Now this week is the go home for the Horace show at Extreme Rules. Show horror ruled the yeah, so we get a cold open with setup from Matt riddle and AJ stars for their match tonight. There’S loads of stuff with other people like other stars, going on well he’s gon na win, no he’s gon na win there’s a special guest on moment of bliss there’s, a little bit more match set up there’s a load of bass drops essentially what they’ve done is They’Ve cut a movie trailer and jammed it at the front of this week’s smackdown. I just doesn’t end. It just keeps going and going and going kind of like this intro, so Applause Music. So when the show finally starts, the opening Provo ends with the new day. Coming to the ring and it’s a match, biggie against Cesaro, with obviously Kofi Nakamura at ringside. So, interestingly, the winner of this match will choose the stipulation for the match on Sunday, and this one starts. It goes almost immediately to the outside. Cesaro is launched into the ring steps and then back in the ring Cesaro launches biggie into the ring post Cesaro, then just proceeds to grind biggie down until he gets caught into triple belly to belly x’. When we come back from break, biggie is still leading the charge, but he gets caught with the flying uppercut from Cesaro. It doesn’t stop him, though big he’s able to lock in this brutal looking submission on Cesaro and he’s able to hold his way up slowly.

Out of it and then he’s able to get him into a swing, but ultimately, what Big E has Cesaro locked up in a crossface Nakamura takes care of Kofi on the outside there’s, not a little bit of confusion. Things go back and forth. Referee gets distracted. Nakamura is able to get a cheeky shot in on Big E. I think he kicks him, and this allows Society of the new riser and Cesaro picks up the win. Post belt. Nakamura and Cesaro goes straight for a table and then Kofi interrupts them there’s a bit of a brawl. Kofi then goes to set up the table. Cesaro Nakamura escape, but yeah I’m gon na give this one: a b minus the stipulation for Sunday’s tables, yeah, it’s, gon na be tables. Surely now it was an entertaining enough match. The only thing I really say about it is that we seen it all a bit too recently could have been a segment. Could it have just all been sorted last week that this need to happen still the match itself should be absolutely unreal, so it’s one to look forward to for Sunday, so there’s, just a couple of super quick backstage bits: yeah I’m, not gon na put a picture Up I’m, just gon na run them down, and the first one. Baron Corbin runs down that riddle on big sub styles in the second one, Macklemore and Cesaro, announce that they’ve, indeed chosen tables as their stipulation to Sunday and now it’s time for a moment of bliss plus mystery guest.

Before we start, though, Alexa want to just make note that it is five years this week since the start of the women’s evolution and geezers time flies doesn’t it that’s insane, but they build it up and they go to reveal their special guest. And there comes Bailey and banks, they come down. They run a lecture and Nicky down it’s effective, but it feels very comic book, villainy, it’s it’s, just a bit sort of like sort of like that and after that done going back and forth Alexis like well. Can I actually reveal my guest these guys were not my guests and then out comes Oscar, so of course there’s just this absolute breakdown there’s a bit of a broth and then Alexa gets on the mic and she’s like why wait let’s just do it now. So next up we have Oscar and Nicky cross against Bailey and Sasha banks, and this one starts off insanely paces, a little bit of back and forth first between Nikki and that scare, like who’s gon na go in first Nikki then goes in and the pace just Like through the ceiling blows, the roof off it’s, now passing the moon, so Nikki just explodes explodes explodes until Bailey is able to get a cheap shot in and this sort of runs through the match. As a theme, Bailey and banks then start working over Nikki, they will get as many cheap shot in as they can ask is just looking on screaming.

They dragged her back to that corner the isolator and then they start routinely tagging and working her over, but eventually, of course, Oscar gets in and when she does, she makes Bailey look weak and this is another theme that’s running through well, the whole Bailey saga sort Of being like she really, you know, is she? Is she really the top dog? Is she just throwing Sasha under the bus, but here we’ve got Oscar, just not quite embarrassing. Her but definitely proving she’s leaves, apart from Bailey, there’s, have been a routine tagging between her and cross as they grind down banks, but ultimately we go to a break, but not before. There’S, like this Nicki Cross, Oscar doubled thing off the apron and it’s it’s. Just great it’s just great, but when we do come back, banks is firmly in charge. However, and interestingly, when banks tags in Bailey, Oscar it’s a little bit of offense and then immediately starts to whole cop Sasha then gets back in grinds it down. Further Bailey gets back in and there’s a little bit back and forth and then finally, they could gets in and just end them as you move forward. Nikki misses a top rope crossbody, but Sasha kaun cats. Life takes be throwing the key back to the outside and then here Nicky cross hits the most picture. Perfect tornado, DDT off the announce table you if you watch Smackdown for one thing this week, watch it for that.

Please it’s aw! It just blows your mind. This speed of it was class, but finally, Nicky and Bailey are going out in the ring. Oscar and banks are wiped out, sent to the floor and then Bailey is pinning Nicky, but then decides she needs the leverage sheets using the ropes and gets the payment. So yeah there’s this sort of theme running through this here that Bailey isn’t quite up to scratch, is champion and I quite enjoy that, especially whenever Sasha would get in just taking care of business. But it’s been the same because Bailey has essentially on Sasha fighting her battles for a show that really worked. You know as many matches as she would have normally been working, maybe she’s getting rusty. Maybe this is all gon na come back to bite her when Sasha turns on it fingers crossed. But when you consider the match a moment of bliss I’m gon na give it a b plus Bailey looked shaken and that’s great, because you had NIC me out. Crazier Sasha just outperforming her, you had a skirt outclassing. Her totally baby was like a fish out of water here and I think she’s starting to realize like, oh god I might. I might be starting to let myself slip. We think of Timmy’s and Morrison backstage they’re discussing braun, strowman and morrison looks a little bit worried mrs., like don’t worry about it. You know he is the monster in the horror film, you you’re, the valiant hero, that’s gon na, go in there and vanquish him and then Morrison’s like yeah.

You could be the best friend that does that for me, so that I don’t have to risk myself doing in mrs. Lighton nice try. No! Next we get firefly funhouse God. There is so much happening on this episode. It starts off all fuzzy and weird, and then it opens on a swamp so I’m, just gon na refer to my notes on this. I don’t want to miss anything cuz. I thought it was really good promo. So, as I said, it opens on a swamp and you get a classic brain Wyatt promo speaking in riddles, he’s talking about Braun’s journey and essentially says the broad only thinks that he’s left the family, because this swamp is strange. The swamp keeps a part of you. You never truly leave the swamp. He says the swamp is a special and evil place and because bran will return to it willingly brain needs to destroy him. It was short, it was sweet. It was simple, it was very well executed. This for me gets an a honestly. I see this as proof that if they carefully add even enough time enough effort and enough 10 and care to cult leader Bray Wyatt, he could still be that gimmick now and it would still be entertaining. But in a way, I guess it’s nice – and this sounds horrible – it’s nice – that they completely almost ruined this guy’s career in life, because at least it’s, given us the funhouse it’s, given us funhouse Brae it’s, given us this Bray that can go back to being whatever Bray once it’s, given us the fiend and has given us this wonderful promo and next we go to the ring for John Morrison vs.

broad strowman that’s. Why he was so worried, bless him. You know how this one’s gon na go, but first bran comes out on the ramp. He addresses Bray. He hopes the matchup and it’s super intense it’s like proper. You know coked up Hulk Hogan like Macho Man, crazy 80s, just screaming just absolutely screaming. You see what I’m in there and it would fit. He then storms to the ring Morrison tries to escape to no avail and he murdered him. He eats him, he puts him out and he wins. He then gets on the mic. Post bail tells brain that he’s coming home storms out as paramedics run down to help John Morrison Morrison won’t allow himself to be carried out by paramedics, don’t be silly. He just walks to the back with the mess instead, this for me good to see it was a squash. You know how a great squash is, but it was just an odd choice of opponent and I see yeah like you can squash, whoever you want, but like Morrison. This just felt a little bit weird because I thought we’d wrapped this stuff up between Morrison and brawn and maze and all of this, and it just felt like we went back then just because it was an easy thing to do. But did it require him to get squashed? Maybe you could have done it as part of his TV? Maybe you could have had him interrupt a promo.

You can’t do anything but yeah. If anybody could get squashed and I’d guess, nobody really judge them for it or it harm them. It’S, probably John Morrison cuz. He can just go shut up and do five backflips that nobody else can do so and then next up we get Lacey Naomi and it starts with a recap of the karaoke segment. Last week, back in the ring I love a lacy quickly gets a little jabbing on the mic at Mayo B before she makes her entrance Naomi looks like a rave bret hart, though so I’m living for that those visors are really cool. She starts strong as well, but lacy quickly cuts her off and applies pressure, but then Lacey goes for a moonsault off the second rope, and things start to unravel for her Naomi then gets started, she’s laying in strikes. She avoids her women’s right. That was really cool and then all of a sudden Lacey just decides she’s got really long. Hair let’s tie her hair to the rope which is it’s cool it’s like a cool Heelys thing, but tying it to the rope and then she’s like distracted I’m tying her head. She turns around straight into a woman’s right, one. Two three now wouldn’t usually mind, but oh I’m gon na give this want to see it was another sure Naomi match she’s one of the best talents. You have often the women’s roster. Why aren’t you using her more? It just feels like every single time.

We’Ve seen her since she’s returned it’s been like an a three minute segment, maybe five an absolutely like push, but I get that she’s got to get beaten down in like a Gila shui like Lacey’s, just turned heel she’s got to be horrible. We’Ve got it like confirm the fact that she’s, a horrible heel, she’s tied her hair she’s cheated she’s punched. Her in the face Naomi then becomes the ultimate underdog when she fights back and beats up fine understand that that’s wrestling 101. But when you have your show pretty much open with a moment of bliss earlier, you had your show mention that it’s nearly five years or it’s five years this week since the start of the women’s revolution, then it’s just really awkward, because that was brought about by The fact that women’s matches were too short, nobody in the back was giving them time they weren’t being taken seriously, and it just feels like this. Whenever I see one of these matches again, it just feels like ah like when they just end so quick. I don’t get it I don’t get. I know we got a TV show to produce. I know that not everything’s gon na have complete time. Things are gon na, go over things, but come on man where they go backstage in Jeff. Hardy brings up the fact that the barroom brawl is happening. He is going to be doing it and he quit battling Sheamus to battling his demons as he’s about to leave.

Sheamus wipes him out, sits down to him and he’s all patronizing about it. We’Re gon na Sasha and Bailey backstage and they’re bragging about how they’re gon na have all the gold they’re gon na be literally the most dripping list in gold of all of the women’s roster in WWE. This thing cuts to Alexa and Nicki, who are watching this back in a different area and Nicki seems to be having some real doubts here. I love this because it showed that she has range beyond I’m, crazy and I’m full of coffee. It shows she has this depth here and there is this depth that exists within her character. I was crazy, caffeinated, Nicki and she’s talking about worrying that she won’t get the job done, that she’s gon na let her family and friends down there watching her. All those thousands of miles away back at home and what are they gon na tune in for further loose and Alexa just cuts her off and she tries to stop and she’s like no come on. You can’t think like this: the camera that pulls back and you see Mickey and Alexa, and then it turns to the right and you it’s revealed that they’re just sort of around the corner from Bailey and Sasha Nicki then rages and then attacks, Sasha and Bailey. And it all just goes and falls apart, but, as I said, that range there out of Nicki more that can we just get that as a baseline thing that just just gets bigger and bigger each time until it’s, like ultimate babyface Nicki cross, because I think the Ultimate babyface Nicki cross with some real momentum behind her would be insane, and then we go to the ring for tonight’s main event, which is a match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, pitting current champion.

Aj Styles against Challenger Matt riddle both guys are super hot. At the start on this one they’re just wrestling for control, I think riddle gets driven into a corner by Stiles. Stiles tries to work him over riddle. Then just start launching Styles around the ring things spill to the floor. They got the break and when we come back, riddle is in firm control and he’s working AJ’s on and just repeatedly whenever AJ trying to push himself up he’s, just taking him down proper, like wrestling style, takedown, it’s, just right round, they’ve got lifting and wrenching him Back down to the mat it looks uncomfortable, it looks like everything that riddles offense should look like. It’S great AJ actually looks rocked like he wasn’t expecting this much of a fight from riddle. He might be started by into his own hype, which again really cool. He turns it around, though he laces strikes he it’s and twists the knees like dragon screw leg whips and then he locks him. A car, crusher and riddle seems to be in quite a lot of pain, wriggle not only fights about of it, but he hits a running knee and a bro to sleep, but that’s not enough. Both men are knackered by this point, but neither one of them is letting a riddle. Med starts driving, strikes it only to get dropped by AJ AJ responds to this by dialing it up even further. He goes ham into the corner.

He looks for the clash, but instead riddles able to hit the final flash riddle. They go sport and misses the floating bro. He gets high brain busted up and over by AJ there’s. Then trading submissions with riddle rolling around desperately transitioning through almost getting the wrong mission, but unfortunately AJ just tilts himself backwards rolls through and he’s able to pin him all cheaply. One two: three: after the Bell: AJ stands there for a second officers home to wriggle wriggle goes. You know what alright shakes his hand and then a really wiped out by Baron Corbin sorry, King Cove, it King King Corbett and I’m gon na give this one a. It was a lovely little match, yeah great pace in a great aggression and both guys look like a million dollars. But that being said, you can’t quite help but feel like they were even an hour. It would be like 10 times the match, it’s one of those ones where the ability of these guys is exponential. So the longer you give them in theory the better the match they could have so I’d be game for this again, maybe at a pay per view. Maybe in a good half hour I think it could be quite cool, but the important thing here is that riddle has arrived. He’S made a big statement, even if he hasn’t won the belt he’s taken stars to task – and you know it’s yeah he’s here, but in terms of an overall great for Smackdown.

This week, I’m gon na give it a B. It was very almost another inconsequential week, but at least we got some final setup for Extreme Rules. The the horror show at Extreme Rules. Wwe Network 999, I’m quite excited myself to see how the shows actually gon na turn out and at the very least I hope, the you know Braun and Bray and Bailey and Nikki are given. You know the yr time they’re, given that you they’re allowed to just go out there and put on a good performance. I really hope that that the case, but yeah that’s it for this week’s smackdown great.