What for roman reigns but that’s, the music cubs, the big dog. I don’t think he’s going to do there’s going to be 10 12 bodies out here, angel’s embarrassed. He was humiliated last week chained here tonight and reigns goes after dawson marching to ringside catch up. The roman reigns tonight. He dumps one of the king secure the ring poster now out into the universe again ending king turn. The right and dawson runs into a superman punch, dolph, zegler’s turn and fro corbin picked his spot Applause, the ladder big either, and that could happen and takes on the king corbin, the big dog retard Applause. Up until a moment ago, the woman reigns is celebrating one year, cancer free he talks about. How is this for good remember? This is what roman reigns wanted door will be locked, pinfall, submission or escape. Imagine what these two superstars are going to do to each other inside this roman reigns Applause. They just need to pick up a win climb up the ropes and try to intercept denise. Oh no! No! No! There is no way. This is gon na raining right hands down on king court, roman reigns, watches himself down. He goes it’s raised, ready to strike for the superman punch caught slam by corbin. Intention could be that to his feet. Applause does he go up or down? Oh Applause, close your eyes: king, a defining victory tonight, roman reign corbin cage. The winner Applause reigns, will send eric rowan over there jackson to send rowan back into the outside, reigns caught by romero i’m.

So dis disappointed in him, i’m. The one who reigns is set back into the ring he’s owned with a bully Applause, roman reigns, went for the superman Applause Applause, but tonight is about team. Hogan versus versus team and rick flair face to face against shorty starts things off with a repeatable striking ability. Great and there’s a belly to belly fight Applause. There is a need to catch a morales story. I think corbin realizes Applause, perhaps not ducked underneath, but he got caught in this match. Roman reigns takes down mcintyre and the captain of team hogan not yet tried by the walking Applause rko Applause. There goes ali nakamura straight from the air. Meanwhile, here comes rusev, bruce seth foley, as is Applause changing superstars in the ring right now, roman reigns. Looking for the upper Applause – oh Applause, Music Applause, some time, but is it enough headbutt by reigns? He looks like he is in another world right now: superplex, attire and again, and the future of roman fly by reigns shoulders down Applause. This is insanity. This is Applause. Applause with another Applause, you cannot end as well and roman reigns, are the biggest chap, and now someone into the corner that whips him across Applause, an elbow to the side of the face, romano with a boot and reigns blasting broadway. This has got to put reigns in a great play. It might not, it might put him in a tear down any of the steps to his advantage.

Applause Applause – oh Applause, roman, reigns. Applause. Applause! Make no mistake about it. Roman reigns wasn’t enough to beat that. Did you hear that more time superman punch superman punch again Applause? Oh god, what is braun strowman going to resort to no way? Oh god, roman reigns, though spear brains wins romance wayne’s, climbs Applause, Music, though, if that is i can, i did look into recapture when it comes to experience of 120 days and now it’s come to this is at stake next storm. Look! This harassable cryptic oh there’s way for the flying clothes Applause that’s. What i’m talking about Applause triple h back in the ring rook makes it back to his feet now out. I knee is pulling out all the stops full time, blades in two triple h. Second, row: Applause: oh first, he went through the table. Applause and reigns got caught. Oh my god, Applause, oh Applause and tonight roman reigns to kings at wrestlemania side of the face in the neck of the reigns just battering lap. That’S nice frustration on the face of last. He needs to do yeah off of reigns. Weary roman reigns on the super slam. Lastly, powers at it, stalking lashley, looks like last week caught him with the right hand and now roman sent through the stingers Applause. Roman reigns that indicated that i’ve been considered he wings heal. If you will rome with those heinous tactics last week with the pen once the roman reigns wants to win here beating of a lifetime, but we always look back to the first in san francisco and, like roman, had never fight that’s.

What romans would go out on that’s, our pal, get it done? Can you dig deep? Can you take this offer back and watch for the world? Applause to do is reigns going to tap, but omen raised back great counter by reigns in the war, with your heaviest artillery with the gloves off roman reigns better. The strike next braves, the punch superpowers city roman, is gasping for german suplex. In this time, beast stares down at the monster roman reigns, though here comes roman reigns.