how that he didn’t plug by the inches right there to quarry strowman launching reigns a good 10 12 feet. We have it now. Both men are Danes trying to make it back to his feet. The monsters back on his feet of deep repair and bounced it off the face of strowman boys from his favorite days rules the ambulance match the monster among Roman stock time yet bear bear. Banker to strowman. Roebling still got a lot of fight left in the dust shadow believe with raids are relentless attack. All right, great reigns. Samoan bloods got to be boiling right now, understandably, hey just throwing in the air Music. What is Roman thinking? What could reigns? Be thinking? Music Applause, Applause, Specter Hawkins here is your winner, ladies and gentlemen, that there used to try to open up this big box of metal.

Sigh I’d, be fish ambulance, Horford, angler shorty, blaming himself in some super Jam: the ambulance door, Music Applause. You saw the into the trailer Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music. They follow him blindly, do whatever they’re told Bray, Wyatt hell bent on distance manner. Oh listen up Music! Now you may not know me. My name is Bray. Wyatt are my brothers not as an enemy, but as a remind you, because you represent greatness, represent a lie. The people’s champion is not your moment and it must suddenly. Mr. Roth is my moment on the grandest stage of the mall, and I Applause so an Intendant record here in Dallas tonight you come out here. You interrupt and it’s no hate. You come out here and you I’m lonely, miss rate. You have some waffles up in there, then, like you’ve, been hitting the bong for about eight days straight Jack. Whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey! This is starting to feel like it’s, not gon na end. Well, yeah, okay, but hey back to you, rocks had his eye on you ever since you came into the WWE because here’s, why got it all your revolutionary you’re, a leader you hold people in the palm of your hand, boom knocking on the door that you don’t Want answer you’re, the eater of hot pockets? Now what do you want to do? Knock on some door? I came here to kick off, who you are fooling with friend we’re, not gon na have a Wrestlemania fight.

We’Re gon na have a wrestling. I can tell you right: it could be you or these two inbred duck dynasty, Dallas Applause. What said he’s gon na represent. You see the mini your winner in that is gon na come set records grow it in six seconds. Applause. Oh No Bray, Wyatt Applause, Music Applause Applause going out, but it will select a fine man if your summer Applause but the run and went head to head into the greatest fate of exodus.