I also compared ninety hurt battery life to sixty Hertz and compare that to the standard meet in addition, which of course has a slightly larger battery. But I can tell you right now that the battery lifetime that we do lose, which you see is pretty much next to nothing, is well worth it for the improved great speakers that the me TM Pro has. Overall, this is a very, very good phone there's. Just a couple of things, mostly really all of them are software related that Xiaomi can fix, but the big one is the price. I believe that this is just a little bit too expensive, but let's discover a few things first before I get to my final recap. After a week with a meet M Pro – and this question did pop up – a lot is what is the difference between the standard model and then the me 10 Pro with a slightly smaller batteries? This one has four thousand 500 milliamp hours and it is 28 minutes. This is a fixed battery test. This is called PC mark with both of the displays calibrated. This is the result with 90 Hertz. So if you were to set it then to 60 Hertz okay, so the screen doesn't feel as fluid doesn't look as smooth and as fluid, but you do gain quite a bit more battery life. You can see on the standard model. Here we got twelve and a half hours, which is an excellent score here and almost 11 hours on the 10 Pro again, not bad at all.

But one thing I did notice was: this is still happening. You do get some poor standby battery drain. So if you're, one of those people that keeps your phone on at night – but maybe you turn off, say, data and wireless, but you'll store messages to come through and you keep it in silent mode expect to lose around 9 to 10 percent over around 7 hours. Overnight so hopefully they can fix this. This seems like an Android 10 or me. Oh, I 11 kind of bug and problem on both of these phones. Just briefly update you on the roms performance is very good display the fastest I have ever seen me UI run animation. Stutters don't actually seem to be as bad, but you can see I'm getting this. Sometimes the gesture detection is not so good. Okay, he brought it up, but when you swap between different apps and even here right in the gallery, that things do loader and very quick, really good speeds on the internal storage. So do wait for the global version. Of course, if you don't want to see things in Chinese, because if I swipe down I'm getting these notifications and alerts are coming through from Asami's me store and some other app here. I think this that's the AI one that's bringing something up there in Chinese as well for me and if you swipe up here, this brings up this Chinese search engine thing that, of course, most of us probably don't want unless you understand Chinese.

That is so very good performance, good loading times I'm. Not seeing that locking problem, I had the unlock bug that I was seeing on the meet in okay. The meeting Pro seems to be exempt from that it doesn't have it. So if I unlocked now, you can see that's reasonably quick. I mean it could be a little bit faster there and the animations once all the icons come up, but it's not having that seen. This show okay, where the screen would be black or go unlock, it it'll be black again, and I had to manually actually power law phone right off and back on again now. I just wanted to give you one more sample of those side firing speakers that I said in the main review are actually worth it for the loss of the 200 and what does that 18 million hours it's well worth it? You lose, as I pointed out, 28 minutes or so so just give you a sample of them just how good these loudspeakers are Jalal speakers a top and bottom Music. So I really do like the build of this phone. I think the way that Xiaomi is hitting with their build the design is really good. Okay, so this is the me notes, 10 that I will probably be reviewing in the channel again. This will be a follow up three months later review so very similar in terms of design, but I like the flat edges they have on this one.

So the framer outside the outside has a curvature to it, but then flat a little bit similar to actually who are ways, phones and in the three point, five minute, headphone jack. Whereas with the meeting and the meeting Pro here, you have the rounded edges to it. A very good build, very comfortable high quality buttons are made out of metal there on the side. What I don't particularly like about this design, isn't the curvature of the screen, I thought it would be a bit of a problem but it's. Actually, okay, as more this, you can see the way the camera protrudes out, that's two millimeters, which is quite a lot so when you place it down without the case on it on a table – and you happen to, for example, swipe up or touch it here, you Can see how that does rock around a bit but excellent, build quality with the meeting and thus meet in pro in the back of it? It doesn't really show fingerprints that much because this one is, of course the matte blue version, so the glass has a matte finish to it, making it a little bit more slippery but more resistant to smudges. So you can only see just a few around here now, a few of you asked to see this. That is the pro mode we have for our camera, but it also works with the video. So, yes, there is a video pro mode, and this is absolutely great that they have included this shell me so we've got white balance.

Shadow rate, your exposure, there two controls, if you wanted that and then swapping over to the different lenses. So if I tap that there, you can see, we've got ultra wide Y, two times tele and then the five times tele. So if a tetanus, the video icon and that thing goes over to our video pro mode and the same exact controls is that's really good. So great for people like myself that have a YouTube channel. You want to lock down video settings. You don't want auto exposure going all over the place or the shutter rate, and you want to lock that ISO to something a little bit lower. Now the ISO setting same as the camera goes up to 6400, once you hit record we'll, then be recording away and it'll be locked in those settings which is great just to quickly touch on the cameras performance as well. So having that five times optical zoom. Here when you tap the top there, it is great it's, very handy and here's some samples, so you can get really close into your subject. You can see here and when you go over to the two times as well, that is absolutely great for portrait shots. So I've done the camera comparison between the meeting and the meeting Pro make sure you do check that and what I'm showing you right now is just a couple of samples that, yes, you do actually see the difference between. I believe it's, not probably the big difference here, isn't, actually that eighth element lens versus the seven element lens on the standard pro model.

With a hundred eight megapixel sensor. I think it's more down to software optimization that they really have just pushed the maximum out of the pro model here so that's why this looks a little bit more detailed and better. Here some of these shots and low light, I find that the meet em Pro is slightly better. That could be maybe the lens two as well. That is definitely helping out. So, yes, the cameras are great. I mean we'll go check out my camera comparisons by the way to hit the head with, say the p30 Pro in low light better it. In some circumstances, now the focus I've noticed doesn't seem to be wonderful with the main rear camera at times. In fact, I found the focus when trying to focus on my cat very here, even manually, tapping to override the focus still wouldn't get it versus the standard meeting, which I found was very unusual. Considering this has an infrared assist focus, whereas the meet in doesn't use that it's, just using phase detection focus on that main sensor, that's, just a minor thing there now, apparently around the 5th of March, is going to be a big camera. Software update so I'll probably come back to the medium Pro. Take a look at it and see what improvements we get. I hope that show me treat tweaks things like the over saturation on flowers, for example, red flowers, bright, colors, tend to be way too oversaturated a lot of clipping and the colors there as well.

So you don't get the full range of reds in that photo versus, say. The competition like a samsung galaxy is 10 plus and did do better. The other thing is the panning and video. If you're, a really big into your video, like, I am you'll notice, a lot of 4k 30 Hertz and 60 Hertz, sometimes even panning, stutters Jutta, it comes through in the video again software that can be fixed just like that. A battery standby drain issue that I'm, seeing on all me, UI 11 show me: phones tends to be quite bad at the moment, so they need to get round to ironing out those bugs, and then this will be a great phone once they lower that price. Considering the fact that we've got the one plus eight that's coming out soon, you've got real meas, flagship, two and more phones that will be coming out. I think it's this. If it was gon na sell for the room at about 799 euros, then that really is just a bit too pricey. I feel for a ShowMe phone. A lot of people because of the software would go for oxygen. Os go for one plus eight, and maybe just pick up and cheaper. Now is 10 plus or a highway p30 pro much cheaper, something for about 300 euros now less than this model here, that's. Why? It makes it hard because show me was all about value for money, really good hardware for a great price, but if their prices now keep going up like this and really almost price, the same as say a Samsung Galaxy S 20.

It is really quite hard to recommend in its current state current price.