Lesnar has said that he’s not paid. This is not gon na last long, while the provoked beast doesn’t know when to stop taking a trip from germany, Applause cold, hardy, he’s, an anomaly there’s beat to hell that’s. Why but ambrose the opportunity that ambrose has tonight is to use those one leicester and dean ambrose, taking it to the beast. Just relentless look at brockton knees to him here comes number five: phased long, painful night sticks these weapons just bare hands. I think he’s going comfortable brock lesnar walks around out here kilimanjaro, i don’t need him. Roxanne let’s see we’re on the verge of number. Six Applause. Lesnar just looks like a double thumbs up i’m, not sure exactly what he’s thrown at him. He called it. A beautiful thing, it’s a kind of chuck laser, the former ufc champion. What the hell is wrong with him Applause. How do we count that soup? I don’t know about the lucky part ambrose, though trying to underneath it enjoyed it too. This is fun it’s one watch. It again: oh here we go upgraded. The first class Applause come up first, oh all you’re doing is angering the beast. Gon na get dean. Applause, john! You! You admire the fighting section, how much? How much more can ambrose take of this number? Nine suplex city and brock now wants to take a turn at the plate. Oh my gosh Applause look at this is darren ambrose to come.

Get that kendo, stick not sure how wise this is. Deep. Deen is laughing Applause; Applause, Applause, oh quickness, of brock, lesnar Applause. Last time, Applause Applause lester gets the shoulder up, but this is the first time in this matchup i can’t imagine brampton’s match yeah you’re right john first time, he’s really had brock lesnar reeling it. You have to hit himself with a jump we’re about to find out what is this guy put? Well, he learned something from terry Applause: ambrose that god but it’s working Applause, Applause, 100, 000, people, Applause; he ain’t right. He ain’t right at all. Anybody who would sign us street Applause fighters Applause, but i guarantee you the beast knows he was tears. Witness for lesnar yeah brock is showing all chopped up from those kendo sticks. What a first from cincinnati ohio weighing in Applause, newberry massachusetts laying it into and from gainesville georgia, just as the face that runs the place domino, a j, stop w dunk out no disqualifications out of the golden one center, the golden boy, a smackdown, live the w. Remember this 11 years ago, just over john cena won his first wwe. He was great. I knew that now he was on a different level. I had trying to do tonight what we thought was unthinkable and that is ty under triple threat rules. You have to have your head on a swivel Applause that’s. What you got to do, you’ve got to be there to win the two of the rings: there’s been lots of verbal jousting, but it’s getting entertainment up for grabs the wwe world championships, firing at all cylinders.

The other thing you got to be careful of is you always have to ambrose very comfortable as a barricade. Oh russian lake sweep you’re right that’s. What ambrose is best styles head into the announcer’s table: Applause ambrose in midair. I was talking about earlier ambrose out of the equation now. You’Ve Applause. Remember also. Aj styles has done everything. He said he john cena. He did. He said he was going to beat the ambrose for that debited time, so i guess we’re going to find out tonight. Yes, we are 18 suplex them to the to the outside standing switch there by aj wow, jose john cena’s power. Well, it’s the strengths of aj styles, but the wild card is dean. Ambrose. Look at this show you don’t have to worry about that move. Styles, with a ripple threat match for the wwe in the footsteps of paul mccartney here at the brand new state of the art golden once Applause, one count away from equaling the nature nature boy’s record. Putting on john too, i mean at what point: does it become a distraction, here’s john cena? Looking for the attitude of jumping kick and styles, proving to be one step ahead of cena there he’s been once wwe has to be the front. Runner here comes ambrose sunset, flip from the obvious styles Applause. He said he could beat for the cover on cena wow. He almost got john cena sleeping there a minute. A pure veteran move.

Aj styles definitely has the goods, i mean ambrose. Picking up a head of steam and ambrose ambrose may have been taken that was close arsenal year after year, that’s why he stays on top. Why are you keeps evolving? He really does got to give him credit. What about aj styles here, yeah he’s had a great year. John’S had a great decade. This could end it right here. Styles. Looking to counter, however, oh drudging into the powerbomb jackknife that was close beginning to start good reversal on the irish good counter. Smart and aj’s part two to try to wear him down to john cena, wrapped around aj’s head trying to wear him out, and he jumps on the back of john cena. The ropes will not break this. Meanwhile, an escape finally able to break the grip of dean. Ambrose flying shoulder tackles by cena a german suplex by style. Oh cena, just kicks out championship. This is ambrose well schooled in brawling tactics, but he can also be technical in the history of this business and the shield yeah. You compare those guys to the united states champions of all time why he was a former wwe champion Applause back first goal: styles boom, ambrose level, ceta. With the cullen you got to be pay attention to where the other guy is ambrose hopes things styles wiped out. Cena is all the way out of the ring Applause. I would defeat your 101 opponent now you walk out of here.

Wwe work. Oh looking for the frankenstein Applause, lullaby styles jump the action fast and furious a 15 time. Wwe 2014. Applause it’s a tip knuckle shovel. Oh styles and ambrose and now looking to deliver the attitude we almost witness your ric flair’s hallowed mark of 16.. What it was right here to get that hello mark. Please remember where you are those old enough to remember aaron breaking. This could be record breaking the fact that john cena can break here either ambrose digging down aj styles, whatever it takes again, no count outs, no disqualification aj styles, although he’s looking for the advantage on cedar wow. Definitely out of it. Look at that Applause, wow wwe world champion who won the iwa championship in his first day, the other person to do that brought keen ambrose, it’s, all legal, every bit of it’s legal immediately dean ambrose is too out of it to do anything but dean won’t. Let him tap ambrose by dean, ambrose and ambrose. Raining down punches an incredible start to no mercy thousands gon na tap and he stopped him from doing it. Ambrose brown beating cena follows up with a shot to the back of his strike, got ta be kidding me. You got ta, be this turn aj styles inside out, but what about the fighting spirit with the kick there’s? Your clothesline championship has seen a few close lines like that dean ambrose going for the home run, oh again, dead, lifts, aj styles presses him up.

Look at the tower by styles into the cap crusher. He not only has john cena in the middle of ring, but john cena gets. The ropes. Remember trouble from the count Applause, a terrific, triple threat match for the w to the years, including eddie, guerrero’s final pay per view match he would have been. Foils may be forced to tap that one if he taps he wins. You won all those styles waving it off that’s the correct decision ambrose both guys, both guys think they want it on cena, comes back with a vicious right hand from hell. I can see what happened here. Both guys have aj submission, he’s tapping, but dirty deeds going to pulls out the referee to save his title reigns Applause again, no count outs, no disqualification and the craziness of dean, ambrose, cena Applause, john cena, aj styles retains a wwe world champion: hey jay, a place In a thrilling, triple threat match took pictures. He’S gon na beat john cena. He said, he’d take the wwe championship cena to retain the wwe championship; aj’s Applause, except for aj styles, john cena three times this year and remains to retain the most prestigious title at all. A phenomenal start to no mercy at this consulate.