The series where you guys go up against me to see who can get the most correct predictions for the upcoming weekend or week of football, because there is so much football at the minute. Those were my predictions throughout the week. I actually did all right for a change. I got two correct scores and i got five correct outcomes. My correct scores were the two draws: uh burnley versus wolves and everton versus aston villa and, as always, you guys did better than me. We had a handful of people who also got two correct scores, but three people got three correct scores and they were toon army. Jake and jordy so again more names that i recognize from the predictions all through the season. So, thank you to you guys for commenting well done for winning this week’s video and remember if you want to be shouted out in my next prediction. Video, which i think will be thursday ready for the final week of the premier league, be sure to get your predictions down in the comments below. But we have a lot of predictions to go through today for games that are on later today and all the way through the week. So as much as i love to talk in these videos, i’m gon na try – and i know i always say this – try not to talk too much because i’m – very good at talking too much um and i’m already doing it now so let’s get into the predictions.

So we have games that are on today, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and, as always like i say if you miss the games, are on today, you’re putting your comments in sunday morning, that’s fine. I will come back to this video every day to pick up the new comments. So even if you do miss saturday sunday, but you get your monday tuesday wednesday predictions in as i say, the winners of this week had three correct scores. So, even if you’re late, you’ve got every chance of winning and we’ve got loads to get through, because we have two semi final fa cup games which we’re gon na start with and then we’ll do all the premier league games as well. So the first fa cup semi final is on tonight: 7 45, bt, sport and it’s arsenal, vs man, city arsenal to get to the fa cup. Semi final beat leeds, bournemouth, portsmouth and sheffield united man city beat portvale fulham sheffield wednesday and newcastle. So man city, i mean they’ve, not been too bad, haven’t uh this season. They got second place and yes, they’ve, been a bit up and down at times uh, but recently beating teams, five, six nil for fun. Um arsenal would have been upset with their loss against spurs in the premier league, but also beat liverpool through the week, so maybe that’s, given them a little bit of confidence and, as we know, arsenal always do very well in the fa cup.

In terms of a prediction, i’m gon na keep it pretty simple, it can go extra time, it can go to penalties. So let me know if you think that might happen but, as i say, i’m just gon na backman city to win 2 1 and who knows, as i say, arsenal very good in the cup had a great win against liverpool. Maybe they can do it against man, city. The other semi final is tomorrow night it’s at six o’clock it’s on bbc, and it is my new taking on chelsea. So two very decent semi finals, uh man, you could get. There beat wolves, tranmia, rovers derby and norwich chelsea beat nottingham forest hull liverpool and leicester, so chelsea have had a pretty tough run in so far um. Both teams i mean in the premier league are battling out as it is to try and grab that champions league spot. Now they are battling out to get a place in the final of the fa cup. Um Music – i don’t know i do both of these games. Are really tough to predict, as i say, i’ve kept it simple with this one as well: i’ve gone chelsea, one nil, um again, who knows what could happen? It wouldn’t. Surprise me, if either of these games went to extra time and penalties i’d enjoy it if they did, because it would be a good watch, but i’ll give a prediction: i’ll stick with it and whether it’s right or not, who knows moving on to the premier league Game, so there is one game on today: it’s at half, five it’s on sky and it’s norwich taking on burnley.

As we know, norwich are now relegated from the premier league burnley are sitting in tenth uh mid table. Um had a bit of a last dash hope for potential europa league football, but with man city being allowed back in the champions league, that’s removed one of the the spots that would have helped um and yeah burnley mid table finish securely in the premier league. Unlike norwich, who, unfortunately, will be playing the championship next year, um and, to be honest, haven’t been great, so i’ve backed barely to win with a two nil score line moving on to sunday, tomorrow, 2 p.m. On bt sport we have got bournemouth taking on southampton bournemouth sitting in that relegation zone 18th place three points off watford and there is two games to go um, so it’s still possible, but beating southampton would be well a huge step in the right direction. Southampton, however, have actually been playing really well. Danny ings are scoring goals, they’re currently sitting in 12th place and we’re at one point in the relegation battle and have stormed out of it. Um there’s two sides to this because southampton have been playing very well. Danying’S has been scoring goals, but you know they don’t really have that much to play for now, whereas bournemouth need to win um. So is that enough to put them over the line? Can they do it? Um i’ve not backed them. I’Ve gone one nil, southampton and i’d, probably guess a danny ying’s goal as well.

Next up again on sunday, but at four o’clock and on sky we’ve got spurs taking on leicester. So this will be an interesting one, because we’ve got two teams here who definitely both need to keep going in the premier league, because we’ve got spurs and seventh one point of sixth place battling for their europa league spot. Then we have leicester sitting in fourth place. Joint points with manu and fifth – and i think one point off chelsea in third so spurs want your over league leicester – want champions league um in a win for either. Is these two? To be honest, this is a tough one for both of these like leicester, if they aren’t winning this game and man, you and chelsea win their game. You know that is a a big um punch to take in that fight for the champions league and same with spurs. You know if they don’t win teams around their sheffield. United are winning um i’ve gone one. One i’m just sat on the fence for that one. Um it’s a huge game uh be very interesting to see. As i say, the win is to just keep up with what other teams are doing. A loss could be very bad for either of these two teams. Moving on to the monday, 6 p.m. On sky we’ve got newcastle taking on brighton, so newcastle 13th place safe and sound mid table premier league next year. Um job done brighton, similar situation.

I always remember i was saying they you know they were. They were out of it um and then all of a sudden, it just started creeping a little bit and i think technically mathematically they’re not safe. Yet i think they’re six points away from the relegation zone. Um i’m, not sure what the goal difference is uh, but you’re, basically asking aston villa and bournemouth to win both of the last two games along with um scoring a lot of goals. So it might not be mathematical but um. Who knows it might happen, but i can’t see bournemouth and aston villa winning both of their last two games. So you know, brighton would definitely want to pick up some points just to concrete, secure it. Um and i’ve gone nil, nil, um. Newcastle are struggling for defenders at the minute, so maybe that could be brighton’s chance to get in there and i think newcastle are playing like we’re on holiday as well and, as i say, brighton would definitely like to take a point, at least, as i say just To solidify that they will not it it’s not going to happen, but it’s always nice to just make sure and brah nil, nil. Next up again on the monday again at 6, 00 p.m, and again on sky, we have got sheffield united, taking on everton, so sheffield united are in eighth place. One point off seventh, two points off, sixth and so again, i’ve said this already promoted.

Team have done fantastically well pretty much doing the wolves. Looking like they’re gon na get europa league football um and just one point off seventh place at the minute. Um two games to go. You know it’d be great to see them. Do it to be fair um because what’s not to like about a team coming in the premier league and having such a good run at it and taking on everton won’t be easy. However, i’ve been saying this ever in mid table um premier league next year, um and don’t have much to play for anymore to be fair, like a lot of the teams now around um the mid table, but sheffield united do they’re playing at the home ground, the Fans aren’t there, but i think it still does make a bit of difference and they’re. Gon na definitely want three points here, so i’ve backed them to a narrow one, nil, win moving on to the tuesday night, it’s 6 p.m. On sky, we have got watford taking on man, city watford, sitting in 17th, place three points ahead of the relegation zone, um taking on man, city uh, it’s, not to be easy, um and, as i say, it goes back to it two games to go three points Ahead of the relegation zone, um again, i don’t know what the goal difference is, but you’re asking either bournemouth or aston villa are supposed to win and draw their last two games um.

So even without watford kicking a ball. Three points could be enough um, but any more points is going to help and you don’t really want to sit and rely on other teams, but play in man city who, as i’ve said, have been demolishing teams um. I had to back man city really, although man city do have um the fa cup semi final, so maybe they’ll be a bit tired. I mean this squad is so huge and they can basically rotate every player. So maybe not um yeah i’ve gone three nil man. City next up again on the tuesday by 8, 15 on sky, we have got aston villa taking on arsenal, so mention it again. Aston villa 19th place three points off watford. Just outside the relegation zone, i’ve been saying it for ages. Uh, they got ta win. To be honest if aston villa or bournemouth win can win both of their last two games. I mean aston villa taking on arsenal. You know it’s, not an easy game at all. Um, especially with an arsenal who are one europa league um arsenal, two points off seventh: three points of sick thought still very much within their graphs. We’Ve got two teams here who desperately need points? Um can aston villa do it. I have i’ve backed arsenal with a narrow one: nil win um, i don’t know it’s been it’s been going on a long time now and i’ve been saying every week. Well, it feels like every three days when i do these videos, you know if they can just grab a win if they can just do it and it’s so late.

Now i mean if they can win their last two games, one against arsenal. I don’t know who the last game of the season is. You know one nil arsenal. Moving on to the wednesday night, um six o’clock sky man, you taking on west ham, so man, you fifth place joint points with leicester who were in fourth, and i think one point behind chelsea in third, so again, it’s a team who needs the points um. I spoke about this earlier um. Well, man, you are on the team outside the champions league. You know basically chelsea and leicester. If they win well, chelsea win their last two games. They’Ve got champions league. If leicester win their last two games, they’ve got champions league. You know that’s the thing man, you need to win the games and hope they lose points. Do you know what the goal difference is between man, you and leicester, and so maybe man, you need to keep scoring the goals and they’ve been doing it to be fair. Quite a few three nil wins um, but uh and yeah. So that my mind you were gon na have to win against west ham and west ham. Now six points clear of the relegation zone like brighton um, asking both all asking watford to get a win and for aston villa and bournemouth to both win their last two games. I think six six points isn’t mathematically safe, but you know i think it is um.

I’Ve gone two nil, mind you i i mean west i’m gon na, go for it again to just get that mathematical confirmation. Just a point on the board will 100 secure their place in the premier league and to be honest by the end of today, if aston villa have lost against arsenal, if watford have lost against man city, you know, they’ve got tough games here, uh bournemouth against southampton. It could well be that they’re safe, even if they lose against manu, depending on the other scorelines and, as i say man, you have been on great form. They want that champions league sport. I think they’ll probably win it and finally, to finish things off wednesday. 8. 15 on sky we have liverpool taking on chelsea um liverpool they’ve won the league; they did what they wanted to do. Um they’re not going to get the 100 point mark um, but you know still not bad win in the premier league. Is it uh not at all, and then we’ve got chelsea, as i say in third place, one point ahead of leicester and man, you and they are going to want to just keep winning winning every game. You know it’s not easy against liverpool and i’ve gone one. One, to be honest, i think i’ve just bottled it and sat on the fence. I did that a little bit. I did that with the no i didn’t i backed liverpool would be arsenal and arsenal won um, so i’ve just sat on the fence and gone one.

One, i think it could go either way. Liverpool don’t really have that much to play for now. You know they’ve done their job, they want to finish in style. They want to keep winning the games the form since the return of football hasn’t been great and then chelsea uh need to win because, as i say, man, you are looking really good leicester, not so much um, but three points to chelsea would just keep them that Step ahead of the other two um but as i say, i’ve gone, one one should be a good game, and that is it guys. So those are all of my predictions there for the two fa cup semi finals and all of the premier league games as well. Be sure to get your predictions in down in the comments for all of these games. I’Ve put them all in the description. So if it’s easier copy and paste them into a comment and add your scores, i will go through all of your predictions and make a note of them before the games kick off tonight. And then i will do it again tomorrow before the bournemouth watford game. At two o’clock and i’ll come back and do it again on monday, before the games click off at six o’clock. So basically, we haven’t got long to get predictions in when there’s matches on every day of the week, which is why um i’m, basically saying you know if you missed the games today, don’t worry get them in for tomorrow and the rest of the week same.

If you’re watching this on monday get them in for the monday, tuesday, wednesday games and as i say, i will be back on thursday to shout out the winner of this video and do the predictions for the final week of premier league football final weekend of premier League football, so thank you for watching, as always drop a like if you’re enjoying these videos be sure to subscribe and get your notifications on uh see you guys, uh get a little alert when these prediction videos come out. As i say, the finale of the premier league predictions will be on thursday, uh thursday lunch time, uh so be sure to keep an eye out for that all right. Thank you for watching guys.