Lesnar he’s got to stay away from the tomorrow, lock guys, which broke triple hard. Those big massive knees already fight to the destroyer lesnar triple h, has to make sure that brock lesnar’s gon na bounce right off the announce table wow you got ta remember how emotional this is for true law, mr mcmahon Music on removing the chair no holds barred Brock lesnar won a wwe championship in wrestling history and we could be seeing his last match we’ll see of him here. Are these still steps skull first, by the way he knew it was going to be? Oh, look out Music yeah. He knows he just got. Looks wrong what’s out here how much Applause just the referee is just powerless. He can’t do anything. Anything goes here unless they’re sick Applause run from anyone like that Applause, the punish, triple h. This looks like it’s just a matter of time now. Clock wants to enjoy punishing too h. Still some fight yeah the game fires himself up. Could this be it? Could this be it for triple h, Music? You know what triple h won’t stay down. I can guarantee you that, but he might show sean michael’s just having to look he’s helpless back in control Applause. I have to stop this for triple h’s safety. Well, if they stop it and again, but this guy isn’t going to stop lesnar is not going to get a bit carried away. I think it’s a little premature for you to be calling on the referee.

That is something you better think about is what the game is doing here again, but a great throw Applause world champion he’s at his back against the wall and now it’s shawn michaels, trying to will out his friend and again shoulder down at triple h. This time. More meekly kicks out frustrated when triple h was able to get the shoulder up again. That time, you guys have mentioned the uh the arm going through the table before by triple h. One strength reversal. Oh, my lord try to go to the eight of the game, but it’s enough to back you away from the legs took advantage. Is Applause Applause for ends back to the ring now it’s brock, lesnar, he’s gon na get another one. Oh and leicester, just leveled, sean, michael and now triple h, Applause, lesser went to his knees now turn around hits. It kicked down at two. Instead, he got the f5. He got planted sledgehammer in hand completely legal lesnar Applause, triple Applause. Applause no holds Music Applause. Lester is untamed, oh champion, like a toy Applause, a couple paul heyman screaming torture, him all night long making him feel like i don’t know the tire: what the flame in the game over the pedigree again last night, no roof break Applause, trying to fight he’s trying To break it, he’s trying to break it triple h, songs got to be useful. No, no! No! God! Look at this ways to the game.

Look at the pressure here. Look at lester’s face he’s, trying to break left Applause now triple h. Oh legal well desperate times call for desperate measures as now. What can you do? Not everything yet michael 13 time world champion, look at the old charity. He’S got Applause, lesnar’s, Music, two tears in the shower Applause! This guy is a beast. Look at this absolute beast. Applause, oh Applause, i think triple h he countered into but can the game capitalize now the wills of both men. Are you kidding me Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, he’s put through a table? He loses the goals. Well, no, i i don’t think he loses from dublin ireland weighing 272 pounds massachusetts weighing 240 pounds. He is the current sheamus sheamus i mean you know that’s that’s part of this guy’s mo. I felt it he’s done it to me. He did it to john cena. Three times now, king, if Applause, Music, Applause and he’s rolling the champ is rolling. Here we go now. It is a gaelic term for warrior. Isn’T printed. Remember no pinfall! Yet again! Look at that body. I can’t see it already. Sheamus has what seems to be an abrasion underneath his legs. The point of the match it looks like sheamus will be, yep sheamus is going for it just man, i think so. Yes, oh cena, physically assaulting sheamus. We mentioned it before matt everything that sheamus has done to cena respect him.

He doesn’t respect it everything. John any time a young superstar comes and and samus disrespects it back another counter on the tip six foot, six 270 plus pounds can kind of. Do it run rough shot through the raw roster, he retired, the veteran jamie? Now he looks to end the reign of cedar as wwe champion wins right back on the attack here’s the reversal, i can tell you the tables don’t always determine to win this match up here tonight. He told shamus the wwe championship excited can happen up the ramp. Cena, seven time champion well i’ll go if you guys want. I just think that i know if you need to put sheamus through a table just as well as samus cantina to take sheamus out and what would happen here out of the way and cena puts himself through the table yeah. That was my champion with the knees to the spy of john cena and that’s limit the champions offense and look at shamus, oh well, that’s how sheamus put santino and then our guest host on wallop taking his time also face down. A methodical pace could benefit the challenger for weeks. Oh look at the table. There forgot about the table. It still stands it now. I think at this point, if sheamus were to nail cena right between the eyes, like i was saying earlier, sheamus says: he’s obsessed with the sound let’s, see: oh look at that. Can he do it can see to do it now? No, no people see a sheamus victory here.

Tonight is a change in the wwe stars in the wrong locker room that want to see sheamus feet cena here tonight: Applause, kidney, first, one contender, sheamus Applause, barbara witnessing first hand tlc, almost a smirk breaking out of the faces, this kind of match. You got to realize where you are at all time tables right there again. Applause throughout his career here is how he can handle the punishment. You see two entirely different animals to bring the table to sheamus. Then it is to bring sheamus to the table, really hurting baseball bet, nothing else, Applause, these guys right out, amongst them personally notice how cena controls the head of his opponent wherever your head goes. Your body must throw out the att center. The beauty of the tables map like about six of them just on this side of the ring alone, buy home Applause that’s. What i’m saying Applause, Music, there’s debris falling and remember, sheamus has to put the champion through the table to win the title. James is putting mark cuban the owner of the dallas mavericks. Our guest hosts through that table this time john cena, be next with a wwe championship, be takeable. Look at ceda, managed to counter submissions and no pinpoints Applause, welcome to the big lid and look at john cena going for the attitude adjustment of mine. Well, one thing you have to admit: cena has definitely, and now you see it’s a good thing that cena was able to do another table back to the center of the ring article completely set.

No mistakes tina again looks to put the challenges to a table with this wwe champ’s got to be careful here, go for an attitude adjustment using the ropes for leverage 470 pounder on cena’s shoulders, but sheamus manages to battle up. This is a bad place for either competitor to be right now, inviting somebody to come slamming through it. One mistake one mistake for right here: really really careful: normally, it only takes a difference. John got that arm over his head, sheamus Applause, Music Applause. Ladies and gentlemen, i am stunned. Sheamus is your new wwe champion, but no one more stunned right now than john cena wwe champion, he came on slater. He is taking out cena yeah that corner precariously. You know cena was going to try to surprise king sir, with all due respect it doesn’t matter unless let’s go james good, the championship looks draped across the shoulder. The irish force will be the headlines tomorrow for that man sheamus shock disbelief. It went through the table. Not only us here at ringside were silent, believe what had happened well, they don’t want to believe it look at the heartbreak on the faces of these kids. I was waiting to. I was why wouldn’t they john cena went through the table. Those are the rules. Ah, this is great Applause.